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Black Ice and The Chosen Twins

rated 3.28 / 5 stars
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Sep 15, 2016 | 5:17 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Male Twin - Trina Deuhart
Female Twin - Normandy Vamos
Elder - Larry Oliver
Black Ice - Eric Hollaway
Sound Effects - MC_Jimmy


Clear Sky by LawnReality
Native Summit by AudioVision
Don't let it in by Morteth9
Forgotten Worlds (Remas) by Nightsung
Symphony no. 5 2nd mov. by Tchaikovsky
Additional sound effects from

Story and Animation by Escape Clause



Rated 0 / 5 stars

"The chosen ones protect us from the evil which surrounds us. Every night the chosen ones circle the village with an enchanted candle. This will stop the 'whores' of the mountain from getting in."

This animation a great example of what not to do with animation. Plot holes, immersion breaking, exposition dumps, poor pacing, etc..

This is essentially The Lord of the Rings? Throw the enchanted ring... er I mean enchanted candle into the ... Mayan temple? Hold on a second, I thought we were hanging out with Eskimos and Inuits? Where did the Mayan step-pyramid come from?

The plot is very, very, basic, and yet it still doesn't make any sense. Two Eskimo children are declared "the chosen twos" because reasons. And Black Ice throughout the story spouts out moralistic, parablistic, platitudes that have no relevance to the story. Talk about nonsequitors. And the amount of exposition that is said twice, like for instance when the Village Elder tells the male child how to break the curse, the male child then immediately runs outside and tells the others the exact same thing we heard only seconds ago.

It is played so straight, it would have been better as a parody, but there was no humor whatsoever. It is like watching The Room.

EscapeClause responds:

Thanks for taking your time to review. I started animation as a hobby 3 months ago, this project took me 4 weeks so I knew it wasn't going to be polished, it was really a test of toon boom harmony as it was my first time using it. It's actually "horrors" instead of "whores". I was going for a more surreal art style so that's why there was some anachronistic elements such as the temple, but i guess it didn't work in the end.

One thing i've learnt about doing this is writing the script, dialog, backgrounds, character design and animation is a lot to take one all at once and I could have teamed up with more people to help me with this.

How did you find the backgrounds, sound editing, character design and art style? I put quite a bit of work into this. I don't think it deserves 0 stars. I think i've improved my animation movements since my last 3 animations these past months. it's hard not to do parodies and to come up with my own ideas. I appreciate your review. I'm not an animator or writer, I feel like it's bordering on destructive criticism.