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Starship Hentami

rated 2.79 / 5 stars
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May 19, 2017 | 3:01 AM EDT

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MEDAL_1 5 Points Special OPS 100
MEDAL_10 5 Points Special OPS 1000
MEDAL_11 5 Points Special OPS 2000
MEDAL_12 5 Points Special OPS 3000
MEDAL_13 5 Points Special OPS 4000
MEDAL_14 5 Points Special OPS 5000
MEDAL_15 5 Points Special OPS 6000
MEDAL_16 5 Points Special OPS 7000
MEDAL_17 5 Points Special OPS 8000
MEDAL_18 5 Points Special OPS 9000
MEDAL_19 5 Points Special OPS 10000
MEDAL_2 5 Points Special OPS 200
MEDAL_20 5 Points Special OPS 20000
MEDAL_3 5 Points Special OPS 300
MEDAL_4 5 Points Special OPS 400
MEDAL_5 5 Points Special OPS 500
MEDAL_6 5 Points Special OPS 600
MEDAL_7 5 Points Special OPS 700
MEDAL_8 5 Points Special OPS 800
MEDAL_9 5 Points Special OPS 900

Author Comments

Spacebar now also launches Bombs (thanks for feedback!)

Timmy asked us about medals. So here you go, Timmy! Can you get all 20 medals from the endless spaceship horde!

We only test on Firefox, for best experience use firefox.
Timmy and Newgrounds FTW!



Rated 4 / 5 stars

I LOVE the game still and it make a lot fun

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Hentami responds:

You get a special cookie in our next game!


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Should also allow keyboard controls. Game freezes on game over majority of the time. Bomb use is awkward.

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Hentami responds:

Thank you for your feedback!

100% agreed on bomb use and will add spacebar for bombs soon!

I will apologize and say - We only test on firefox... Which does not freeze up for us... tho if your let us know your browser we will take a look into it!


Rated 2 / 5 stars

I'll be brief here.


You are thrown straight into action once the game is loaded.
There's no pause-option, nor any other menu for that matter.
If you feel you messed up early on, it's quicker to reload the game than to sit back and relax untill you die.
Controls for such a game should be by keyboard, not by mouse. Especially when the main method of attack is to mash the button. Sure, auto-attack is fine early on, but it gets overwhelmed by the ammount of enemies quite fast. To proceed you will need to constantly click rather than just holding the button. If you fail to pay attention to where your cursor is, you may well end up clicking outside the game, rendering your ship defenseless against the hordes untill you can regain focus. With keyboard controls, this would not be an issue.

Game overall: The concept is a good one, which has stood the test of time. Whether it's top-down or sidescrolling, it's an enthralling concept playable even for those who can't handle the plethora of projectiles found in bullethell games. (Not saying this is a bullethell, as it clearly isn't.)
The execution of this game, however, is far below average.

Suggestions for improvements:
Add option to play by keyboard, but keep mouse-control for those who prefer that. (There will always be some who prefer one over the other.)
A visual effect on the shield power-up for when it's about to dissipate.
A "Start"-screen after the preloader.
Option to pause the game.
Option to restart the game on pause.

Possible visual glitch: Dunno if anyone else experienced it, but once I died, te screen went black, flashing the "game over"-screen for a fraction of a second every 3 seconds.

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

When I beat the first boss, a machine with a bizarre attack pattern, it roared. T'was strange indeed.

Considering that a single click makes you move to the position you clicked and it's convenient to move around that way, it would make more sense if the ship shot automatically without input. Because when do you not want to be shooting? If you kept the current mechanics, I would say at least give the mouse a cursor so that you don't lose it and go off-screen.

I liked picking up the power ups. It really did feel like there was just an onslaught of enemies that I was barely surviving. Peace.