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Ender Story: Chapter 1

rated 4.26 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

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Feb 2, 2015 | 12:53 PM EST

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Capitalist 5 Points Horde a total of 4000E at one time.
Devotion 5 Points Guide a priest through a major decision.
Illegal Trade 5 Points Help Sir Render deal with a unusual trader.
Loot Master 5 Points Raid 15 overworld objects for items.
Lore 5 Points Read ten books throughout the land.
Not So Super Mushrooms 5 Points Help an alchemist gather enough mushrooms for his experiments.
The Lost Wallet 5 Points Help an old man find his missing wallet.
The Mercenary 5 Points Recruit Krat, the Shadow Assassin, to your team.
To Anger A Gobling 5 Points Help a bounty hunter deal with his gobling problem.
Unstoppable Akayla 10 Points Achieve Lv7 with Akayla.
Unstoppable Erion 10 Points Achieve Lv7 with Erion.
Unstoppable Graden 10 Points Achieve Lv7 with Graden.
Unstoppable Krat 10 Points Achieve Lv7 with Krat.
Angel or Devil? 25 Points Complete all of the side quests by any means necessary.
Bestiary 25 Points Complete all of the bestiary entries.
The First Chapter 50 Points Clear the game.
Family Ties Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Author Comments

Erion is a guard at the border of his country of Ederra, so it weighs heavy on him when a group of men force their way past claiming that they have business with the King. He takes it upon himself to track these men down and put a stop to their "business" before any harm comes to Ederra.

There's only a couple of days between the castle and the outpost where Erion and his superior, Graden, are stationed. Make your way through the village of Hashire, fight your way through Darkhart Forest, reach the city of Shorik and maybe go one step even further into the depths of the castle.

Along the way, other people will need your help and you can choose whether they're worth your time or not. Will you help them like a good knight or will you cheat them to benefit your own goals? You decide.

UPDATE #8 - 21/10/2016

Big announcement post here:
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Rated 0 / 5 stars

game broken. unable to start a new game. just fades to black and makes the noise that you used for mouse click and plays the background menu music.

TheEnkian responds:

Try a different browser, maybe? I just checked it on Chrome for me and it works just fine.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It places a mental burden on me when I enter battles. Animations are too blocky, the interface kills me since there aren't health bars for enemies, and health for players is represented by x/y, the current health / total.

Sort of reminds me of Mardek RPG. This is inspired by it, right? The way Graden tells Erion the controls for the game is reminiscent of how Duegan tells Mardek the controls every chapter, and Krat is literally this game's Zach Ursus. Mardek's and Erion's element is both light, and even thier companion's element is earth. Lol.

TheEnkian responds:

The enemies won't have a health bar, but in Chapter 2 there's going to be a scan mechanic when you have a certain "scholar" character in the party so you can see enemy health when he's present. Possibly giving the player a bar too or at least colour coding the x/y to make it more obvious when you reach certain thresholds?

It was initially inspired by Mardek a bit, but the plot takes a very different turn and Chapter 2 will further show how different it is and that the characters are their own.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Yay... Played this game for a couple of times... Already completed all the Medals... ^_^ Can't wait for the chapter 2 though... Hopefully it'll come soon... Gamestyle reminds me of my good'ol ps1... Brings back memories. I love your game.... Thanks for this one..,

TheEnkian responds:

You are very welcome! Your comments mean a lot, honestly. I've not given a proper update in a while, but Chapter 2 is mostly done. It's just been slowed to a near halt over the past month or so due to mine and kyatohon's work and school schedules. It's definitely going to be released this year, but the date could fluctuate depending on our free time. Early summer is my estimate at this stage, but don't hold me to it in case something comes up, haha.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I like Chapter 1, but when will be out Chapter 2 because has passed 1 year.

TheEnkian responds:

Still being worked on, we swear!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I like this game, the game style reminds me of another game developer (not sure if it can be said). The storyline is interesting as well.

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