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Kinetic Chronicle, platformer yuri Hentai game.

rated 2.95 / 5 stars
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Action - Platformer - Puzzle

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Jun 24, 2017 | 12:03 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Version NG02 update

-Remove prerun and break moment of Feley make her move reach her max speed faster.
-BGM change.
-Menu text change to be more user friendly.
-Add continue menu to go to the last checkpoint, so player don't have to startover when replay the game.
-Teria damage nerf.
-Teria stunlock combo fix.
-Teria rollin stone hit box smaller.
-According to the kick combo add, you can kick the boss now.

Since boss may be a bit hard in this version, I put up a video as a guide.

Hope it would help you fighting her... ,And don't hate me please TwT.

If you found any bug please provide me details so I could fix it.
Or if you don't mind you can come to told me in my discord.

Hello every one.
Here is the project I'm working on.
Kinetic Chronicle an action platformer hentai game. About a young treasure hunter Feley Fatalis who process with telekinetic power. On her quest to find a legendary treasure.

This game is made on flash AS3 and Newgrounds is like a kingdom of flash right?
So, this is special demo version exclusive for Newgrounds. XD
Which close to the 0.12 version of the game.

The game is at 97 mb, I try to lower the size so it can stay within Newgrounds 100 mb cap.

The game may keep loading for a little while after the load bar is filled.


<-*=* Control *=*->

W A S D or Arrow keys - move.
Left click - kick/Attack
Hold right mouse button to charge and release to shot.
Click and drag on object to control it and drag it around.
Move your mouse over the small rocks to collect them.
Shake your mouse right to left to break free from grasp, and get yourself up when down.


3 difficulty able to select in the "System modification" in the menu. (basicly it's the game option.)

Anyways the japanese version and the fullscreen option not work on this version.

The "Let's skip to." menu also still not work, it is for when the game got more stage.

This game eat pretty much memory so if you find it laggy, you can try lower quality (it's flash after all) or try the desktop version.

You can find the desktop version of the game in my patreon page

Also you can come to say hello in my discord Channel.
I will to create a Feley bot after finish the version 0.21 of the game.

If you found any bug feel free to comment or tell me in discord I will fix it asap ^_^



Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

this might be just me but....i fucking HATE those slime constant spawning!!!!!!

mikysofts responds:

I see. = = but there have to be slime their right?, or that hallway would be like nothing. = =


Rated 4 / 5 stars

If you have problems with the boss you can cheese her slightly. Farm stones in the first half (you'll need about 40). Stones are taken over in death so there's no worry you'll lose them when you die.

For the game itself I found it extremly enjoyable and frustrating (the good kind of frustrating). I really like the ability to move objects in this game, even if I think it could be a bit faster.
Movement is fine and responsive with my only complaint being the animation for hanging on ledges, as she is hanging on air and not on the ledge.

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mikysofts responds:

Thank you ^_^. In the truth the game terrain is not like that at first but I have to change it because our first art look very poor, which result making some real collision a little overlap with the terrian art. which make her float in the air at some point. We'll try fix them in the next version.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

The game is good, and the mechanics are simple and easy to understand, but i feel the boss should be toned down, the attack with the four rocks coming up from the ground is practically impossible to dodge.

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mikysofts responds:

I see, thank you... I notice the boss is too hard for the first stage too. so we would move whole stage to stage2 and make the new 1st stage. with easier boss as well. but currently we're working on stage 3 of the game, so I think I have to do it one by one, so I may be a while. ^^


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very interesting game. One major flaw is that the boss difficulty excalated too quick. I know it's a boss and should be a challenge, but it was just too overpowering. Didn't felt like it was that level's boss, maybe a second or third boss, but not the first. Even if you were to memorize and master the fight (which would take a decent lot of tries) it would still be a challenge because the pattern is not easy to keep up with generally.

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mikysofts responds:

Thank you... I got your point the boss seem too hard for the first stage, so people rage at me so much TwT. I'm thinking of move the whole the stage to the second one and make new first stage too. Anyways It will take sometime... XD


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I was enjoying the game mostly and reached the Teria boss. It took some time to beat, but I managed it. The cut scene wrapped up and I was teleported to the next level to find myself stuck in an area with 4 blocks, a button to open a door below me, and a massive invisible wall. I thought it was a glitched sprite and stacked the blocks up, managing to overcome the wall, only to find myself stuck in the same position only I had just 2 blocks this time. Surrounded on both ends by massive invisible walls with no way over I just couldn't figure out what to do. I assume it's a bug of some kind so I dropped down here to type this message out. Fun game, just wish I could continue right now.

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mikysofts responds:

Thank you, and my bad since I bring out 3 version at once, seem like I put other version script into this one again. I already update a new version which fix it. However I demo would end around the place you reach after to walk along the hallway there would be some conversation and credit scene show up. XD