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Volancoo Paradise 0.1

rated 2.54 / 5 stars
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Simulation - Dating

Credits & Info

May 8, 2017 | 6:49 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Hey! This is nororolf. We make adult browser games for free!

This is Valancoo Paradise. It's a RPG-Dating-Sim with elements of farming and crafting games. We are at the very beginning and this is the first alpha of the project. There are much more features planned. If you are interested in it visit our patreon page.

Please understand that there can be some bugs. If you find one it would be great if you report it in the coments.

This game will be free forever. If you want to support us or follow the development process, look at our patreon page.



Rated 0 / 5 stars

it would be great if it said somewhere what step it is on the loading screen, or a porcentage of completion, im waiting here for a while now, but the game hasn't started yet


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

good game ^^ but i gave the flower and she keep asking for it

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nororolf responds:

Thank you.
We already noticed it. It will be fixed in the next update.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good job so far. Here are some potential issues that I have noticed:

1: The time for the wood and stone is off before the time reduction (25 instead of 20 if I recall correctly).
2: The time for talking to girls is off (20 instead of 10)
3: Seed will sometimes advance by 2 steps instead of 1 when watering. I am unable to recreate this at this time but it has happened twice.
4: When having sex scenes in town you can click into a scene with another woman if you click where their meet arrow is.
5: After sex scenes are done you are transported to where you shouldn't be, house or town, and are instead transported to, what I presume to be the previous place you went to before going to home or town, for me it was the beach.

Good job on the alpha so far. Looking forward to future updates.

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nororolf responds:

Thank you for the reports. We will have a look on the things with the time reduction and the things with the sex scenes.
We recognized the thing with watering the seeds too. We tried to fix it before release but we can not figure out what the problem is.
We keep working on it.

Thank you for the nice words too :)


Rated 2 / 5 stars

I can't find the snorkel or the hammer and i can't get past the spy scenes even though I have high ratings with each character.

nororolf responds:

Hey. For the spy scenes you need to have a high spy level. If its 10 you should be able to see all the spy scenes with 100%.
The hammer should be good visible. Its near the farm (house). The snorkel is maybe a little bit difficult. Try to play the game in fullscreen and search for it on the beach.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Wooo alright then where do i start?
First and formost let me congratulate you on making your game since this is in the alpha stage i can see that there is so much potential here that can make this work. Well then for one overall the gameplay is a simply put to me as a point and click kind of game ive spent a bit of time playing it just so i can see what bugs there are and what are the rewards.
To start this the bugs in this game. I honestly had no real bugs in the game expect for a few things one the girl that asks for the flower asks again depending on where you find her like in the forest or near the river even if you already gave it too her. another thing i found was clicking onto the location a few times you would be put into a random location of that area example at the beach instead of being at the first place where the surfboard is you would be on the other area first another place is at the village were you would be put into the area were you need binoculars or in front of the window i do not know if its intentional but i'd thought to give you the heads up. Also maybe because im blind or something but i can not find the snorkel for the girl at the beach she said she lost it at the beach and couldnt find it and well the same can be said with me i couldnt find it and this also goes for the girl looking for the hammer she lost it at the farm and i checked my inventory and there it was which i never saw it on the map to pick up so that should be looked into. Other than that i cant say theres any more bugs.
Now then gameplay its very simple point and click and since its your alpha i can understand why its so simple and you pretty much dont have to do anything with that mechanic but i would like to see more dialog with the characters. sure i can gift them but it doesnt lead up to anything at all and its pretty stale dialog i would like to see more events and emotions with the characters including interactions with the main character and the girls hes trying to get with.
Elephant in the room time since it is a Adult dating sim we have to address the of course sex part of the game and character design. So since it is a dating sim game you dont even have to add any sex activities that is up to your leisure, hell ive seen dating sim games that dont add it but make it seem like you just had sex with the girl your going after which leaves people wanting to know what happened behind closed doors but i would like to see more romance with the characters and since you did add a spy mechanic why not use that to your advantage and add more scenes. now as per the character designs well me personally im not a fan of but maybe thats just me they dont seem to be super attractive but they do grow on you i dont know if you have artist or if this is just a one man job but i would like to see the characters more refined later but take that with a grain of salt. What i would like to also see is animation for these characters maybe im asking for too much but it would be nice to see especially if your using the spy mechanic seeing the characters move around and doing stuff would be a bit more natural. What i would love to see is an actual dating mechanic once you reach a certain level with a character and following the date sim formula if you wish ie go on a date ask questions answer them give them presents and rinse and repeat or maybe you can come up with something even better than that.
So overall this is a great start people may not like how it is but you can make it into something great and fun to play you got the basic world down and you have ample room to grow upon it and the basic mechanics are down so just add more and more and more and take everything with a grain of salt I'm only here to help ill be following you from now on to see where you go and how it turns out ive been with newgrounds for a long time so i love seeing new teams coming here and trying to make there idea games i wish you and your team the best of luck on this game and your future projects until then see you in your next build.

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nororolf responds:

Hey. Thank you very much for this review and the rating!
To the first points. We recognized the thing with emily and the flower. We have to redo the whole dialog system, because its too confusing at the moment if there are many different dialogs. So we will fix it hopefully with the next release.
The thing with the different places in the spots of the world - on one hand it's on purpose. If you change to the world view you should can go back to the same spot you come from without using time. On the other hand it makes no sense if you visit another place in the meantime. We will try to solve it better.
The snorkle maybe is too hard to see. If you play it in fullscreen it might work. It's in the shadow under a palm on the beach scene with the surfing board.
Maybe you picked up the hammer without noticing. We recognized that there is no feedback if you pick it up.

We want to add more machanics in the next releases, also more dating-sim mechanics. There are some things planned and theres a list of it on our patreon page.
The thing with the deeper dialogs is the same like I wrote above. We also want deeper and more progressive dialogs but we really have to redo the dialog system for it.
At the moment we are a team of two people and we are both something like semiartist. We have some ideas and try to become better but there are much things to learn. The other thing is the technical fact. It takes several hours to render one of the pictures and the quality is still not perfect. At the moment the whole design is a compromiss.
This is the same reason why we are not able to do animations at the moment. it would take days to render a animation of a few seconds. But we work on it, theres lots of space for optimizing.

Thank you again for the detailed comment. It's really great for us to read such things!