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Mar 2, 2015 | 4:53 PM EST

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Ok. So I have been beating ideas around about how I should actually approach presenting the webcomic and I may need some advice.
Clearly I chose a flash approach. (sorry I haven't bothered to put in a back button yet)
This was a lot of fun but also a lot of work. Mind you I want the series to be of this quality regardless.

It's just a matter of how to finish the product. Right now it's clearly in it's rough stages which was a long enough of a process on it's own.
I can't really see this in color or with beautiful clean line work. Any recommendations about rough comic approaches would really help me a ton!

Either way I hope you guys enjoy this vulgar piece of work!

Edit: And apparently it's bad enough to only warrant two stars. Right I'll make sure to never post process work again.



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Pretty good, about being short, first thing that came in mind was full metal alchemist - Edward Elric
how he flips off when he is called short...
A side from that, if your going for rough line work till the end, you might try experimenting with
lining the shadows the same way, which might replace coloring.
But I personally think you should go for some what smooth lines and add few colors, I don't even
think you need to use many, you could just go for few of them.
What I think could be an interesting idea is to make your characters in different colors like for
example main in red other background characters in blue , environment in gray and so on.
No idea how it would look, just tossing ideas.
About how you should present this comic, it is really tricky, as for what you should use for now,
flash is good, but as were you should put it in... this is not really a game so it's not really
appropriate for this section.
What I would recommend is, maybe you should get rid of the buttons and just go for a
comic - animation and then post in "movies" section.
Anyways, hope some of this made sense and helps you, but good job and
good luck with finishing you project.

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Antonus responds:

Gosh darnit. I Was worried about the short thing. I made it a character trait for him because I based the character around myself. It's more of a personal struggle (which is probably why I love Edward so much anyway, hah.) I don't want to remove it so I guess I'll just have to bear the burden from here on and accept that everyone will view it as a copycat. I'll live.

Anyway, thank you for the response! You pose a good point about putting the characters in different colors. it's a good idea to help break the background from the characters. and well....yeahhhh, clean up is just going to be necessary I've realized this it's a bit of a mess in this stage.

And don't worry about the presentation thing. I'll actually be paying for a host when i decide to launch the series so it won't be posted on newgrounds at all. I was even contemplating doing the story in Unity instead of flash because CS6 is terribly unstable.

Regardless, thank you for giving me helpful feedback! You made some good suggestions indeed!


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Rated 4 / 5 stars

i have been following your (not so finished) series since 2010 and i have seen a lot of changes, but it´s ok you always do what you can do, and i think that doing it in flash may be a great idea.

keep up the good work.
(sorry for my bad english, im form mexico XD)


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Old enough to..... XD Hillarious!!