American Racism

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Mar 19, 2003 | 1:41 AM EST

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This is not a game! I turned my essay on racism into an interactive flash film for extra credit. I am submitting this for the sake of starting a new account (i'm the guy who did "This is KoRn" if any of you know or remember). I can't access my old account (the glitch is my fault). The films are still viewable though. If you find the part of this film with the "Warning", thats the part I cut out for my teacher since it's simply too contraverseal. If you don't like, whatever. Every bit of information in this flash, I wrote myself. Nothing cut or pasted. The violin playing is me! (except for the gorillaz song of course) After you click the "future" button, the film comes to a stop.



Rated 3 / 5 stars


Um first off from 1607 to then end of the slave trade there was only 4million slaves brought over. That means the only way to get more slaves was for them to reproduce. There are 35 million African Americans today, so how could 100 million blacks have died? I know that racism is bad and thats the point your trying to make which I can respect, but please get some facts straight. And America isn't the only country with a racist past. Back then everyone was, in Europe today their is a political party that wants to expel all the Arabs in Europe. So don't go just bashing America, your all Guilty!!! Other then that I liked it, I just wish the ACLU would stop protecting them. Bastards....


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Thanks For Putting This Up!

This is the coolest video i have ever seen. You really do make a lot of points in this. A lot of people, including the president, should see this. YOU RULE MAN!


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Seriousness at its best

Great flash. You really helped capture the seriousness of racism, and show that still today it exists almost as much as it did in the past. Great setup, and animation. Though perhaps more information, and a little music, or background talking, would make it a bit better, it still kicked ass. I give you props.


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Yes racism is cruel indeed

KKK Sucks, they are so cruel and hateful, they think it is right to kill blacks, jews, catholics etc. Fuck the KKK they suck and nice presentation and essay, very good and the future should contain more than a message, and for kornslipknotstaticx, go Fuc* yourself you racist bitch ass, i'm not black, I'm a Filipino and I think racism sucks.


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The real highlight is when you click racism

The graphics were slideshows and text
The animation with the cogs was really limited
The sound was okay

Good showcase but could use better presentation