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League of Pussy V.03 Meet Sona and Ahri

rated 2.75 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

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Jul 3, 2017 | 5:36 PM EDT

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Author Comments

If you like the game, then please support it. If you do, you'll get even more content too.
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Hold left click over text box if you feel like skipping it. Please don't if you haven't already seen it though, the story, sex scenes and voice acting is pretty good!
Move with WASD keys
Press escape to access the menu
Left click to use left hand weapon.
Right click to use right hand weapon.
Press shift to dash.
Press e to use potions.
Go to the menu by pressing escape. then skills then upgrade stats to upgrade your character. You get 5 points to use level 1 and 1 more point for every level afterwards.

Let me know what you'd like to see for future updates and what you thought for this version of the game. I spend almost all of my free time researching how to make a better game, but I do miss some things that don't occur to me that improves the quality. I listened to reviews for my previous versions and thanks to them, I was able to improve this current version ahead of what I had before. If you want a high quality game, then tell me what you want to see improved so that I can make one for you.

There are 2 champions reworked with their own character bust, detailed sex scene and backstory along with 1 more champion if you are a patron! Voice acting was added to most of them.
Minion conquering option added. You will be able to conquer potentially 3 new girls along with a super rare one.
2 Shops have been added into the game.
New music track included.
Impact effects have been added to the wall if you hit them.
Entering the next stage of the dungeon is no longer automatic in case you want to pick up loot or if you just want to see the champions with torn/no clothes
Achivements system added with some, you guessed it, achievements.

All characters in this game are over 18



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I enjoyed your game demo very much. It was a great idea to add other girls for re-visiting the dungeons. A figure or picture of them at the beginning when it says "You grabbed the girl [...]" at the end would be nice. I only used Fire Trap and kinda just burned them on one spot while circling around them. Didn't try physical yet but it was rather easy with magic. Maybe making it slightly more difficult with that might be a good idea :) Also i wanted to just hit trees/rocks/branches without magic staff equipped, but couldnt unequip them so i had to use my Fire Trap and later Fire Ball on simple trees. Maybe would be a good idea to make that possible to just unequip it and make it possible to just hit something with plain hands (without dealing really much damage). The voice acting is superb! Kuddos on TrinaTan! Well done ♥
Only one thing: I missclicked an option once and re-watched an H-scene. By more or less trying to rush through the text i clicked multiple-times with Left Mouse Button. That led the (hidden) character to cast fireball/set fire trap and the attack animation went through the h-scene (sound included). That was a bit annoying. Either a Skip Text option would be nice or deactivate attack animation while inside scenes :o (looked funny though cause fireball went exactly to Sona's private place to heat things up ♥)

As said: Well done and keep it up! Music isn't annoying and Sound effect are well tuned as well! Keep up the good work

chaos00177 responds:

i thought adding new girls to meet as you get materials was nice too. i like the work my voice actress does too. i actually made the game a lot harder before but i got complaints so i just let people choose the difficulty by equipping rings. i dont know how to actually make a skip button, but if you hold left click over dialogue, you can skip through it really quickly. i'll put a message for this in game for a future update. i just tried fixing the ability to do animations during sex scenes but i cant get it to work for some reason >.> but... it doesnt happen if you click the dialogue box so i hope its not a big deal. anyway, im glad you liked it and thanks for the review


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I love these types of games.

I could pour my whole heart out into an essay of suggestions and shit like that, but nonetheless still a good game, (my view might be biased due to my first statement though), I did have a good laugh at some of the moans though, primarily the stage-end scenes. Level design is a bit bland, I mean at least you put the effort in to place traps in, yknow. The intro where you're in a room with red chests is an odd way to start things. Now the worst thing is the auto-interact, getting to close to something and not moving out of its range fast enough makes you go through it again, until you can finally inch your way out.

Now onto bugs: So I went into Ahri's room, then move into Sona's, the back to Ahri's quickly as hell. Everything went and stayed grayscale, it wasn't permanent though as color regained after I finished a dungeon. When maining two swords, I couldn't combo hit like I could with other combinations of weapons.

4.5/5 m8

chaos00177 responds:

if you have suggestions, i'd be happy to hear them. im not entirely sure what else to add to make this game 4 stars worthy so i wouldnt mind trying to implement some of yours.

i do think the level design is blandish too, but it was either work on lots of unique levels or add more girls and i think people would prefer to see more girls. i also made the auto interact better after reading your thoughts on it (for a future update). i also fixed the greyscale issue (for a future update).

I love these types of games too and im glad you liked it


Rated 4 / 5 stars

This game is good so far. The only things I would love to see (maybe a future update) would be a quest tracker and possibly a few animated scenes. Otherwise this is a good game. Easy to play and NOT at all difficult to progress. Thumbs up from me.

chaos00177 responds:

im glad you liked it. ill try adding a quest tracker. im actually working on animations right now and will probably put just the animation up soon to see if people like it


Rated 0 / 5 stars

I'm planning to change this rating later but I cant really give a accurate review here. I picked the healing staff and magic mine staff along with put 2 points each in health and mana. I went to the starting point and got this error popping up.

"Type Error:
Cannot read property 'complete' of undefined"

P.S. do not take the lack of stars as a bad review as stated I didn't even get passed the start point before a glitch.

chaos00177 responds:

I'm sorry about that and thanks for letting me know. I've just fixed it, so you should be able to play now. I don't think you can change a rating but I don't blame you since you literally couldn't play the game. I'm glad you at least reported why though so now you can play it :p. Now that you can play, I hope you like it


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This was an amazing demo! Granted there were a few minor issues here and there, such as the potion shop not allowing you to buy anything due to an error, and getting stuck in said potion shop if you approach the sign from above before releasing [him?], annnd the controls were awkward at the start since esc is what accesses the menu instead of enter/space, but overall this was a very good demo.

Gameplay is huge for any game, and while combat was very short in this, it exceeded expectations. I went the route of using the spear and powering up only my attack power in skills, and I was 1-2 shotting pretty much everything by the end, but I can see how the route of a caster is also an option if you want to bait enemies into your spells.

Not only was the gameplay good, but the art and voice acting was beautiful (While it's not 4k or studio quality recording, it's still very good). Voice acting by itself isn't seen very often in hentai games, but it certainly adds to the thrill of the reward. I would love to see more of this!

chaos00177 responds:

I'm very sorry about the potion shop problem. I don't know why I didn't consider players depositing items from above it >.< Thank you for reporting it. I just fixed it.

I'm glad you liked the gameplay. I'm very proud of how it turned out and plan to add more later on =]

I think the art and voice acting is very good too. I actually hired my voice actor because I received my first patron. I wanted to show I would invest my money into the game and reward the support even before I received any money. I'm very happy to hear what you liked about it! I'm a little biased but I think this game is amazing on a lot of aspects and it's nice that you think so too. I'm a bit sad the game can't reach 3 stars with everything here though, but I'll keep making more and hopefully find more people that appreciate it like you. thanks