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Micheal Jackson Baby Drop

rated 2.38 / 5 stars
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Dec 1, 2002 | 12:57 AM EST

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Author Comments

Move Hitler using the left and right keys to try and catch the babies that are being dropped by either Micheal, Janet, Tito, or Marlon Jackson.

The actionscript was done by Jeremey Lokken, I did the graphics, and Shawn Houde made the music loops.

I started making this game a week ago, and stopped making it when i saw that madblast had made a game like this. After realizing that it was shit, i decided to finish the game.

Anyway here it is, and expect to see more shit from Jeremey, and I in the future.

UPDATE: Okay Alex Leifcowitz from fixed the game. Now all the problems people mentioned are fixed. The reason the game was messed up was because it was programmed in flash 4 making it buggy.

Also a lot of people have been wondering why Hitler.. and here is the reason. The event took place in Germany.. and who better to represent Germany than Hitler. Bah i dunno. Oh and thanks to Wade for putting this on the front page.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Why's the score so low?

I guess a lot of people were offended by this after Michael Jackson died. That has been over two years and even more years since this baby incident! It's always interesting to look back at stuff that did a good job of being topical. It might even be the most significant Michael Jackson submission we ever had. I didn't even know that the event took place in Germany! I thought you were just using Hitler because of good old fashioned Godwin's Law.

I found this to be pretty enjoyable because of how goofy it is. The animation was ridiculous and the live action photographs cheesily put in. I think the baby probably had the best animation of anything in this. I liked how there were also conflicting animation styles in this. Clicking the baby or replay will send you back to the screen.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Unjustly Graded

I believe that people are giving this game too much crap.

Honestly, it's made for our enjoyment, and it kept me occupied, so i think it deserves better than what everybody else is posting as a rating.

The game is simple, yet grabs my attention. It is somewhat addicting, and the added elements (Hilter, Jacko, etc.) provide some hearty lulz.

Most other reviews are biased against this game just because Hitler is the protagonist and Jacko the antagonist.

Liven up guys! This is all for comic affect. The graphics are like this...for comic affect!!!

I'm surprised how many people here on NEWGROUNDS of all places can't take satire as a JOKE....

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Rated 2 / 5 stars


this makes hitler look good


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Yes i learnd german because of adolf
Ich kannjetzt auch deutsch reden und wir werden newground besetzen


Rated 0 / 5 stars

You're sick.

This needs blammed right away, for 1, hitler is the hero. He was the man who made the biggest genocide in history, so that makes this game look as if you are trying to make hitler a hero. Secondly, this game has no point and Michael never dropped a baby. 3rd, the graphics are probebly the gayest graphics I have EVER seen, and 4th: f*ck you for making this game.