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Hoonters Public Alpha 0.7

rated 2.91 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

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Oct 1, 2016 | 4:28 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Hoonters is a free turn-based RPG developed in Unity. A mixture of Monster Hunter, Classic JRPGs and loads of hentai. You take on the role of a Beast Hunter, exploring lands in search of monsters whose fluids contain special characteristics, making them valuable resources for creating medicine, commodities and several other things. Not all monsters appreciate being exploited like that, in fact, if you lose to them, they're likely to make you taste your own medicine! ...Quite literally, in this case.

This is a VERY EARLY alpha for the game. It is honestly just a little above a prototype. If you're interested in the project, however, do leave feedback! Any bugs or glitches you find and tell me, I'll get to fixing ASAP.

Keep in mind, Unity's WEBGL export option is still far from being perfect. I am constantly doing my best to try and optimize the build for HTML5, but there's only so much I can do. If you want a stable version, you can get an EXE over at our other mirrors on Patreon.

Patreon link


Q: The Exit buttons in the Main Menu and on the Town don't work. Why?
A: Those are for the .EXE version. I'm currently working on something so that the game will recognize when it's on WEBGL or EXE and then activate/deactivate some of those options accordingly. It's still very buggy though, so I figured it'd be better to just leave it disabled, to be safe.

Q: The game won't load for me, I only get a gray screen! Why?
A: Oh boy. The Unity WEBGL application is either loading, or it was unable to pre-allocate enough memory to start up the game. Try closing any other tabs you have open and then hard refreshing this game. If all else fails and you want to play the game, the best suggestion I have is going after the .EXE through our patreon. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Q: My game stopped working, what do I do?
A: That...Well, that could be due to a bunch of reasons, really. First off, sorry for the inconvenience! Second, tell me where it stopped working, what you were doing and, if there are any, what messages the WEBGL application gave you when it stopped working and I'll look into it ASAP.

Q: The Guild Leader won't let me go on a hunt?
A: You're definitely forgetting to pick something. Just be sure to go through all of the steps in the Expedition Menu, from the first to the very last. Area Selection -> Monster Selection -> Backpack Selection -> Equipment Selection
Be sure to click on every single one of the buttons, just to make sure!

Q: The Harpy is OP, she needs to be nerfed!
A: You have access to unlimited powder traps. Use them.

New Features

- 4 New Monsters (Centauress, Drider, Lamia, Cerberus)

- 7 New Weapons

- 3 New Armors



Rated 5 / 5 stars

I really like the game, but you could keep the descriptions for the weapons even after you buy them, so that you can read what they do even if you bought them without reading the descriptions, like what I did.

Nicoffee responds:

This is an old version, you can find the newest one here, too, Hoonters 0.10.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty good. I like the animations, artwork isn't too bad, think they're detailed enough, its more cartoony than anime anyway. Combat is good, but I think it's a little slow, maybe an option to ignore animation sequences.

To beat Harpy (who gives 400 seeds), buy the Chakram, it's special move is most likely to hit her. You need to get 4 powder traps and during the find phase, she will move through a predictable path, never wanting to walk into you, you repeat the same moves to box her on the left side whilst hurting her with 4 powder traps, then she'll have 10 hp left, then use any consumable or trap to wait so she's forced to move to an adjacent slot and attack her, guess what, your chakram does 10 damage, she's got 10 hp left, ez pz.

Onto Gellusk, you need Caestus and spam your special attack every turn, it does more damage per turn, your normal attack won't do anything.

For this I just found Gellusk and fought her straight away, I used a flashbang to stun her, then drank 2 orc fluids (increase damage by 5 per drink), then after spam your 2, you'll inevitably kill her, her special attack does like 20 damage and heals her, but her normal attack does only 5, she can still miss you, if you've the latest defence armour you'll probably dodge em anyway and its pretty easy win.

After winning and losing all monsters, I didn't realise I could sell all my shit, so don't be like me and make this harder than it is for yourself and have to grind too long! lol

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Nicoffee responds:

Thank you, glad to hear you've enjoyed the game so far. And nice to see you figured all that stuff out on your own, I got really scared when I saw so many people having issues with the Harpy and Gellusk. I'll see about making the battles more dynamic in the future though, thanks again for the feedback.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Seems like the start of a great game. Only problem I have is every time i try and use a trap it says "You can't use that here" so idk how I'm supposed to beat the harpy. Am I missing something here?

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Nicoffee responds:

You're supposed to use it while in the "Expedition Phase" of the battle, before you actually go face to face with her, there should be a panel to the right with all of your items where you can then use your powder traps.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

I think you've made some pretty major improvements and it's really starting to look more like a game than before, I think you could have a really great game on your hands with enough content and improvements.

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Nicoffee responds:

Thank you very much, I'll do my best.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Honestly, this is a great game. I only have a few problems with it since it was released, and here are the ones that are still in the game that annoy me the most.
1. The Harpy can dodge EVERYTHING (I beat her with poison traps, getting her to 1 HP, and I still had to dance around for 6-7 turns because she could just dodge and weave around my attacks)
2. The Special Attack button never changes, so I never know how long I have to wait to use it again. Maybe a timer could be implemented to fix this?
3. The Pigman still has no animations for victory/defeat. The cocept for it is intriguing though, and I've literally fought Pigman over and over to get a good look at it.
4. I would really like to have a new weapon in the game. A tool from a far away land. Please add a katana to the game; they're just badass looking.
5. Could you add the different armors into the scenes? I'm really interested in what the leather suit would look like on the protagonist.
6. Will we be able to change the appearance of the portagonist? You know, eye/hair/skin colors, hopefully nothing too fancy.

Aaaaaand that's about it. Really only 2 problems; 4 are just me being selfish. All that aside, this game is wonderful for what I end up running it in (no prizes for guessing), and it has a quality that most successful games share: it's fun to play. The concept is a bit tough at first (crunching numbers, "Do I have enough Seeds for this?", " Do I want this or that?" etc.), but once you get the hang of it, you'll start to really enjoy the game a whole lot more. Great work, Nescafe, and here's to more good content.

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Nicoffee responds:

Wow, this review was actually really heartwarming to read, thank you very much for the feedback.

1. Huh. Might be mostly bad luck on your part, I honestly never missed that many attacks on her in a row, at least, not when using the most accurate weapons.

2. ...That's...A really good idea, actually. I should probably do that. I'll add it in for the next update.

3. There was a vote over at the project's Patreon for who should get animated first, Pigman and Harpy scored last.

4. Eventually, sure. I just like to make sure that all weapons fill their own niches, so I'll only add it once I've got a good idea of what I want it for.

5 & 6. That would be hell. Mostly because I would need to make different sprites for each scene (Because of the different angles and what not), which would then change according to the scene going on. What WILL be implemented, in the future, however, is different character pre-sets. So, a male character, a futa character, etc.