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Apr 30, 2014 | 2:18 AM EDT

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Controls: WASD or arrow keys or mouse + left button to move
Space to shoot
R or Enter to reload
G to throw a Molotow Cocktail

Road of Raate is located at Suomussalmi, Finland.
At the beginning of 1940, there was a battle between Finland and Red Army.
The battle at Road of Raate is known as one of the legendary battles at Winter War.

Lead your team and destroy all Red Army tanks in the Haukila motti area using Molotov Cocktails.

It's cold and snowy out there, get things done quickly to save lives!

For more information about the battle, please visit Wikipedia at

Game is created using Scirra's Construct 2



Rated 3 / 5 stars

It is a rare chance to see Winter War as a topic of a game, although it makes an excellent setting. I'm glad you made and published this one. I quite enjoyed the gameplay, but you should definitely think about making a new, better version, something like the Endless War series focused on the Talvisota only. Here are my suggestions:

1) Add some basic commands for your team. As it is now, they just wander aimlessly around the map and get killed pretty easily (why don't you check Endless War 3? There's a Finnish campaign there).
2) It would be nice to have a small choice of weapons, with images and decription (if I'm using a Suomi SMG, I'd like to see it!).
3) Why don't you consider adding a more elaborate mission briefing, with more historical information and maybe a few nice old photographs. This would add to the flavor.

Anyway, you did a great job here. One detail I really appreciate: the Molotov cocktails work like they are supposed to, there's no instant kill (unlike most other games where you can use them), but you actually have to hit the enemy tank and then wait a few seconds until the burning liquid destroys it. I know it's just a minor feature, but I really like it.

Waiting to see your new game soon!

androidtimo responds:

Thank you Heinz for your constructive feedback - I don't get that often:)

I'll check the Endless War game later, thanks for the tip!

1. I've plans to set some commands for the team members like wait, cover, watch sectors. The AI is just basic now. And when the main player dies, user could control the next alive team member.

2. Due the historical backgrounds of the Raate event, I'm pretty selective about the weapons included - they need to exist at the battle. There are more levels coming, based on what happened there in the Raate battle, but I can't tell you any release date due the reason this is just a hobby for me:)

3. That's a really good idea, there cold be some info popups coming up when user touches the enemy tank for example.

There are loads of tiny details, some of them took loads of time (like tank explosion) but coding the game was really good fun and addictive:)
In the first place, the Molotov Cocktails were supposed to throw from the back of the tank, to the tank air cooler but I found it too complex for the users:/

Thanks again,



ps: Pls drop me a message, if you would like to beta test the new version coming up hopefully later this year.
I'm actually targeting mobile phones, so the game is a bit different in iOS and Android

Update: 22thMay2014
I surely was planning to add Suomi SMG for a short distance, but did not found sound effect for it. The current gun has 72 bullets like real Suomi SMG, but due the reason of current Sten MK III sound effect, it's not a same:(
And at the next level I'm planning, there is an automatic fire enabled.
Also rifle for long distance shooting should be there with aiming feature, but we'll see that later:)


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I liked the game play but it is way too short and easy.

androidtimo responds:


There might be more levels and difficulty level selection coming up later this year. Some people have told it's too difficult!