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Apr 7, 2014 | 3:44 PM EDT

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100 5 Points Look at ionrayner's once front paged art "The 100".
Beminfire, Gone! 5 Points Look at all of Beminfire's paintings.
Beminwater, Gone! 5 Points Look at all of Beminwater's paintings.
Bemusic 5 Points Listen to Beminfire's music by pressing B.
Butterfly 5 Points Look at DetectiveMAY's butterfly painting.
Cyberdevil, Gone! 5 Points Look at all of Cyberdevil's paintings.
Da Butterfly is Derping 5 Points :3
Distant Planet 5 Points Look at Beminwater's planet art.
He has LOST! 5 Points Look at Bemin when he's defeated.
Ice Cube 5 Points Look at Beminwater's ice cube painting.
Knight of Night 5 Points Look at TheCrimsonScythe's Hunter of the Night art.
Little Red Ri- wait wut 5 Points THATS NOT LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD! THAT'S... UM... LITTLE.. Red... riding hood.
Look! The Prince! 5 Points Look at Radaketor's frog painting.
Master of ice 5 Points Look at Beminwater's Beminice painting.
Nom Nom NOM!!! 5 Points Look at Denisowator's cannibal Bemin painting.
Poorly Drawn 5 Points Look at the old Bemin drawing.
Simple Bot 5 Points Look at Cyberdevil's robot painting.
Snakes n Stuff 5 Points Look at Cyberdevil's snake painting.
Snowball 5 Points Look at Cyberdevil's snowball painting.
Style YEAH! 5 Points Look at Cyberdevil's style guy painting.
That Guy 5 Points Look at the Bemin art.
The Dark Devil 5 Points Look at Dark Bemin.
WHO MADE THIS!?!?!? 5 Points Look at the credits.

Author Comments

I'd be nice if you contribute!
Users that contributed:
Cyberdevil - he's popular for some reason
DetectiveMAY - artist
ionrayner - artist
denisowator - creator of awesome medals games
radaketor - random guy that happened to submit his frog
TheCrimsonScythe - artist
megacharlie159 - creator of Stretchy-Man
beminwater - my bro (like my real life brother!)

(Note that when the music stops you have to press the key again)
Play some of Beminfire's tunes with the B key.

(It would also be nice if you made a better icon!)

Contribution Limitations and Tips:
-Art size should be 700x700 to 1000x1000
-Limit of 4 arts per user (I made 4 arts... that's fair!)

Contribution Bonuses:
-Your art is displayed in the game!
-One medal for each of your art (Logo for the medal is the art, then the points amount is 5 points, so when someone looks at the art in the gallery, they get the medal)
- If you make 3 arts for the gallery, I make an extra medal for the game called "USERNAME, Gone!". You get it when someone looks at all of your arts. It's worth 5 points and the logo for it is made by me.

-PM with download link
-PM with link to Newgrounds page
-(think of more ways? tell me!)

Soon to be added:
-Press space bar for the menu!


(tell me if you find any!)



Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm gonna rate it nicely because of two reasons, awesome art, and epic music, the art is better than mine (i cant even draw a good circle), and the music sounds like it could be in a fighting games intro, over all, amazing artwork. Have a great day. Stay brilliant.

BeminFire responds:

Thanks, and most of the art is by other people BTW, if you didn't know that :)


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice art, heh... They amaze me so far. Like they say: It is so bad that it is good.


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

This is not a game at all. :/ You press space to unlock each medal. To be honest, the arts ain't great.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

omg, my favourite game, because i get medals


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Just another medal making machine, but still amazing artwork.