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Jul 29, 2014 | 9:47 PM EDT

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Entrenched in a battle of attrition taking place in a blood slide, your nanomek is destined to lose.

Absorb like-colored ammo to fire against the enemy's weakness. But the ammo is your life, so be thrifty.

WASD = move
Space = mode
Left Click = fire

This is my first Flash game, so I hope the discerning Newgrounds community goes easy on it. Have fun.

-Mike @



Rated 1 / 5 stars

This game has alot of potential, you could add a scoreboard, or maybe explain the game in words people can understand, people shouldn't have to look in the description for the translation of what's written in the notes.
"The shield is the sword is the shield". This could use some context as it seems like a massive typo when read for the first time.
I couldn't seem to replenish my blue ammo because nothing was fireing it at me, so maybe up the fire rate, or make enemies drop it or something.
It is nice to see wasd being used.
A game with no end attracts a limited audience, so maybe badges would attract more people.

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mikey39800 responds:

Thanks yellowkeen. All excellent feedback. We can both agree I'm not a "mass appeal" kind of guy, but I consider my initial exploration of Flash's limits (particularly collision checks) accomplished. In the near future, I was planning to revisit the project and add varying backgrounds, difficulties, optional sound themes, and maybe palette swap choices.

I truly considered a scoreboard to make gameplay competitive and mean something (even just a local score isn't off the table) but I use sites like Newgrounds to kill time or blitz through new titles like tissues, so I wasn't ever sure of the attractiveness of that option to like-minded players.

In the absence of these mentioned options, enemy spawn and shoot rate are randomized to provide a varying challenge each playthrough. All hell breaks loose past the 5 minute marker, so the player might have an overabundance of both Rax and blue bullets at that point.

I highly appreciate your feedback and am grateful for your suggestions. Seriously.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

I dont get it i run out of ammo then what?

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mikey39800 responds:

In-game notes hint at the premise, but I've updated Author Comments to include direct instructions. Thanks for pointing this out.