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Strike Force Heroes 3

rated 3.88 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Multidirectional

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Sep 15, 2015 | 8:15 PM EDT

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Author Comments

The next installment in the award-winning series is here - welcome to Strike Force Heroes 3!

Bigger and better than ever before, Strike Force Heroes 3 brings the series to a new level with more content and faster gameplay. Shoot your way through dozens of missions and a variety of game modes as you build up your own custom squad - and if you're tough enough, challenge your friends to beat your team using the new "Squad Code".

More guns. More classes. More maps. More missions. Strike Force Heroes is back.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

-you need to grind to win (thats good in my book)
-have traits for unique gameplay
-the game is longer than any SFH series, so that i can enjoy it more
-the recruits have random clothes and faces, so its not boring like the other 2.

-at campaign, we're fighting random player teams, not globex
-sometimes the respawn timer bugged when i use ninjas (countdown broke like this 3,2,3,2)

challenge my Team
Level 11 - 16

training group (good for new recruits)
level 7 - 14 (2 engi and 1 medic, equipped with upgraded honey badgers)

thats it for me.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow! just WOW! i already played the first and second part. I know the story where someone betrayed the team and you have to kill him. I still remember it even tho it was 2 years ago, and as i was playing Raze 3, i suddenly saw this. And i was fascinated because i have a new game to finish! I hope you make more of this!


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Having played the previous titles, I was pretty disappointed with this installment.

While the first three missions were rather easy (since it's just you or you and and ally vs the same number of enemies), level, class, and even perks/flaws start weighing down on you. I had managed made it to mission 8 without a single loss (and only a replay of 1 mission). and thought to myself that I should probably level my recently recruited lv 1 juggernaut.

So upon revisiting mission 6, the first Capture the Flag mission, I found that I was at a frightful disadvantage against the enemy team, despite having lv 4s and 3s, plus the lv 1 jug. We lost 0-3. The enemy team spawned with a guy who one shotted us with a rocket launcher and had a laser sword. Really bad luck? I'd say so... that it until I revisited Mission 5, a 3 v 3 team deathmatch. Once again, the enemy team managed to spawn with a rocket launcher. We barely won at 25-23.

At this point, I had come to realize that rather than having bad luck, I was having extremely good luck to NOT fail the fist 8 missions the first time I did them. While the enemy team randomizes classes and weapons, you're stuck between a mechanic, a gunslinger, and if you got far enough, a juggernaut. In short, you have an assault rifle, dual pistols, and a elemental flame thrower of sorts. Now these weapons/classes would be fine if all your enemies could muster were similar weapons, but instead, you had dual sawn-off shotgun gunslingers, rocket launchers, and even snipers slaughtering you and your party in mere seconds, it's pretty much game over. At that point, I had to resort to being cheap and camping/staying just outside their aggro range to carry my team to victory.

It's already really hard to earn money in the game, so it's not really an option to swap out your arsenal when you're struggling to earn enough bucks to fill your roster. But to lock classes for your team BUT allow your enemy AIs to grab all and any? Well, it just ain't fun anymore. It's pretty much reminiscent of the horrible experience called seal clubbing in FPS games. To add insult to injury, you DON'T get XP for losing, no matter how many enemies you've murdered, so pretty much every game's a gamble unless you resort to beating up NPCs way too weak to be a threat. Who the heck wants to do that?

As many people pointed out, the previous titles actually had a story. They would read out dialogue as you were doing your mission and you were given a sense of purpose for the game mode encountered. Here, you will not find this. There's not even a lick of understanding as to your character's motivation for killing the opposition. Hell, pretty much every map looks like, with their tiny size and platform placement. For me, this series went from 6/5 stars to pretty much a 2.5. Was it awful? Well it could be much worse. But does it stand out as being particularly fun for its genre? Not really.

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

i was so hyped for this game but its just not good because it went back to the strike force heros 1 style

its customization was fucking shit since the characters are random
its a pain in the ass to get what i want
has only a tiny bit of story if not
the fights are just a bunch or random people (i do not even know if they are globex) running around shooting eachother
the bots having the good weapons when i am left with the shit weapons
the music is a bit boring
too many fucking classes
the limits on weapons is stupid
like some classes cant use a fucking smg
the maps are small
both sfh 2 and 3 i lost my progress for no fucking reason
the shop is useless

but i do like how i can have the sfh2 characters
i can have many characters
many weapons
sorry if i offend any of you people

sorry for this long ass review

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

ive been a huge fan of the SFH series for a long time, loved to play and replay it, SFH 1 used to be my favorite before it completely died, but this one...

lets talk about good things 1st, battles are faster wich i really like, enemies(apparently) can take more damage too wich makes you want to hit head-shots(unless you got a bazooka) overall recruitment system is interesting, not necessarily good but i like to get guys that are not the main characters, overall its a fun experience IF-

the bad side, most people play flash games because of the lack of pc potency to play real games, even tho is not my case as i can play some high end games BUT this one, no idea why, have heavy performance issues, sometimes fps going way too low or character getting stuck in a animation for few seconds, thats really bad, another thing is the gameplay itself, not saying that it is entirely garbage no no, gunplay is fun, but at least for me without any lore like this, it got boring fast, for those who dont know this game lore it is : you good guy, globex bad, kill kill kill. Thats it, another last but not least bad thing is the dificulty spyke, of course you can say "git gud noob" yeah yeah, it might be the case, but i just dont know how to properly (an example that i found in the game) play capture the flag on hard or higher when your team is completely trash, your bots doesnt seem to escalate levels like the enemy, so they all get butchered and unless your character is lvl 50+ with OP OHK weapons making it completely unfair for them, you stand no chance

3/5 game is fun, but wont live for too long because of its issues, could be a 5 star if the performance issue wasnt there, thats the biggest flaw

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