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Jinora's Playful Fuck

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Aug 22, 2014 | 11:49 PM EDT

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Author Comments

- Jinora and Kai sneak off from training to fuck, as they often do on nice days.

- Edit- 7/1/2015
Made some significant updates to the game.
-Small bits a of dialogue.
- Bug fixes.
- Ikki and Toph selectable.
- Hide the male body.
- Small graphical tweaks
- Cum multiple times with added mess.

Really it better reflects my original vision for this game now. -

This is a small looping sorta thingy that I've cobbled together over that pass few weeks or two, it would have been done sooner but whatever. Disclaimer: Yes, I did trace the art from another flash, and frankly I feel awful about it. It's from a game called Ayumi-chan no Natsuyasumi. At first all I was going to do was uncensor the flash, which I did but then I though about expanding upon it and this lead me here. I've want to do something with the Legend of Korra/The Last Airbender for a while now but simply never got right to it, let's just say this is only beginning and the next thing will be completely original art.

Because I did trace the art I decide to make the FLA open Source. But just the FLA, no .as files so you can't just recompile it sadly (I have to keep some trade secrets.)
Feel free to poke around, you might learn a thing or two and I challenge you make your own re-skin if you'd like.

you can download it here:



Rated 5 / 5 stars

do a new version with korra asami perhaps?


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

God game! :3


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Man... I fucking find this the BESTEST game of all TIME!!!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Excellent! - a little game (or set of animations, w some choice) entirely dedicated to the art of effective pounding! :D

Let's take the "problem" bit first. That age question many have expressed obvious unease about (and I wonder if this is the main reason why Jo has not developed this scene further (*) - discouraged a bit, maybe?). My view is that to "play with" famous not-especially-sexed figures from Toonland, games, TV, movies is an obvious thing to do: fun takes on fantasy, the kick recognition of familiar figures with an unfamiliar sex life. (Hentai has quite a bit to answer for, in terms of v young faces with implausibly well-endowed bodies - and erotic charges, to a greater or lesser extent.)

The figures in this game are obviously no kids - look at those organs and well-muscled shapely limbs! - even though Jinora (if it is indeed her, the girl in the game anyway) is a "babyface".

Personally, I am completely turned off by any combination of kids & sex, and I guess 99.999+% of any population are the same, though understandably the horrible < 0.001% dominate the news.

Personally, I had to google the two names (and found "Legend of Korra") to check the problem here (as I don't follow fashions in Toons and animations). I suppose the "moral" of it all might be not to link names to famous franchises, but just to have adults having sex?

Anyway, back to a review/appreciation ... I came to this from "Dicks from Green Planet", another of Jo's works, also outstanding in its odd way. I had noticed this Jinora's Playful Fuck on the NG game list, but didn't look further, as the organs were pixillated on the list view. Now, some would say life is too short for sex cybergames - but it's DEFINITELY too short for games featuring pixillated organs!

Thankfully, that's not the case - far from the case - in the game itself.

Things I like (a lot) in the game:

1) Pure pounding action - the camera angle is great, her legs wide and waiting. Fuller games can be massive too, but a different thing: this in its limited scale goes straight to the pound, and how.

2) Sexy artwork, juicy organs. I love her puckered pink lips (well observed!), her cheeky asshole, and the way her holes bulge apart on entry. Excellently done, not only by Kai (or whoever he is). The guy is well-endowed too - muscular ass, mighty cock and balls for the pumping. Not that I am an expert in cock&ball appreciation (happy with my own), but "not that I have anything against that". She certainly deserves the best she can get.

Oh, and smooth animation, much appreciated.

3) I like the dialogue, coy and then horny as it is. Could even be added to, perhaps: romantic and "romantic" fuck talk is always a nice little extra. (And it's not the sort of endless click-thru dialogue some story-length sex games suffer from.) I chuckled at the way (deliberately done I suppose) that prior to getting busy they both pretend to be virgins ("my first time!") and turn out in fact to be highly experienced fuckers ("best I've ever had!"). Words of love, and all that.

One thing on the dialogue: the speech bubbles and esp the dialogue FONT is odd, looks a bit "robotic" for two warm fucky creatures. Serif and pink might be more of a match for the action?

4) The little girl option-variation (clicking on the female sign on the left) is cute, even though for Korra purists, having three different colored sets of eyes might not all be Jinora? (Perhaps just as well - see above.) The green-eyed girl is my fave, with her jaunty colouredy cap and long hair in her face. Personally, for me the male variations (clicking on male sign) are not so important. Phantom asses and amputated dicks fucking for their life are not as jolly as girl-piledriving beef ... but that may just be me.

5) Thanks to Kun-Sin (reviewer) for the tip on making a continuing sperm flow into her. (If you didn't get it: basically, click on any number directly after clicking CUM and before he actually ejaculates). The flow of cum itself is a top-grade graphic feature of this little game.

3 suggestions to add to what is clearly a 5* effort:

1) A second guy? ;)

2) What would be great would be other scenes like this: at least the scene before it, the scene after it, on the same basis. *) - Continuing from asterisk above: Maybe Jo got put off by the unease expressed. Pity, because that pretend-virgin, Jinora or not, could definitely give a expert blowjob, come in for a lot of petting, and get up to a lot of thrills and spills, including trying to get clothes back on in an exhausted state. ... ;)

3) I wrote above about the age unease thing. Jo, if it worries you, just detach the sex from the original names and inspirations. Your characters are no kids: from their build and their behavior alike, they stand (and spread their legs, and fuck) perfectly well on their own, man! :D

Keep up your good work. More scenes of these two (and possibly a third) especially!

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Are you working in the red ball 4 hentai game yet?

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