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Jun 28, 2014 | 7:35 AM EDT

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Devianart (if you miss the intro of the game go also here):

--PewDuckPie - Unfair Journey, a game for skilled people--


Move and jump with the key arrows...
If it lags right click the screen and put the quality on medium or low!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars 5 days ago

Yo dude what have you done to the game? The music is different on the first level and the chase from the red head guy has been made easier?

The big problem though is the ghost thing on level 3. Everytime I collect exactly 5 bananas no more of them appear so I'm stuck and can't continue past this point.

This never happened before when I completed Pewduckpie before so what gives?

By the way cool game man I love showing others how shit they are at gaming when I complete it and show them how it should be done. Games like this seperate the strong and the weak in our species.

zoyer responds:

I had to change the music since it's copyrighted, sorry about that, can try to make a similar sound to it, will see if i can :) Felt i had to make the red head guy easier since everyone wants to suicide at that part.

You sure no more appears? I just played it through and i could collect everyone of them. try to restart that level again.

Thanks :) haha yes exactly, it's a perfect test ;)


Rated 5 / 5 stars 6 days ago

it loaded on my slow laptop lol


Rated 0 / 5 stars 11 days ago

I can't do this b/c every time I jump one time it wont stop jumping. or when I jump it keeps going to the right and jumping and I wouldn't even be touching my keyboard. and I was excited to play this too . smh


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars 12 days ago

Overall this just seems like a more frustrating version of PewDiePie Adventures, only you can't play as Stephano or Piggy, and you have no abilities.

Since you've taken down the old version of this game, I'll just paste my old review right here:

Damn, how did you get Pewds to play this on the day it came out?

Well, it appears that the two of us have something in common in that we've both made very difficult PewDiePie-themed Flash platformers.

As someone familiar who played Eggy's original Unfair Platformer before the rage genre exploded, and as a regular on Platform Racing, I figure I'm probably immune to a lot of the dificulty in this game. Even so, I still found the traffic light in the first level to be unpassable.

First off, I really like the graphics. They're goofy and colorful, although the ground is rather redundant and the background remains constant rather than panning over gradually. The intro is really well-done, although I think the animation could have been a bit better than Pewds' legs simply rotating back and forth. The music is also redundant but I really like it, especially the change when you enter the cloud chase scene.

Onto the gameplay, watching Pewds play this game gave me a prelude to its difficulty. I actually made it to the traffic light on my first try, believe it or not. The physics are a little clunky, seeing as the player character is fairly slow. The enemies are total bullshit even though I was able to outsmart them 90% of the time. The wonky physics are actually a greater cause for concern than the 'surprise!' deaths that most rage games are known for, which I think is interesting and also makes the game much more fair once you get used to it. The few gimmicks I did notice, such as the 'infinite' hallway, were clever.

The cloud chase is also interesting. The platform engine you're using makes it very hit and miss. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's hard. I've tried to figure out how to outsmart the traffic light and I've noticed a few things:
- The cloud vanishes just before the creature bits away the floor. This should give the player time to jump to the left, but I've also noticed it become out of sync with the dinosaur attacking BEFORE the cloud vanishes.
- In one playthrough, I noticed a little gray pattern replace one of the pieces of the floor right next to the cloud before it begins chasing you. I haven't gotten this phenomena to occur again, but I assume it may be a shortcut?

Had this game a bit more clear instruction, I'm sure I would be able to review more than just the first level. As-is, the trick to beating the first level is simply too ambiguous, and I think I've given a more than fair review of an unfair game.

Now that that's out of the way, I do want to congratulate you on the new intro, which looks nice as hell, though it is a little on the long side. I also figured out the trick to the traffic light but honestly it's probably close to 90 degrees in my room right now and it's making me too agitated to sit through enough of the game to beat it again.

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zoyer responds:

That was a really nice and mature review. The best and most fair review i've got so far on my game. I have no idea how I managed to get Felix to play this game so fast. I had luck i guess and i think his fabulous dress made him want to play it a bit more :D

This was actually the first version i uploaded but i took it down because i wanted to change the title of the game. Then when i had uploaded the new version I saw that pewdiepie actually had played my game and had linked to my old game so noone could actually press and enter the game themselves so I deleted the new version and saw i could take back the old one so i did. So that's the story behind that :)

The traffic light is actually really simple, you just have to do exactly what the shroom-guy says. You have to wait for the circle of the traffic light to turn green and not jump when the text comes up and tells you to jump, you always have to remember, it's an unfair game :) The horse that appears if you jump before or do not jump at all, it has nothing to do with the bricks that dissapears under you. The cloud dissapears automaticly, just go to the very right and it will dissapear, the horse only shows up if you jump before the light turns green or if you decide to not jump at all. But if you jump when the light turns green, then the floor will dissapear.

I realised when the game had been out for a while that i should have made the first level easier, at least i know it now so won't do the same mistake again. The game was super unfair before it got realeased completely but i had some testers so they could help me out so it wouldn't be that unfair and impossible. Thanks for the review and everything :)


Rated 5 / 5 stars 13 days ago

omg i almost beated it and i accidently pressed f4+alt >:( RAGE QUIT