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Tower v0.32 Light

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Credits & Info

Dec 3, 2016 | 12:40 AM EST

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Author Comments

22.12.2016 - Game was updated to 0.32c!~

I want show to you part of our game about Dark Lord universe,
this is our second game about this universe :)
I create this game by 1 year and it near to be fully done!

You'll have to clear the tall towers full of dangerous and sexual monstergirls!

Hope you will enjoy it!

If you like this game you can support us on our Patreon!

With your support I can finish this game even faster, also with your support I can create much more good games! :) (Also on our patreon we have other games too ;)

Game weighs ~80mb so be patient on loading ;)

If game not want to loads on newgrounds you can download it from here:

05.12.2016 - Upd:
*Fixed issues with Fox Girl
*Fixed issues with Chimera
*Lower soul prices in gallery
*Hitbox size on eye of Garden tower Boss was doubled

11.12.2016 - Upd:
*Improved translations
*Fixed some bugs
*Now cure potion can remove defence break debuff
*Fixed bug with skills

22.12.2016 - Upd:
*Improved translations
*Fixed invisible Fox Girl
*Bit fixes in animations
*Bit fixes in buttons
*Bit fixes in chimera battle



Rated 5 / 5 stars

I loved the game. Great concept, animation, "Story" and an interesting fighting style. Some things I would like to see added are (mostly little things): The ability to give the Fox Girl a name; maybe some rewriting; and of course, new towers. Keep up the grand work mate!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

awesome game so far just wondering tho when the water and other towers will be opened just curious.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

The updates you are expecting for it to come isn't happening but you guys are still expecting something like this to happen as there's still hope for the game getting updates as the full is not completely finished but as said they are still busy with other games then this one so surely they'd be done by then and continue with tower light

But i have something share weather or not you wanna listen to this make believe or even think it's some idiot who sent a fake thing about an update which is different then "C"

I found out that the update about "Tower light" has been given to someone or for sure i don't know how did that happen in a way that the creator might have given the link to someone about the update and then just kept it to himself or just decided to do something about it which this random dude out of nowhere has uploaded the update there to gamesofdire another site like hentai and porn or whatever that shit may be or whatever you wanna call it. As said by now that they are busy... nobody can tell if they are still keeping their promise to the whole project of a few games being made or do you expect them to reply to people that aren't like 18 but i'm underage and a 16 year old teenager or just a whim kid so whatever you think of me as or what not or just thought why would i know all this, it's just a hunch and maybe someone a bit too much nerdy about reading information or just guessing somethings will not turn out fine as mentioned

(I will be held responsible for sending this review or comment nor does anything or anyone wanna have an objection or say something which what i say is right or wrong or mentioned that what i'm saying is a scam but there's proof and i can explain about the details and all but there's nothing about it and i only need proof just by talking to the creator who thought of an ideal game to make like this one which everyone was interested in playing and finding out why there's an update that's compared to "C" but a different one saying that someone might have got it and never bother sharing or doesn't know that this version "C" was here since last year "Remember, you're submitting a REVIEW for this CONTENT. This isn't a place for you to make smug jokes, post stupid nonsense, or act like a total jerk."

As mentioned i'm still making sure i am responsible for this and will explain if someone who made this game will demend an explanation but all this will be solved as i don't care who got that version but long as i'm happy that this game is gonna be a success i won't complain but still support even if i'm still not a patreon yet nor will i be able to become one and support and just get into the discussions on games being made or the updates having preparations to be discussed as well)

There are a few things i wanna talk about the new update which is "Tower light" it self, The fox girl you just skipped a fight with is no where to be seen but as that part has been fixed the dialougues story has been continued to part 8 to 10 meaning but you can't continue further to the third tower since they are trying to think of something else so that the game won't be a 1 or 3 rated game saying that there are problems but even it's still 5 rated stars i don't think anyone would have hated it by now since it's a really good game

But here's the version log of "V" and i'll explain along the way but short on details about it

V. Li 0.32

Main updates in this version:

*Added Main Menu
*Added Intro History
*Added parts of story line (8/10
*Added Sounds
*Added Fox Boss battle stage
*Added Fox Boss sex scenes
*Added Fox Boss dialougues and story
*Reworked tavern
*Added Hero home
*Added tips

After in a boss battle with the fox girl you noticed that the last part. You were having a conversation with her as you continued fighting but after that last part She said "Stupid human" as a result she left and ran away meaning you won but of course you earn nothing but just skipped the entire boss battle

After deciding you'd just go back to town and rest back at the house. But wondering where she could have gone or maybe you think she'd be in the house as she has no where else to go well that wasn't in "C" and by now there's a change in this update, i pretty much knew that she'd be in the house hiding somewhere at the fireplace...or that stuff where you throw logs and light it up like a camp fire but...a lodge sorta thing, There will a dialouge about the fox girl and that part you'll just find out yourselves when reading it but there's a little bit of grammar miscorrections which will have to be dealt with in the next update or so in the future, don't wanna ruin it for everyone but it's true... When you are done with the dialouge you'll see her standing right in front of you welcoming you back home with different greetings as a sign of not killing her claiming that she's really a cute monster (Fox girl) - (Kitsune)
The talk option will be added as there are now 4 options you can now do in the house "Sleep" "Use Octogram" "Exit the house" is the 3 options you can only do but with the fox girl saying welcome home or something else is not noticeable but that will happen if you get into a boss fight with her and eventually you ended up having the fight to be skipped which is still a win-win but nothing gained in the battle like items or what not

"Talk" has like a few selections when you press it, like you can say somethings to her and a bit similar to the sims game but compared to RF to 2 - 3 and 4 but in a way that you might not know why but surely you will and would think of this as a love thing you can interact with the fox girl
There's a heart drawn thing on the right where it's next to the girl and that part i will explain

It's part of the reason why you can see her and now notice that she'll be staying with you forever as a result you can think of it as a love thing, as part of the "Talk" button being added there it also helps you fill the meter % percentage and there will be a different selection on talk and those will help you fill it until it goes 100% but i'll explain what's so special about it later

But after reading the rest of the dialouges when choosing which selection on "Talk" you'd like to read, there will be a book you can purchase but cost expensive and that goes with the clothes she's wearing

You can either earn money on both towers by beating monsters but if they are too powerful for you i suggest beating one of them in the previous levels you successfully succeed at but that depends on the stats and level you have either when you have set the wanted stats you'd like to have

But i don't know about the heart meter...and fills there will be a different section you can choose on "Talk" but that will lead you to the blowjob scene but you can only do it once and if you wanna do it again you'll have to continue filling the heart meter up till 100% only then you can do it as many times as you want but there's also another scene on gallery's "Boss sex scene" the one about the second tower where you see a fox girl is getting her pussy fucked by you just by doing it herself while you are laying there defeated but cumming a few times that i don't know as that girl pretty much enjoys it but there's also the same blowjob scene in the gallery but a bit different from the one at the house, there will be like action buttons you can interact with the thing she'll be doing to you like the one on the house is ordering her to do something and then you can choose to cum on her but this time when you gather enough souls to purchase the blowjob scene on gallery there will be a slight change...and then there's a new button called "Auto" which is like nothing you don't have to do and just let the fox girl do her thing and by the time it's like you can't hold it much longer and will start to cum by now but that one sex scene on the tower...will be need to be purchase again as i don't know why but could be a glitch or bug...which is a problem you need to deal with, either buy it again and keep neither one of the scenes you want or would you want to keep the blowjob scene back at the house on gallery and keep auto which seems good then the other on "Talk" lets have sex...which is boring and won't be good enough

I won't be expecting anything else to say as it is quite all...i guess but there are other things discoverable on talk and on town if you are still willingly to find and don't forget the 2 things i say which are good things for the fox girl which you'll surely need it is at the store in the tavern, That's all and for those who are seeing this i don't have an explanation but all i know is that i probably guessed that maybe the creator might have given it to someone and that someone could have uploaded it on gamesofdesire but if you want proof i can give it to you and it's all there or would you want the link instead so it'd be faster that way but weather or not if you wanna contiune reading this make believe i won't stop ya or if anything of this review is bullshit forget it as it is nothing to you and won't be interesting to read i'm just wanting to share the updates weather or not that i have good news or bad news you'd be expecting this game to not have an update and could have given up hope for it. As for those who have already played it but yeah

I only played it on Browser but on "Adobe flash player" some games are having problems to be played so i suggest on browser and playing it on google chrome

Here's proof for the update of why i'm sharing or letting all of you guys know for

(Update of tower light in gamesofdesire for no reason and no idea how it got uploaded there >

(Shortcut to game -

And for those who really want to play it without having it to load is also possible to download but if those that are using google chrome (On your right there are those dots which is like this "..." one that's going up and then down but only like a snake or a worm or a ruler sort of thing, anyways just click on it and find more tools and try moving your mouse to there and find save page as on the link to the "shortcut"
This one - >(

And if you are done reading just hope you find this helpful as i even want to wonder if the creator would bother not replying me back as i said somethings to her...well best you don't find out and also one thing creator

I already replied to you the second time but if you think i'm mad at you or neither you wanna reply then fine i won't really ask again but i'm just being nice to you and trying to get mad would be useless so just pm me for this kinda explanation if you are seeing this by now and whatever you might be reading this review i sent

Hope everyone sees this or why i'm asking the creator like that but forgive me really i don't mean any harm and this review is not bullshit as i said of giving proof and there's my proof i already post it and type in this review all in yeah >_>;


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

really cool game with fun combat, especially seeing as its in such early stages. the story could use a little work, especially our hero's backstory, but the thing with the towers is cool, though I blitzed through the levels pretty quick. also if you're going to have the porn in there maybe have it more of a reward than something we have to stop as quickly as possible. other than that absolutely fantastic game, keep it up :))


Rated 5 / 5 stars

well this is a 5 star game i man the animation is quite good compared to a lots of games the art is pretty good too and the combo system i really like it overall its what you would expect from a game "nice story" "nice combat system" and "nice lewd stuff" worth supporting period