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Adventure High Updated

rated 3.71 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

Credits & Info

Aug 20, 2016 | 6:49 AM EDT

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Author Comments

**Note: Music in this game was released to public domain by Halcyonic Falconx. Art is still in the process of being upgraded. Some old art is thus still mixed with new art.

**Second Note: This version will stay updated so players who have been playing a while won't lose their save files. Current version: 0.34

There exists in your home town a school that teaches adult students how to harness their unique magical gifts to survive the wilderness as Adventurers. Your character has just joined this school in hopes of finally having the chance to learn how to use magic.

Each person has a gift for a certain kind of magic, which impacts the kinds of magic they can learn in each of the four major schools of magic. Yours is the Gift of Control. Will you use your gift to become the Hero of the School, or will you use it to make the School and everyone in it yours?

This game is in an Alpha stage. There is one good ending and two game-over endings so far. The deepest level of the dungeon is currently the 11th floor.





Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

After playing this game a bit, and reading through the reviews, I decided to make an account to post a review to help you out.
I decided to take a nice route with the game, by being nice to everyone, sticking with everyone who offers to help me and not mindcontrolling anyone. However, after I died for the second time trying to safe the blue haired girl, and after looking at the time, and the fact that my save file won't carry in incognito modus, I decided to turn the other way. Bought love potions to turn the shopgirl to my will (That didn't went as planned) and mindcontrolled the blue haired girl before I left.
However I noticed a few things that might be interested for you, and the main reason I posted this review.
- Since I only showed my mindcontrol powers on the blue haired girl, I only went to the special class at that point. In that class you are supposed to use your powers on the shopgirl but she suddenly switches back to her nondemon form for that, something I don't think she's supposed to do.
- After dying I noticed that I still had Cassandra in my party, even though my last save was before that point, and I still had to gain Cassandra later.
- I also suddenly had the control over the skills that Cassandra casts after the defeat, even though I didn't had that before and don't think I'm supposed to have.
- Another thing that bugs me is that everyone says that I was ambushed by that strange creature, even though I decided not to cast any spells on my best friend, and we chose to attack that creature ourselves.
-I found it a bit annoying to that it never told me when I got new skills, and I sometimes overlooked a cool skill because of that.
- One last thing that was a problem for me (but I might just be doing it wrong) is that I couldn't catch the rubber girl anymore, since I was too strong and it kept running away from me.

I hope this helps you. If I find anymore things. I'll let you know.
Best of luck with developing this game!

HypnoChanger responds:

Thanks for the bug reports. I'll work on fixing those as quickly as possible. I'm not sure what might have caused the game-over to mix up the variables like that.

The reason you don't get an alert when learning new spells is mainly because I don't have a good way of doing that figured out yet. I may try to figure something out once I finish making all the spells.

In the options part of the menu that you bring up with Enter you can disable monster fleeing to catch weaker monsters.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Awesome Game great graphics and good storyline but why won't my saves work?

HypnoChanger responds:

If you are using incognito mode, your browser might be deleting your save files.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

If at all possible, I would like you to find a mechanic that lets you put Teachers who are your slaves into your party. I feel like it would be so cool to have a strong teacher like Mrs. Rack or a amazing healer like Dr.Tiff. That would be amazing to see, and great to play with. If so, I would also like you to work on Cassandra>Lily>Teachers for the new artwork. But what you have so far is amazing, and I will enjoy playing the full game when it releases and continue playing each update.

HypnoChanger responds:

If I do put teachers into the party, it will probably be a lot later on, after I get the student's spells all written. The next update actually will have Cassandra's library art added to it. I don't know who you mean by Lily though. Do you mean Molly?


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Absolutely fantastic game! Great idea, really nice realization! I'm always looking forward to new updates. But there's one tiny little thing that caught my attention :/ if you have Cassandra enslaved when you chose to give her a "whole new look" and you then look at her in the library there still is the old Cassandra. Maybe you could fix that ;) And furthermore, it would be great if you would implement that one can change the charakter of the teachers, too. I understand that that would be pretty bad for the story, but I would really enjoy that :) maybe you remember my recommendations ;)
Hope my review helped you a bit, I'm still looking forward to new updates!

HypnoChanger responds:

I am planning on teachers having personality changes later on in that storyline. As for Cassandra, I'll take a look and see what might be causing her not to appear in the right form in the library.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

great game, i love it, well done! but one question: how do i get the flirt spell? no matter what i do i cant get it. thanks for the great game!

HypnoChanger responds:

Thanks, and the flirt spell is support magic, so you need to attend one of Dr. Tiff's secret classes, then cast support spells to build proficiency. You can ask Julia for which floor each note is on as long as she has her normal personality.