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Dec 12, 2002 | 2:54 AM EST

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Hey ppl, thx for all the positive reviews.

UPDATE-Okay, so here is my advice of the day: do not use this exact thing in a game. in a game, make the frame after your password frame have an action that makes it go back a frame. that way ppl won't be able to just right click and hit play. also, for those of you that are giving out all these big scripts, or tellin me to use sumthin else, plz, lay off. if ppl are using a password tutorial, chances are they are begginer scripters, and will have no idea what your scripts mean. this tutorial provides a simple explanation of your more advanced scripts.



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Not bad but wrong code

The code must be:
on (keyPress "<Enter>") {
if (pass eq "your password") {
and it not must be numbers when usuing this code
and there is a button with single line, press it and choose password
But I like this tutorial :D

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That helped me alot. I hope to see some more tutorials from you.


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&quot;I only know how to do it with numbers&quot;

Are you.. stupid or what? You put QUOTATION MARKS IN FOR WORDS

if(password =="mypasswordisaword") {

Better luck next time...


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It is ok. But it needs to be more catchy.


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Here you go

I know people have said this, but here is the way to do words. on (release, keyPress "<Enter>") {
if (pass == "green") {

Copy that onto a button and it should work with words. You can change the password to whatever you like. Right now, the password is "green". Well, hope this helps. And thank you thank you platypuss007 (whatever that meens) for this tutorial! I tried all sorts of things to get a password thingy to work. I was making the instance name pass instead of the variable. Thanks man!

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