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May 12, 2000 | 4:15 AM EDT

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Ash gets some, misty makes a profit, and Brock has great entertainment for later. This is my third entry, now with sound... and it matches the video!



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lol antipokemon 2000 may 12 XD


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Why is this in game category?


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not a GAME!!!!!!

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Older but kinda funny

Another older flash, allthough its a flash movie it was labeled as a game but anyways this one also loops so you should probably look into that but its as easy as adding a stop action code, adn well adding some propper play buttons at the end, The sound was ok, the animation went by so quick, so it was pretty fast, i must admit it was kinda funny, even as old as the flash is, The subtitles wnt so fast aswell, but atleast you put some in, So some advice on improvments well i would start off with a stop action code for the looping and maybe less jpeg images and add more art style stuff, that way it would have abit more quality to it and such, but besides those points it was pretty decent i thought, would love to see an upgrade on this but as old as it is i can understand, anyways nice effort on humor, thats what was the best point of this that and that it was made with content that made newgrounds Thrive. So keep up the awsome work here.

There was way too much jpeg imaages and it just crowded up things now i know that was the idea of the flash but, too much images made it sloppy and a long time to load up aswell. my only issue with this one would be that it would Loop over and over and you could fix that easily with an action script code >> Stop-Action-Code. checkout tutorials on the newground forums if you are unsure how to do a Stop-Action-Code. but for the most part its pretty easy to add, and will only help your flash better, so give it a try, anyways decent flash here


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