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Rogue Fable II

rated 4.22 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

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Mar 13, 2017 | 3:04 AM EDT
  • Frontpaged March 14, 2017
  • Daily 2nd Place March 14, 2017
  • Weekly 5th Place March 15, 2017

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Author Comments

The legendary Goblet of Yendor, some say it grants immortality, but others say its infinite power will drive you to madness. Rumored to be made of solid gold, inlaid with gems of incredible beauty and size, it will surely fetch a fortune on the black market. Many a rogue and scoundrel, lured by dreams of endless riches, have set out to steal the illusive artifact from the depths of the Dungeon of Dread. None have survived, will you be the first to succeed?

Rogue Fable II combines the challenge, tactics and strategy of classic roguelikes with a modern interface and graphics. Designed from the ground up to be beatable in a single hour, but with a huge variety between runs. Rogue Fable II includes:

- 5 base character classes with the option to multiclass and customize over the course of a run.
- 8 skills, 35 talents and 24 abilities from which to build your character.
- 8 dungeon branches, randomly chosen each game so that every run feels unique.
- 50 monster types each with their own abilities, behaviors, strengths and weaknesses.
- 80 unique items to discover.

Special thanks to: Alex, Colten, Dmytro, Iryna, Jeremy, and Rob for their testing and design input.

Some general advice to those unfamiliar with roguelikes:

#1 Slow Down!
Roguelikes are turn based for a reason you should be carefully choosing each move you make especially when in dangerous situations. Even easy fights should be approached carefully in order to conserve valuable resources. Try to avoid rapid clicking and don't be that guy that dies with 5 healing potions in his inventory.

#2 Terrain and Position:
Pay careful attention to the terrain and plan your moves accordingly. Water, vines and other surfaces will cause both you and the monsters to be critically hit with every attack. Try to avoid getting surrounded and use walls and other monsters to block ranged attacks.

#3 Wait
Passing a turn (by clicking space or your character) is the single most valuable thing you can do. Find defensible positions and let enemies come to you. Let them close into melee range so that you get the first hit.

#4 Use Your Items
RPGs have trained us to be overly conservative with our items. This is not going to work in a game with permadeath. Try to use your consumables before its to late, don't die with dozons of healing and escape items in your inventory.

#5 Be Prepared
Don't run around the dungeon with half HP. Don't descend to new dungeon levels with 0 energy points. Generally try to be prepared for the worst. Again you may need to consume some of those valuable items early to guarantee that you can survive the next ambush.

#6 Danger Awareness
This comes with experience. You just generally need to learn how to judge the relative danger of any situation. The faster you can recognize a very bad situation the faster you can start burning through consumable items or trying to make a run for it.

Finally don't get frustrated with dying. Roguelikes are designed to replayed many times before the first win. With each run you should learn new tricks and tactics that you can apply in future games. As you gradually learn the mechanics you'l find yourself breezing through the earlier levels that will initially give you a hard time.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

What a game. I can't even finish it.


Lovely, keep doing it, awesome job.

JustinWang123 responds:

Thank you!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very good game, I like the fact it is improving

JustinWang123 responds:

Thank you! I may sometimes miss responding to comments for a few days, but I promise I am listening!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

What a fantastic game! Super satisfying to finally get the hang of things and beat it.

Just FYI, it seems like shopkeepers are broken at or around level 15. When I speak to them at that point, they have no store. When I try to talk to them a second time, the game freezes and I have to refresh and restart the level.

JustinWang123 responds:

Thanks for review! There's a whole mess of bugs I'm working through with that damn merchant so hopefully this will all be cleared up soon.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

I can NEVER get past arcane tower But i love the game


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Great game, but there are issues.

Of course a rogue-like is supposed to be challenging, and you've done a great job of doing that. But the challenge should come from the gameplay, not bad mechanics and balance issues. I develop table-top gaming systems, so I have a few suggests for how to make your great game an amazing game.

Better balance. I'm not the first to comment and probably won't be the last, but the rogue and warrior classes are basically useless compared to the mages with their unlimited ranged attacks. Perhaps give them a crafting skill tied to the Ranged ability. Spend energy to craft darts for the rogue and javelins for the warrior. Rogue could make like five arrows and warrior makes maybe two or three javelins. Since we're spending energy all the time, I think that's a fair trade off to give the non-mages more access to ranged attacks.

Food. No matter how powerful we get our characters, once the food runs out the game is essentially over. Since there's no reliable way to obtain more food and the merchant doesn't restock his wares, there should be some way to obtain food. Maybe a "Hunting" skill that you can activate like the Sneaking skill, and while it's active it greatly increases the chances of monsters dropping meat.

There needs to be a sell option with the merchant. I like how when you pick up more than one of the same item, it gives that item a +1, but ultimately you pretty much stick with one or two weapons. Yes, they all have different uses, but we should have the choice of whether or not we want to make use of those options. Plenty of times I just wish I had been able to buy more meat but instead I'm carrying enough boots, gloves, and spears to stock the clearance rack at at Renaissance Faire. Also, the merchant should sell keys.

Rings. The weapons stack and improve on each other when you pick up multiple of the same type, so how come rings don't do that? It would be perfectly fine to NOT make the rings stack if we could equip more than one on each hand. Last I checked, I have five fingers on each hand and I could fit a ring on all of them if I really wanted to.

Those are my ideas. I really enjoyed your game but ultimately it became more frustrating than challenging due to the various issues I mentioned above. If you are able to address those issues and make improvements, I'd gladly come back and waste an entire weekend wearing out my left mouse button.

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