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Elana Champion of Lust Beta 1.8 (updated 03/02/2017)

rated 4.43 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

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Sep 30, 2016 | 4:18 PM EDT

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Author Comments

IMPORTANT: The game must be played with the latest update of Adobe flash player (you can get it here: and usually works better using Google Chrome. If it doesn't load make right click with the mouse and choose "play".

UPDATED 03/02/17: upgrades

We have added about 60 new images and fixed some minor bugs and added a little explanation of how to fight. Also, now the battle with the archmage is easier because his helpers heal less.

If you want to help us develop the game, you can support us on Patreon:

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This is a very nice game. no bugs or glitches. However, I believe it has 3 major flaws.
First, the combat: it's not rewarding at all. The character gets more experience by doing the first basic action than by defeating an opponent and I found the system to be quite annoying. That is the one that bothers me the most.
Then, the game ends up being repetitive. Once you unlock the "Foreplay 3" skill, all that's left do is to spam it. While the Tavern and the Market had a couple of minigames to change the pattern, nothing is required in the other zones. The Town Square and the Houses are almost useless, since there is no key character there.
Lastly, the "faux zones". While I read and understood why certain zones cannot be accessed, I believe it's better to remove them altogether rather than leave a dead path in game. I think that if I can enter a room, I have to be able to do something there. Otherwise, there should be no room in the first place.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great game. The animations are well done and the artwork is pretty arousing. I understand this is still just a beta and the game hasn't undergone polishing and final editing. So just some obvious things wrong; grammatical errors and spelling, most likely due to it not being a finished product yet.

Some minor things like having areas in the game that don't give items or do much of anything in general. A list for that will be:

The right room in the Church that gives you a speech box saying that a meeting group won't be conducting their meeting there for awhile.
The left area in the Castle that leads to the training grounds for the guards.
The right area in the Market that just gives you a speech box saying it is too hot.
The left area inside the Academy, guy tells you to bring him a note from the archmage yet you can't (leaving spoiler out).
The right area inside the Academy, guard tells you that you need permission from the archmage to be there yet it you won't be able to (leaving spoiler out).
The right area in the forest, just gives you a speech box saying Elana isn't ready to go back to her part of the forest yet to confront her two sisters.

And the last two things I will be listing for areas that don't seem to have anything to do with the game will be here because they do have a reason in chapter 2 (will be leaving spoilers out):

The Canyon pass, straight path that brings you to two Elven Guards which tell you that you can't pass because of your crappy robes. Even if you do have a different set of clothes on, they still won't let you through.
The Canyon pass, right path that brings you to two human guards. You do have options to do two different things, but nothing that is story related or helps you at all. Kinda like a little easter egg.

All around, it is a great game. Haven't really run into any bugs or game breaking glitches. Sex scenes are awesome, a little sad that anal wasn't in it at all (fixed in chapter 2). I would love to see a few of these areas revamped to do something, even just giving a plot item or additional hidden buff/skill, maybe even a hidden objective that helps with completing that area, i.e using a magic ability to help things along. The canyon areas I would like a little prelude that you would have to complete before being able to access it in chapter 2 or something like that. Gives the areas a little more interest rather than being there for the sake of teasing to players that like to explore everything like myself.

knotgames responds:

Thanks for the review! Most of the parts you listed, will have it's purpose during chapter 2 (we planed a whole game of three chapters but we had to split it because of the weight of the files). The part of the hot springs can be unlocked carrying a winter potion there during night though.

We are taking care of the grammatical errors and the spelling and finishing to polish it to publish soon.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

cant figure out how to get the sword or armor

knotgames responds:

I'm afraid they can't be purchased.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hi, I dont know why i can pass to the areas through the map only in the night. During the day i can only stay in the forest. Any help?
PD: Great work, is one of the best games i have ever seen.

knotgames responds:

Something not working well. It could be and error loading the game and then the error is saved in the cookies and always reloaded. If this is the case, delete the cookies could help. Also load a save from a previous version could make the game brake.

Also be sure you have the latest version of adobe flash player installed on your browser and if you are not using Google Chrome, try it, because it usually works better.

Hope it help! (and please tell us if worked or not with a private message so we could work on it or help people who have problems with it in future).

EDIT: This helped another user: " go to my settings /advanced settings /content settings under privacy/ and then under cookies I had 'block third party cookies' check marked."

Uncheck this part seems to help this player.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Really good game, especially for an adult game.
There are, of course, some things that would make it better.
1. Expand on combat. It is a good punishment for over reaching, but it gets so repetitive in the bulk of the game. Like, add more levels to the training or a couple more types of enemies. I'm sure something is planned, right?
2. Keep on nerfing those helpers in the final boss. As of typing this, I have lost against the, hopefully, last stage of the the final boss. I think I might give up because it is was just a war of attrition and a frenzy of potions. I think the best thing to do would be to slow down their magic regen. and maybe shave like 3 points off of their heal amount.
3. Some dialogue is excessive in my opinion. Maybe cut down on it. And add an option to skip the effect of the dimension potion, or whatever it was called. I was just trying it and had to endure that part. ( neat inclusion though. not my thing, but keep it.)
4. you hvae smoe splelnig eorrrs. Whatever, but you do. It isn't a big deal.

Again, great game. There are so many little things that happen. I know that I mustn't have seen all of the random events. I enjoyed how there were little things hidden that were needed to progress the story. They weren't really out of the way, which was good, and they seemed to happen and progress the story naturally.

I should mention that I played the alpha for chapter two a while before I played this. I didn't leave a review there because it seemed too unfinished. It didn't seem to really have a game in it. There were some significant improvements to content level though.
I don't know if you plan on making one really big game or two games with different play styles, but I hope that this review that turned into an unorganized tangent helps in some way.
I can't wait for a final product.

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knotgames responds:


The combat will be more entertaining on chapter 2 (at least we are working for it. The helpers of the archmage will be nerfed on the final version, the part of the potion should have an skip and we'll recheck the spell on final version too.

When we'll have all chapters we'll see if we present it as a game of 3 chapters or three different games with one chapter each.