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Sakyubasu No Tatakai II

rated 4.12 / 5 stars
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Nov 23, 2015 | 9:27 PM EST

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Author Comments

With the Hive conquered, and a real army finally behind her, Eva begins her conquest of the Nether in earnest. Will she succeed? Will she convert the remainder of her sisters? Find out in the second Act of Sakyubasu no Tatakai!!! Well, actually, it is a three part series, so you still won't find out. But hey, at least you will get closer!

Game is a mouse-driven turn-based strategy game. No keyboard requirements.

Game uses local flash data to save progress, browsing in private, clearing cache, using cleaner etc will delete your save file.



Rated 3 / 5 stars

The game is good, it resembles Final Fantasy Tactics in many aspects. But this game is UNNECESSARILY HARD. It is ok to make players GRIND on strategy and rpg games... But it is not ok to make players grind until MAX LEVEL EVA to beat the FIRST BOSS.

The game is good, the battles are nice, there are missions, runes, different equipment. This is all nice. But making the player grind to such extent to beat just the first boss takes away the fun of the game since we (players) will have to waste major time on a repetitive task to get the story to continue.

And locking us on this long cycle of grinding is really boring even with all the positive elements. Imagine being stuck in the first Megaman level for days or keep beating Lvl 2 Caterpies for a week before being able to face the first Gym Leader in Pokemon... Even though this is basicly the only flaw of the game (due to the other ones being small in comparison), this is kind of a major one.

I am a fan and I've played every game from you in Newgrounds, I hope I did not offend you with this review.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

now before my review i find boring this system dont allow a second review of sorts or add something later but nvm

still with no sounds...well i can play with no sounds just for certain moments a little dissapointed a little not much
pretty much the tutorial of the game explains at begging explain a lot how the game works but there's a trick with spawn(not determine what enemy) if you have a unit that does 6 dmg or more and the enemy hero has 5hp depending of the distance no matter if the enemy hero has 10 points to use the teleport he wont spawn another unit same thing goes to you (even worse you always have only 10hero hp lol)

ppl complained about the farie in some tower well basicaly her power makes her soldiers imune to all kinds of dmg for 2 turns so use your power only after she used hers so you can have an easier time
Boss Battle:
there's a video on youtube (i'm not joking) aand he just beats every boss so you dont need to burn your brain i definitively watched the video just to spare my time
Sex cards:
use your power and defeat any enemy while your power its active it only have effect for 2 turns the turn casted and the next and if you get 4 enemy killed congratulations all 3 scenes unlocked
animations are still good just some characters have expression of robots no facial change
i think she's somewhat different in SnT II or i'm just seing things but i really noticed in SnT I she had Green eyes and in SnT II she has purple eyes just a little comment
there's a guide on youtube i know the rating below have the list but i will replace with mine :3

A Series of Tubes - Esurian Rebounder (Tank) - 50000 Souls
Calming the Spirits - Gorger Wildtamer - 10000 Souls
Clearing the Way - Gorger Rockboom - 10000 Souls
Cold-Cocked - Mechiza - Salvaged Gear
Crazy Eyes - Gorger Strongfist (Fighter) - 10000 Souls
Deadly Dance - Hive Blade (Fighter) - New Worshiper (Random Race)
Deep Rumbling - Gorger Stonewall - - 10000 Souls
Die, Maggots! - Illosa Screech (Mage) - Quality Runes
Down and Dirty - Gorger - 10000 Souls
Dream Eater - Phasmos Reaper <----------------------------------- Barkeep Adoration
End of Dreams - Phasmos Stalker (Scout) - Salvaged Runes
Garbage In, Garbage Out - Esurian Dissolver - 50000 Souls
Got Milk? - Bovos - Quality Gear
Green Jelly - Esurian Balmer (Healer) - 50000 Souls
Hecatomb's Curse - Mechiza HLR211 (Healer) - Salvaged Gear
Hit Me As Hard As You Can - Bovos Siegetank (Tank) <------------ Barkeep Adoration
Honey Pot - Hive Drone - New Worshiper (Random Race)
In the Thick of It - Bovos Bleeder - Quality Gear
Into the Woods - Hive Vanguard (Tank) - New Worshiper (Random Race)
Kill Them All - Phasmos Cleaver (Fighter) - Salvaged Runes
Mace in the Face - Bovos Crusher (Fighter) - Quality Gear
Mending the Nether - Phasmos Weaver - Salvaged Runes + Shavee Mission
Mind Your Manners - Hive Caller (Mage) - New Worshiper (Random Race)
Nimbly-Bimbly - Esurian - 50000 Souls
Pack Leader - Phasmos - Salvaged Runes
Pub Grub - Esurian Cutlerist <---------------------------------- Barkeep Adoration
Radioactive - Mechiza TNK002 (Tank) - Salvaged Gear
Reinforcement Needed - Phasmos Breaker - Salvaged Runes
Riders On the Storm - Bovos Stormer - Quality Gear
Road Rage - Hive Assassin (Scout) - New Worshiper (Random Race)
Run, Forrest, Run - Gorger Slasher - 10000 Souls
Shields Up! - Illosa Roar (Tank) - Quality Runes
Shoulder to Cry On - Illosa Chant (Healer) - Quality Runes
Slice and Dice - Esurian Acidedge (Fighter) - 50000 Souls
Suicide Squad - Mechiza MGE112 (Mage) - Salvaged Gear
Sweet Defeat - Hive Mender - New Worshiper (Random Race)
That Magic Touch - Illosa - Quality Runes
That's A Lot of Beef - Mechiza SCT653 (Scout) - Salvaged Gear
The Grinder - Mechiza FIT143 - Salvaged Gear
Tough Love - Bovos Herder (Healer) - Quality Gear
Vicious Cycle - Illosa Scream (Fighter) - Quality Runes
Watcher in the Woods - Illosa Whisper - Quality Runes
1 High Mystic 'Lucky'
Location: The Hive; Requirements: Gorgers only in squad
2 Master Ioshia
Location: Blind Gate; Requirements: Squad without equipment (No Runes, No Heroes, No Equipment)
3 Madam Protovol
Location: Shadefall; Requirements: Squad consisting of males only and all must be equipped with a water rune
Location: Waystation, Requirements: Only 3 Squad members
5 Chef
Location: Royal Gate; Requirements: 8-person squad, No Runes, No Heroes, No Magic
6 Bobakseuz
Location: Slumber Path; Requirements: Scouts only
7 Vintaba
Location: The Ear; Requirements: Only heroes in squad
- Secrets:
To get the last summon scene you have to assign a Phasmos Weaver to the ssion "Mending the Nether" it will trigger a battle , win it to unlock the scene. you will fight a large tentacle monster you might not see but he has max 50 hp

now i know its PRETTY long now but.. each colour is a role/attribute
Blue for tank Red for berserk Green for healer purple for Magician Yellow for Assassin/scout Grey/noGear/noRole/attribute

now... the only thing i have left to say is...BOVOS IS THE HARDEST EVEEEEEER i mean getting 4 of them captured while your power is in use and you have only 2 oportunities and they are:
last battle before entering the castle and the recruit of the last hero

well all i can say and i delayed this review for like 1 year cuz i'm laazy and... when is SnT III coming out D:?
(would later reform this review but will leave as it is good hunting players!)

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

I actually loved this game; its like chess but with porn. I also ran into the bug mentioned elsewhere on here about units moving into the same space.

If you're struggling in the beginning, this list should help:

Down and dirty,u,gorger
deep rumbling,b,gorger
Crazy eyes,r,gorger
"Run, forrest, run",y,gorger
calming the spirits,g,gorger
clearing the way,p,gorger
Honey Pot,u,drone
Into the woods,b,drone
Deadly Dance,r,drone
road rage,y,drone
Sweet Defeat,g,drone
mind your manners,p,drone
That Magic Touch,u,illosa
shields up,b,illosa
Viscious cycle,r,illosa
watcher in the woods,Y,illosa
shoulder to cry on,g,illosa
Die Maggots,p,illosa
nimbly bimbly,u,esurian
A series of tubes,b,esurian
slice and dice,r,esurian
Pub Grub,y,esurian
green jelly,g,esurian
garbage in garage out,p,esurian
the grinder,r,robot
Thats a lot of beef,y,robot
Hecatomb's curse,g,robot
suicide squad,p,robot
pack leader,u,phasmos
reinforcement needed,b,phasmos
kill them all,r,phasmos
end of dreams,y,phasmos
Mending the nether,g,phasmos
dream eater,p,phasmos
got milk,u,cow
hit me as hard as you can,b,cow
mace in the face,r,cow
in the thick of it,y,cow
tough love,g,cow
Riders on the storm,p,cow

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good game,but needs some work on being a bit faster

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

how win battle in starling tower?

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