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Dec 8, 2016 | 1:12 PM EST

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Not really a game. Just a short art thing.



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

dick out for harambae TheCyberOrder approves this message. #Triggered


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Word and thoughts cannot express depression, it is an emotion out of control.

Waterytart14 responds:

well I impulsively tried (:


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I've never had depression, so I can't go into detail about how realistic or unrealistic this is, but I thought this was actually pretty sad. The plain visuals combined with the depressing music is pretty creepy, and conveys the mood you were going for perfectly. The music really is the best part, and would fit in perfectly in a gloomy horror game like Silent Hill.

I only wish there was more to this game. It needs to have a longer length and more interactivity. Give us a choose-your-own adventure sort of game where we go through somebody's normal day and just see how miserable they are. You could even still do it in this black with white text style.

A smaller problem is a framing issue you have. Some of the text is halfway off screen to either side. This makes some of it impossible to read.

You could really make a much better game or piece of art with this. Just work on it some more and you could have this be good enough for at least a free download on Steam.

Waterytart14 responds:

I completely understand (: thank you for the constructive words, this was a really impulsive endeavour and I plan to make more quality content soon.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

I've had depression for 10 years now, and counting, Suicidal ideations for 9, and i understand that the game attempts to give that overwhelming thought that comes with how intense depression can get. I think there's a massive reason why this "game" doesn't work though, even as an arty thing; it fails to really convey anything because of its length and medium.

I've seen a lot of games on feelings, some are great, some are bad, i've also seen videos, poems, musicals, etc. and with them, they all carry on with a sense of atmosphere. I feel this game fails to achieve that. I'll go into how it could be improved.

I also want to preface this review to everyone with mental illness by saying that anyone with any mental disorders should seek professional help or contact online/phone helplines if necessary; it's not an easy thing to deal with, and it's not something that you should face alone, trust me, it is the last thing someone should face alone.

The "game" you have now, i would assume falls under a type of VN style, but instead of being interactive, attempts to put forth itself quickly, and get a quick message across. I, as someone who's experienced this type of thing mentally, understand and can have the message conveyed strongly; the issue i see though, is that with these types of games, it needs to be more inclusive.

If these types of games just throw stimuli at the player, those without those experiences won't really get it fully, nor will it really stick. It'll just be a boring, abstract piece. As such, the critical flaw with what you have now, as mentioned in previous reviews, is that it is uninteresting. I immediately think of *The Beginners Guide*, it's similar to your game, it tries to convey a story, it attempts to convey the feelings associated with mental disorder, and it still entices players by giving them the options to progress at their pace, while keeping it mildly interactive. As such, an immediate way to improve your concept would be to try and allow the player to progress and progressively give them the atmosphere of cluttered suicidal thoughts, rather than simply throwing it at them.

The art isn't too bad, it's a simple text spam, and as such can't be said to be terrible for what it is. But what i could be is what i believe makes it terrible. The use of imagery, the use of color and the use of noise is poorly used in this; A very small difference, such as the text progressively becoming blue, or a color we associate with depression, until eventually becoming black and filling the entire screen with black words until it's solid black would be a small change, but a possibly big difference in regards to impact.

The use of sound in this is pretty poor in my opinion. I feel that the music is way too loud, and the SFX could have made this game much more impactful; For example, internal noise could be represented by jittering, then progressively becomes a white noise towards the end, any form of noise related SFX that resembles mumbling or talking could change this into a more realistic and impactful piece.

Overall, i feel this game doesn't deliver its message well, and for what it is, it definitely screams "I made this quickly". With what you have, it feels more like a game trailer or concept, than an actual game or art related video; i think that if you built upon it more, it may actually turn out to be a lot more impactful, especially if this is something you've dealt with or are dealing with, i look forward to seeing how you progress.

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Waterytart14 responds:

Yeah, i completely agree. This was meant to be less of a game and more of a thing to look at for a couple of seconds, but thanks for the constructive criticism.


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This game made me kill myself

Waterytart14 responds:

lol woops