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Apr 1, 2014 | 1:52 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature April 2, 2014

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Into The Darkness 5 Points Survive the first encounter.
The Green Death 5 Points Survive the second encounter.
Blind survivalist 10 Points Cut down 20 enemies in 180 survival mode.
Cackles In The Dark 10 Points Survive the third encounter.
The Wilds, They Hunger 10 Points Survive the fourth encounter.
Death From Above 25 Points Survive the fifth encounter.
Many Blades, Many Bodies 25 Points Survive the sixth encounter.
One Man Army 25 Points Survive the eighth encounter.
The Lethal Swordsman 25 Points Cut down 100 enemies in 180 survival mode.
Trichotomy Of Horror 25 Points Survive the seventh encounter.
A Worthy Opponent 50 Points Survive the ninth encounter.
Death Has A Sword 50 Points Cut down 250 enemies in 180 survival mode.
Your Eyes Are Open 50 Points Complete the story mode.
Don't Need Eyes 100 Points Cut down 100 enemies in 360 degrees survival mode.
Eternal Darkness 100 Points Complete the 360 degrees story mode.

Author Comments

- Fixed the fireball's volume
- Added warlock laugh in his intro
- Fixed inverted hints
- Fixed cannot save annoying message
- Fixed horsemen behavior
- Added death hints about how to play and how you died.
- Reworked Warlock battle
- Allow restarting as soon as dead
- Added more skipable things with spacebar
- Fixed audio issues and added slower horse sound when he's circling you.
- Fix some cinematics issues
- Fix various bugs
- Show current score after survival mode
- Implemented medals
- Unlocked survival mode by default
- Changed preloader
- Allowed skipping story intros with spacebar
- Added "360 mode unlocked" notice about headphones.

v1.1: Highscore system and fixes on all up to the archers,
v1.02: Fixed level 3 with the dagger bitch.
v1.01 : Fixed the white screen in the preloader.

*Best played with headphones turned up loud.*

A brand new game we've been working on for a while now!
You're the blind swordsman and you're on a quest to get your sight back! Fight countless enemies and find new skills you never thought you had!



Rated 5 / 5 stars 9 days ago

I realy like the concept of hearing being my only "seeing", very well done game.

Evil-Dog responds:



Rated 5 / 5 stars 2 weeks ago

Fantastic concept! I've been wondering how could someone make a video game a blind person could actually play, never mind enjoy... You've nailed it! Congrats to the team, voice acting is excellent as well. :-)


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars 2 weeks ago

How many fucking soldiers are there in the god damm Army part? ffs keep it balanced


Rated 5 / 5 stars 3 weeks ago

Genius! Pure, unadulterated genius!

I never thought I'd be playing a game where I would be seeing with my ears, but life is full of surprises. This game is incredibly original and is executed wonderfully - just like my opponents. The sound was masterfully crafted (I was never hit from the side when the foe sounded in front of me) and every mistake was "Oh, I screwed up" instead of "this game just cheated."

We need a sequel!

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars 1 month ago

I was about to rage quit after failing the first kill 20 times, but finally after reading some reviews, I realized I was kind of getting it wrong. I totally thought the gaming platform (of which you can't see but exists) was 2D, meaning when you turn left your character turns completely 90 degrees northwest and stays locked in that direction, and if you turn right it turns completely 90 degrees northeast. Which is kind of why I was confused. I think the gaming platform is actually like this:

Think of a circle. The blind swordsman is at the centre of the circle. your enemies are placed on the circumference, constantly moving around you. When you turn left or right, you guessed it, you turn in degrees. The point is when they attack, usually as you hear a battle cry, you need to be facing them, or aligned with the direction they're coming from. How to know this? You turn your character until your enemy's voice is coming "at" you, not louder in your left ear or your right ear, but about an equal volume in both. Simply put make sure the sound is centred. Then attack or parry right before they draw their weapons or whatever it is that tells you it's your action time.

The story and atmosphere is captivating, and the music is totally in sync, graphics are pretty good too, so this is a nice game except for the gameplay which is not "nice" but will challenge the player. However there are no instructions before the first level given by the game so the player has to figure out even the "gaming platform" by themselves, making the player more handicapped than a blind swordsman who at least knows the physics of his universe and can feel the wind dashing at him from his enemies.

I am really interested in this game right now and I hope there is more games like this coming on, but what this game needs is a tutorial or a visual stimuli right before we are driven to the blind's POV so the player at least knows the basic rules of what they need to do without having to fumble around (on the other hand it can also provide extra joy after "getting it" but I would strongly suggest a tutorial first). The moves seem pretty limited also but I'm not much bothered on that because cutscenes are awesome enough to fill in the need for flash. Other than that I have nothing more to say but props to you sir for being innovative.

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