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Jun 22, 2014 | 1:53 PM EDT

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This is a sci-fi Tower Defense game, but it has a new feature that make it not the same as other Tower Defense game. The player can setup the Tower AI behaviour in a very detail way. Using up to 6 AI condition/action slot, which can combine with each other like 'AND', 'OR', the player can utilize each tower strong point, while limit their weak point.

Change logs:
- New tutorial method
- Add score system
- You can get upgrade point by completing mission
- Several buff/nerf to tower



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Kudos!I spent quite a few hours enjoying your game!

I liked your take on the game mechanics. You invite players to think and improvise on the fly throughout each level. The way you thought everything out with programmable turrets, multiple firing modes and varied enemy types adds a rich new layer to the tower defense gameplay.

On my first go i played through to the "Data Core" level and got stuck (and i'm still stuck there at the moment:). It was only after looking through the comments for tips that i saw that the game actually had upgrades.
When i went to back to the level, with my newly upgraded guns, i was kind of disappointed. I was expecting slightly stronger buffs (considering the overall difficulty) and a bit more points to spend since cheap turrets are useless in later stages.
I do understand that the game is supposed to go on social media (it has a shop with real money), i keep that in mind while making these next suggestions:

1. The most important thing would be: add more info on upgrades in the game.
- a short upgrade tutorial
- adding mentions or links to upgrades in tool tips.
- you can add the available/owned upgrades for each turret type in their setup menu.

2. If you finish a level with a perfect score, you should be rewarded with 1 (or more) extra upgrade point\s. (Since grinding is a part of the game, you should get something for it!).

3. (Maybe) Gain more upgrade points throughout the game but give more levels to the upgrades themselves. Each upgrade could have 3 tiers and the effects would get stronger the more points you spend.

That's about it for suggestions, i reckon anything more would hurt the monetization model you're going for.
Hope you find this helpful!



Rated 0 / 5 stars

Honestly, something that can make or break a game for me is the speech of narration, this is one of those cases that broke this game for me. This game has a great concept but the lack of intelligent grammar and exceedingly dull commentary made for a poor experience. Please, invest in an English lesson...

BabyRaptor responds:

Luckily, only you are so hateful. You must be an American, who think their country is the center of the world, I bet. Not everyone is an native English speaker and not everyone have the condition to learn English properly. If the game made by an entire studio, well, maybe, but this game is made by only me, one person, only one, so "English"? nah, I don't fucking care. I don't want to deliver a literature product, I want to deliver a game to other people. At least the version in my mother language is perfect though. Lol.

Haters gonna hate anyway.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

wow, its so good i didnt realize how addicted i got. ran a bit slow but overall great game.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

For sure a nice, unique and different touch for a tower defence game. Just really difficult in the later stages. I have no clue how to beat the 'Data core' level. 5-6 waves is the max I beat.

Would be much better if you would also get the invested money back when you restart a wave instead of starting the wave again with the in the previous atempt bought towers.

And suggestions for the 'Data core' level are welcome.

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BabyRaptor responds:

Hey, the tower you've just built on the wave which you retry to (the tower with yellow square around it), can be sold for 100% price. If a combination doesn't work, just retry wave and sell those newly built tower for full price and try other combination. Just remember, tower with yellow square around it can be sold for full price, because they are new, and counted as "not used yet -> not a second hand tower".

*** SPOILER ***
On data core level, the enemies are mainly heavy armoured. There is a choke point which two path will merge into one, place several cannon around that choke point to utilize the splash damage. At later wave, place a Wave Emitter and set to Special Attack to slow all of the enemies down. Add several Gauss Cannon and set them focus fire on the Corvette. If no Corvette, then Fire at will.

You should reset your upgrade and invest on Shrapnel of the Cannon, which cause splash damage to also have some armour penetration. Remember, you can reset and redistribute upgrade point anytime you want to. There is no restriction.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is a very clever concept to make your game different than any other tower defense game out there. I find it more and more interesting at later level, because the enemies apply so many different tactics against my defense.

For example:
- Small ship which boost speed or shield, or cloak nearby ship, especially when come in numbers, they make my turrets seems hopeless if I don't build a missile launcher and set to special attack.
- Big ship that force your turret to attack it, but take only little damage as its armor is so thick.
- Ship that render your turret useless, or reduce range of your turret, or block all "projectile-base" attack on it...

Although, I'll put a 4.5 star, because the game have no music, and the AI setup is easy to abuse same and same way at later stage. Most common AI setup I've use to win the game in the later stage of the game is to build Gauss Cannon and prioritize on enemy's key target (Frigate), while the Wave Emitter and Sprayer clean out the small ones. (Place them together, set the Wave Emitter to special attack upon fast enemy, and normal attack upon slow enemy). Place the laser last in the formation to pick up enemy stray unit that can get through my defense. But still, it's very difficult, and make me press the "Retry Wave" over and over again to get the perfect score.

Keep it up, it's a nice idea, but create a more interesting story line. I don't even bother reading the mission description or the in-game dialogue. Hope to see your sequel with more AI combination available and more enemy's ability to challenge player's defense.

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BabyRaptor responds:

Thanks a lot. I often see my friend who play this game, build a Gauss Cannon and set it to Disintegration mode, after that, setup all other turrets to focus fire on the Disintegrated enemy. This way, a single enemy will be brought down very quickly. Besure to add some splash damage turrets also to deal with the large number of small fighters.