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Mar 1, 2003 | 8:51 PM EST

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Author Comments


Wow. Got onto the DBZ Collections! A big THANKYOU to Tom and Wade!
Anyway, work is well underway for my next tribute, watch out for it! ;)

If you liked this animation, please give me a review, I try and reply to them all, so give me a review to let me know what you think, thanks.

Well this is my first submission to newgrounds and my first true animation now don't switch off and blam, cos this is my first animation, this isn't like the crappy first animations most submit! This is fully drawn, and well animated!
I started this in around October and throughout this animation you can see my drawing skills improving.

If you're a DBZ fan you'll LOVE this, if you're a neutral and decide to vote on how well done this is you'll find this to be good, if you hate DBZ and blam anything with DBZ in it then please, leave now.

This was a college project and we were originally supposed to do a storyboard of 4-5 (original or based on a tv show or movie of you choice, I chose a DBZ tribute) scenes and put into Flash and add some sound, smooth animation and tweens, well I done over 50 scenes with many sounds and music and I got a merit (which means I showed initiative and went beyond the set goals that had to be met) pass for this, it really is that good.

This is when Goku turns SSJ for the first time on Planet Namek, this is from the time Krillin gets blown up until the time Goku goes SSJ and Frieza is wondering: WTF?!

The music is from the Japanese and English versions of Dragonball Z. It features the original Jap theme song "Cha-la Head Cha-la" (used as main theme for this animation) by Kageyama Hironobu as well as the SSJ fight theme from the Jap DBZ. The other music is "SSJ Transformation" and "Rock the Dragon" by Bruce Falcouner. There are sound effects for lightning, rocks cracking and wave sounds and I can't remember where I found those, but credit to the creators of them.

OK some specifications for best performance:
If your PC is under 1000MHz or you are running many programs turn down the quality so the music is synched right.
If you computer is 1000MHz or higher then it should run perfectly.

Special Thanks go to John Butler, my 2D animation lecturer for helping me with the preloader and teaching me flash and also Akira Toriyama for creating DBZ!

For info on any upcoming projects and storyboards for this visit Flashmovies

Now, on with the show! ENJOY!



Rated 1 / 5 stars April 9, 2005


This was horrid first of all you didnt even get the music they used in that scene 2nd there was a lighting bolt infront of goku and everytime it struck he would appeir in SSJ also you should have used the actual sound from the episode.

Barry-the-SuperScot responds:

"first of all you didnt even get the music they used in that scene" Yes, yes I did get the EXACT music from the scene. The second piece of music in the flash was the EXACT music used in that scene.

"2nd there was a lighting bolt infront of goku and everytime it struck he would appeir in SSJ" Are you sure you even watched the show? That DID NOT HAPPEN in the show.

"also you should have used the actual sound from the episode." Are you sure this couldn't have been classed under your first "point"? I have explained many times why I didn't use the sound from the show and I'm not going to explain for a moron like you.

Now begone, fool!


Rated 1 / 5 stars April 3, 2003


that was like, ok. pretty bad animation. i mean its aaaaaaall. just differrent drawings in each frame no like tweening of motion guides or anything. well anyway ill have 2 say that sucked

Barry-the-SuperScot responds:

Well, let's see what you've made... oh, NOTHING, eh? Bet you can't do any better and voted bad just to be different. STFU.


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars September 25, 2004

This is fucking bad...

Blam this, its so poor and wit no originality

Barry-the-SuperScot responds:

Well, look at you brave man! Not going to show your profile, or reason why you didn't like it, your "reasons" weren't valid. Your scores should be on the quality whether it's original or not, but then, you're a moron.

And another thing, it can't be blammed you fucking idiot, it passed judgement back in March 2003. And Tom liked it so he added it to the DBZ Collection.

Now, begone, fool!


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars September 15, 2004

i like cut and paste too

this was, very very familiar, it looks like all you have done is take picturse from dbz tribute websites and other dbs things and pasted them togethor, i make this accusation because i have seen many of these pics b4 good job on that one, next time try to do some yourself

Barry-the-SuperScot responds:

*shakes head*
Oh dear... if there's one thing I hate about getting classic of the day it's getting idiotic reviews like these from people who don't even bother to read the author's comments or even give credit for hard work. This is the 2nd time I've got classic of the day!
Which makes you think, I must have a fucking good Flash to be a classic twice!

You claim that this was very very familiar... well, it is supposed to be a tribute to one of the greatest scenes from DBZ, I never denied that. It may look like to you that I have taken pictures from websites, but you are quite clearly wrong as I have proven that I drew EVERY picture in the flash and given a link to where my storyboards can be viewed
Even if I did take pictures from websites, it would still take a lot of skill and effort to make a convincing flash animation from it, but then you wouldn't know anything about that, would you? Having not made one yourself.
Therefore, for the reasons stated and proof given your accusation is VOID, and not a reason to rate 1 overall.

Next time I will have ANOTHER TRIBUTE made, it will be of Vegeta turning SSJ for the 1st time, I will include more options in it, including a storyboards section to prove idiots like yourself wrong. Oh and it will be done by myself, just like this was!

Your other scores are unjustified.
Sound a 2? Did you not hear the 4 pieces of music and sound effects?
Style a 1? What's so unstylish about it?

Now begone, fool!


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars April 13, 2004


When I clicked this I was expecting to see a video, not just a bunch of images that don't even give the feeling of an animation. You just try doing more frames.

Barry-the-SuperScot responds:

Hey, moron.
I had a nice little chuckle at your review, especially after seeing the pure SHIT (compared to this) you produce, you can't even get a score of over 3! Even if what you said was true (which it isn't) it would still be better than any of your shitty animations.

Anyway, you shouldn't expect to see a "video" when you click to watch, you expect to see a FLASH animation which this was, and it happened to be a very good one, this made you jealous thus making you write a retarded review like you are better or something.

Ask yourself, did this animation deserve 4 for graphics? No, it looks just like the show and was well animated. Did it deserve a 0 for sound? No, it had 4 pieces of music and sound effects. Did it deserve an overall of 1? Fuck no.

Are you a retard? Yes, it certainly seems so...
And I finish with my trademark:

Now begone, fool!