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Future Fragments - Hentai Game Demo

rated 4.13 / 5 stars
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Action - Platformer - Other

Credits & Info

Oct 29, 2016 | 4:31 AM EDT

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Author Comments

UPDATE: Now with reconfigurable keys and audio settings! Press the ESC key to go to the pause menu and change your settings!

Hey there!

This is a demo of the first level of our game, Future Fragments, a platforming game with a Science Fiction/Mystery theme.

If you liked this demo, please consider supporting us at We depend on your support to fund these games, so that we can work on them full time! Your support means we can add even more things to the game as well!


ORIGINAL CONTROLS (press ESC to reconfigure)
Left/Right - move left/right
Up - read databanks, flip switches, zoom in during H-scenes
Down - duck, look down/scroll screen down, zoom out during H-scenes
X - shoot magic, hold to charge a powerful shot, advance text screens
Z - jump, hold to jump higher
M - mute audio
H - stun/damage yourself (for H-scenes)
ESC - pause/settings menu


NOTE: To be clear, there are two H-animations per enemy in this demo. One when you're stunned, and one when you're at 0 HP. Additionally, there are two sex cutscenes, and the boss has a multi-part sex animation as well if you're caught by him.


UPCOMING/CURRENT FEATURES (in the current demo)
- Five stages, each large and expansive (think Norfair in Super Metroid; that'd be one "level") with lots of secrets to find and explore!
- A Hub Map system that allows you to pick and choose the order you complete maps/paths in!
- 25 enemies, each with TWO H-Animations per enemy, for a total of 50 animations in-game (and possibly more depending on your progress in-game and choices in cutscenes!)
- 50+ optional interactive cutscenes (10+ per stage) with multiple choices per cutscene that alter the storyline of the game depending on the order you interact with them in!
- A fleshed out, mystery-driven plot; however, if you don't like lots of storyline sequences, you can progress through the game and still enjoy it without needing to interact with any of the cutscenes or databanks! But, if you enjoy expansive world-building storylines, have at it and try to find them all to discover all 15 endings!
- 50+ powerups that you can mix and match, holding up to 3 at a time!
- Fully voiced characters, by professional voice actresses!
- Classic platforming gameplay, in the vein of Megaman, Metroid, and so many other great games!
- A wide variety of enemy designs, including humans, demons, tentacles, robots, and many more, as well as a whole host of fetishes!
- Dynamic music that changes based on the events going on around you, in real time!


You can pre-purchase the full game at a 50% discount by pledging $10 over the course of the Patreon campaign at!

The activity feed on Patreon is also accessible by pledging just $1 per month if you want to see all the latest animations and updates on the game, as well, and that counts towards the $10 total too.


HentaiWriter - see social media links below
TriangulatePixels - N/A
CheshireCat - N/A
Amisakadarthana -
Monakoko -
Nosoapradio -
FrougeDev - N/A




If the game doesn't play for you, go to and follow the instructions to get it working!
Additionally, if the game's controls are unresponsive, running it in Chrome or Firefox should fix things.
Finally, make sure to enable Unity Player by picking to "allow" it when it asks at the top of your browser!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

sweet art style, simple idea, both sexy and addictive. Really just a good game still demo, but in terms of a foundation, i would !00% buy a full game from this. :D

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hentaiwriter responds:

Glad to hear it! Thanks for the review and rating both :)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

love this game, keep up the good work, and hope to see updates to the game soon!

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hentaiwriter responds:

There's monthly updates over at Patreon, we're two levels past this level over there with a lot of new features!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

will you be posting any more of this? i can't pay for patreon but i'm so in love with this game!

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hentaiwriter responds:

There will be another public demo in August of another level with many, many new features added!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

How do i get passed those fans? im stuch. its the room after the save point with two fans on either side of t

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hentaiwriter responds:

You can turn fans off by pressing up on the switch. :)


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Badass game, bros! Almost perfect! I'm definitely donating when I got some dosh to spare, but hey, just an idea; not to say that anything's lacking because I love the controls, the voice acting, the gameplay and the animations. But you might consider adding double teams, like when two or more monsters are close to a stunned or 'dead' Talia, they'll both go at her at once, like in Parasite In City. Just a thought, kickass game. : >

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hentaiwriter responds:

Yep, we got that in the Ice Level that's currently out on Patreon, and have it planned for other levels too :) Thanks for the review and rating both!