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Papa's Donuteria

rated 3.91 / 5 stars
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Simulation - Job

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Jun 30, 2014 | 4:16 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place July 1, 2014

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Head to Papa's new restaurant in the Powder Point amusement park, where you'll serve stacks of delicious donuts! Choose the correct dough and donut shape, fry the donuts, add icing and fillings, and finish them off with sprinkles and drizzles before boxing them up for your favorite customers. Unlock new holiday shapes and ingredients as you play throughout the year, waiting for the Sky Ninja roller coaster to re-open in the summer!



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Awesome game, only one thing that I don't like, and it's a very very small thing. Is there really no way to change you facial hair color? I can't really change the color to anything other than light brown if I want my hair to match my beard.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

These games are always fun. I find this one a bit harder than the others, though.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I love the papa louie games and this one is no different, really fun!!! When will see a Papa's BBQ?

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty good but I kept having this error where my cursor would disappear and never come back. Really frustrating to try and play by guesstimation lol.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

An excellent addition to a series I adore.

First off, I gotta say, the Papa's Restaurant series is by far one of my most favorite flash game series I've personally played. There's something so satisfying about making lovely, wonderful food, and having such a large and ever-growing amount of options to chose from is so fantastic.

This one, I have to say, is quite a fun little addition to the series! It's probably the easiest out of the bunch, but that just makes it a fantastic stepping stone for new players, and a nice bit of a break for veteran ones. While it's still a challenge to get an overall perfect day, it's not hard to get builds of 99 and everything else of 100; which makes it a very satisfying end to a day.

The customization I know isn't new to this game, but it really is a welcome addition regardless. Making your own chef and server helps to add such personality; for example, in my game, I made mine and a friend's OCs and had fun composing a story as to why they were working there. It was great fun, even if it's not the best customization in the world.

Everything is colorful and wonderful, helping to make the food look vibrant and tantalizing. The sheer amount of variety and options is fantastic, making you wonder with each holiday what you'll unlock next and what new combos will be formed with each new addition.

The minigames are a nice break from the main game, each having their own difficulty and style to them. They each run rather well for their simple nature, and the various tiers of prizes helps to keep interest in playing them for longer.

However, like with anything, there are quite a few flaws that could be addressed, or stuff that could use improvement.

For one, the music is some of the blandest stuff I've heard in a while. I guess in a way it serves a purpose of feeling repetitive to go with the actions, but honestly it's so boring that I just end up muting it as I get sick of the repeats. The sound effects I guess are alright, at this point they're a little old but I guess it's hard to exactly change them. One thing that always bugged me about it is they always sounded a little muffled, or with the sauce ones they sound like a mouth making a noise and not actually a canister releasing content. But I can make due with that, like I said, that is rather hard to improve.

Second off, I think the character customization could do with some work. For example, the pose and height options are literally just moving the head a little around the neck, or making the neck longer or shorter. It doesn't really give a good feeling of height or posture, just more like "Well, I move this now." Second, while there are quite a good amount of hair and beard styles, more would always be good; at least some new ones for the new game and future installments, right? Third, the beard really needs to have a choice of being the same color as the hair, and not just being a default brown; it looks quite jarring when trying to make dark haired characters with it. Although keep it as an option to have it a different color from normal hair; it's quite nice to make it appear dyed! Different hair colors would also be wonderful, maybe a color selector of sorts and not just a set few?

Some more eye options/make-up would be wonderful, and with mouths I think that's quite fine. Maybe some more skin options, such as darker tones, freckles, pimples, or little stuff like that would be cool. Some more extra options at the beginning and not just glasses could also help make some interesting characters!

Also, for the clothes stuff, I know that pretty much they're all the same for whichever gender you choose, with the only difference being whether they wear pants or a skirt, but it would be fantastic to have less gender restrictions with the clothes as well! Male characters wearing skirts and more feminine looking clothes, females with the option for pants and more masculine stuff. Even if you don't see your character a lot, it would be nice to add that level of customization to it.

Another thing I would love would be if there was a non-binary option, and that option let you decide with body you could have while still being its own unique option. Just a little something to help be more inclusive, right? Trans options could also be quite cool, if done carefully. Even if it's not much of a cosmetic change, it would be nice to just choose that option for once.

Even more in the customization things is stuff like the restaurant design. While it is quite fun to change the design every so often to accommodate for the holidays, having to constantly change due to "freshness" can make it quite tedious for stuff like the posters, which you tend to use for bonuses and don't really do much variety with. Having at least the posters have no freshness value would be quite nice, so we wouldn't have to change it all the time and spend a good few minutes just putting back all the stuff we took down a day ago.

Third off, having the customers have random orders would really help to liven up the gameplay. Sure, I can get if they have a favorite order that they have a better chance of ordering more of, or some are biased to said order, but adding the randomness to the game would help to keep the game more lively and interesting. Plus, it could be interesting to think of some character quirks! Like perhaps Iggy is allergic to peanuts, so she never orders them, or Big Paul likes to have a lot of stuff on his order! Just something for the future, maybe.

Fourth of all, I really think there should be a create-your-own mode, one that lets you experiment with toppings, designs, appearances; all of that good stuff. Sure, you could just give a person a bad order, but I'm the type of person who'd rather do it as perfectly as possible. So having the option to faff about and make your own creations would be quite fun!

Fifth, while the holidays are quite nice, they don't exactly help to keep the game running after you've first experience them. My idea is to maybe add cutscenes much like the beginning and end has of various events and holidays, to help add character and give more personality. After all, there's a lot of characters you can play with, so there's a lot of possibility for shenanigans and hijinks!

Not only that, but maybe having special options that aren't necessarily holiday limited would add intrigue! At random points of the game, you unlock a temporary addition much like a holiday one, with the difference being they maybe last longer and there's so many different options that you never know what you'll get next, or if you'll even get the same random option again! That could add to replayability to see just what all the game has hidden.

A bit of gameplay stuff I don't understand is the bonuses that some items give. They say stuff like gives bonuses for certain items used, but I honestly don't see a bonus in them. You always get the same points, the tips seem to depend more on tier level of the customers over whether they had a matching ingredient; it just makes me confused as to what it actually does then. Perhaps something in game explaining it would do well.

Another bit would be the waiting area with the server. While it's quite nice to have two characters, it does feel quite pointless. Unless there's some hidden reason for it, like it makes wait times better or something, it feels rather tact on. Perhaps more people could also order while at the booths, making it so you have to make a combo of orders and group them together. That would certainly add challenge and variety!

While the minigames are a nice break from the main game for a while, they do suffer a bit from monotony once you do get all the bronze prizes. Getting repeats of the same prize except for at the very end sorta makes it lose appeal, and once you do win all the prizes in each tier you have no incentive to play them anymore. Maybe adding more tiers, like platinum and diamond, with each one giving a different prize would help to add interest in playing the games. And once all prizes are reached, you could play for a money amount instead, with the grand prize being a large amount to buy stuff with!

Another neat thing to maybe add in would be challenges or missions of sorts. Perhaps special people come in ordering a larger than usual order, or maybe there's a birthday party or an eating competition. Just silly little events that could help with the gameplay, to give interest to continue playing even once the goal is reached!

One thing I don't really like is how you have to pause the game to access stuff like badges and customer information. I'd rather see that stuff during the before-play screen, so I could check on them before I start and not have to interrupt myself to see what else needs to be done. It's a minor thing in comparison, but that little change could be a whole world of differences!

A personal choice I didn't really like was the use of the Derps as an off-brand Nerds. Especially with how the bottle uses a caricature of a mentally challenged person, that honestly seems quite distasteful. There are plenty of other options to go with, such as Dorks or Geeks, Dweebs or Noobs. Just something other than, well... something that feels like a jab at mentally disabled people.

Despite all of these things I pointed out, I still find this game to be greatly enjoyable, and I've gotten quite far even after the repair of the rollercoaster! It's fun trying to get customers to the max tier, it's satisfying to make a good order, and the designs help make it so much more appealing to continue. With little tweaks and fixes, this game series can go even farther, and it makes me excited to see the possibilities of the future.

With that, I look forward to seeing more of you guy's works, and how this series plays out!

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