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The Legend of Versyl v0.7 HD Demo /August Release)

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Adventure - RPG

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Aug 9, 2017 | 10:58 PM EDT

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Author Comments

WARNING: This is a DEMO version, because Newgrounds limits a game size to 250mb, so the only gameplay avaiable for the WEB version is the MALE gameplay. These characters are only avaiable for adult scenes:

There is a FREE Public version on Patreon you can download that is upper size on . and filled obviously with tons of scenes of NPC from ALL realms. - You can find it in Main Page Overview.

This game is NOT complete, and all progresses were made only thanks the support of our Patrons!
Embed Web controls:
Mouse Left click \ Enter Button: Interact with everything
Mouse Right click \ ESC (Open\Leave Menus for items, save, etc)
Names, etc editing: RIGHT CLICK Delete letters, LEFT CLICK will select letters.

In this story, YOU change the events based on your choices. You have lived an honest life, trying to not make other people suffer and even trying to alleviate their pain. But life isn't fair. In a short time, you have lost your job, girlfriend... and even your life. However, are you satisfied with this ending? In a world between life and death, you discover a second chance. To be able to come back to the World of the Living. Now you came back as an immortal human with amazing powers such as mind control, but what will you use it for? Will you continue living as you were? or will you change for better, or worse? The balance of the world's fate is now in your hands. Will you become the Hero of an ancient prophecy, or will you become a Nightmare for the human beings?

Walkthrough here:

This game is born on Jan 2017, so it is Obviously in alpha state, and this playable build will be updated every month.

Problems\Bugs\Errors and LAG with web version?
Download the Windows\Mac version on our Patreon's page!



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

you may want to clarify that the FREE version you mentioned which is obtainable on your patreon is not 0.7 like this game here suggests but 0.6.1, very confusing and disappointing honestly, asides from that, this game is coming along quite decently, some spelling mistakes here and there a few scenes that show but don't play.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

really good work , hope you won't tell the whole story in updates to come because there would be no reason to be a patreon(in my opinion) and one thing that you have said in the description , you have said that you can get the game free on patreon , but as i checked the 0.7 version was paid , and the last version of the game that was not paid was 0.6.1 .i think if you want to release a version that is free , it would be access able through every means, not some spoiler in this site and half e version on patreon,(again my opinion) and again thanks for the great work.keep it up

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KravenarGames responds:

Thank you for playing and thanks for your comment, the last version of the game becomes public one month after the patron's release, but if you're going to try the public v0.6.1 you will see that it is a full version (not demo) so you can play with all genders and get all adult scenes (that are not on newgrounds)! :) Being a patron gives to the player more benefits such cheat codes (to access rapidly all scenes, secret events and secret weapons) and to try the game before it becomes public. There are also rewards for high tiers like choosing an own npc in the game, choosing an own party character, etc. :)


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I am getting an Unknown Error every time I try to exit the options menu.

KravenarGames responds:

What browser are you using?


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great game so far! Really like the characters so far, as well as the music and combat. Just wanted to point out a small bug I encountered, a certain battle at the slums wouldn't load and would keeping asking me to reload (which I did) but wouldn't show up. It kept failing to load img/battlebacks2/SF_Slum.png

KravenarGames responds:

Thank you for reporting that! It has been fixed now!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Pretty good, awkward visuals, interesting to search for all the available content.

The description should be adjusted, because as far as I can tell, Elena is marked as unavailable in this edition for all options inside the game, but you have it marked as available.

In reference to the bug from the commenter two below, choosing either the Ride or Anal option with Dessa (one showing "missing Dessa_ride" and the other "Andrasteia_ride" respectively) throws in a repetitious load failure. This is mostly problematic because the only option is "retry" which it can't do, causing an infinite loop. Second, if you attempt to load menu to quit or to save and reload, or to change location to reset it, it gets locked into an infinite load because the missing file keeps resetting the load functions forcing a screen reload.

KravenarGames responds:

It should be fixed now, and also Elena should be avaiable :)