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rated 3.72 / 5 stars
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Action - Platformer - Other

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Sep 6, 2016 | 5:21 PM EDT

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You're a boy with a fan. Use your fan in multiple ways to complete the levels.

Game by:

Music by:

Arrow Keys: Movement Left, Right
Up: Enter a Door

S: Jump
D: Blow fan horizontally
D + Down Arrow: Blow fan vertically (Jetpack!)




Rated 3 / 5 stars

As many platformers that involve jumping, this game in its core seems to be about making the parabolas while avoiding obstacles. The more difficulty of the levels rises, the more complex parabolas and curves you will have to make. The challenge of intuitively devising a perfect curvature of the character's flight is brought to a new level here with the use of the fan mechanic. Acquiring the skill required mastering this mechanic and then using it to traverse levels is fun and challenging in itself, but the game does not stop there. Battery charge limit imposes new tactical challenges that require player to think ahead and plan his movement very carefully. Level design is good at teaching player basic tactics without actually showing or explaining what to do. Everything you have to know is that S stands for jumping and D stands for fan, and everything else will come by itself.
With that said, however, the controls are not very intuitive (at least for the keyboard) because of the old convention SPACE = Jump. Also it's easy to press the wrong button in the heat of the moment and lose difficult jump because of it.
Other problem concerns the very fan-energy mechanic itself. It requires player to plan his movements carefully and creates an interesting interchange between waiting and flying, but the waiting part fails to be interesting gameplay-wise, and the fan refills solve enough to get boring.
Other problem I had with this game is the hub level where all the doors to the other levels are located. It's gameplay purpose is unclear, since levels are revealed in a linear order, and there is no reason to replay previous levels, so traversing it over and over again quickly becomes a tedious activity. Also I was misguided by the first level's goal: it was to collect the battery, and all the other levels required batteries, so naturally, since the energy indicator has a shape of a battery, I thought that collecting more batteries means expanding your energy storage and thus gaining access to more complex levels, that require longer flight sequences. Unfortunately, that was not the case, so the goal to collect batteries also was meaningless gameplay-wise.
Overall game has made me feel both relaxed and frustrated. The relaxing part comes from the calm music, slow movement pace (or maybe it was my browser?), and pleasing color palette. Frustration came from all the reasons mentioned above, and also from the lack of any meaningful story or context for the actions.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

really good game,the logic is soft,the enmies are great,and the idea its perfect(and the name is even more) but theres a thing that i dint liked and it is that in game theres is not possible to save so if i go to last level and get out game i ill have to make all the way again


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It's enjoyable. The fanboy sprite is cute.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is absolutely great! Great level design and creative mechanics.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Grrr, I feel it should have given me some sort of prize or secret message for killing that massive horde of monsters on the last "level" where it says thanks for playing when you've gotten 17 batteries. At the beginning it almost crashed my browser with the massive number of sprites using up CPU time but I bore with it and killed every one of them and nothing.

Adequate game. I kind of agree with t4upl. By the way, you quit on the most idiotic level, the ones that came after the door you need 14 batteries for were actually easier than that one, slightly. But the point is this. If you have a long sequence of say 30 trivial activities, each one having maybe a 10% chance of killing you, that means you're going to have to probably try it 20-something times before you succeed, each time, doing an average of 8 of those trivial activities, and that's incredibly tedious and frustrating. And that's coming from possibly the first one to win Give Up in 0 deaths and who holds the speedrun record in pause ahead and close to the top in some others, so if it's frustrating to me, it's frustrating to anyone. It's the same reason I couldn't stand to play all the way through the world's hardest game. It's better than having a limited number of "lives" and having to start the whole game over from the beginning but it's still unpleasant.

ALSO there seems to be some ISSUES with the controls. A LOT of the time I was HOLDING DOWN the right arrow key in midair and I COULD NOT get him to go to the right.

Kept made me thinking of Trump but of course it's just his hat, not his hair heh heh.

It's not a bad framework for the game, if you fix the control issues (or maybe it was a bug particular with the interaction with my computer and no one else's) and have some decent level design but not so great as it is.

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