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The Blind Swordsman

rated 3.80 / 5 stars
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Apr 1, 2014 | 1:52 PM EDT

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Into The Darkness 5 Points Survive the first encounter.
The Green Death 5 Points Survive the second encounter.
Blind survivalist 10 Points Cut down 20 enemies in 180 survival mode.
Cackles In The Dark 10 Points Survive the third encounter.
The Wilds, They Hunger 10 Points Survive the fourth encounter.
Death From Above 25 Points Survive the fifth encounter.
Many Blades, Many Bodies 25 Points Survive the sixth encounter.
One Man Army 25 Points Survive the eighth encounter.
The Lethal Swordsman 25 Points Cut down 100 enemies in 180 survival mode.
Trichotomy Of Horror 25 Points Survive the seventh encounter.
A Worthy Opponent 50 Points Survive the ninth encounter.
Death Has A Sword 50 Points Cut down 250 enemies in 180 survival mode.
Your Eyes Are Open 50 Points Complete the story mode.
Don't Need Eyes 100 Points Cut down 100 enemies in 360 degrees survival mode.
Eternal Darkness 100 Points Complete the 360 degrees story mode.

Author Comments

- Fixed the fireball's volume
- Added warlock laugh in his intro
- Fixed inverted hints
- Fixed cannot save annoying message
- Fixed horsemen behavior
- Added death hints about how to play and how you died.
- Reworked Warlock battle
- Allow restarting as soon as dead
- Added more skipable things with spacebar
- Fixed audio issues and added slower horse sound when he's circling you.
- Fix some cinematics issues
- Fix various bugs
- Show current score after survival mode
- Implemented medals
- Unlocked survival mode by default
- Changed preloader
- Allowed skipping story intros with spacebar
- Added "360 mode unlocked" notice about headphones.

v1.1: Highscore system and fixes on all up to the archers,
v1.02: Fixed level 3 with the dagger bitch.
v1.01 : Fixed the white screen in the preloader.

*Best played with headphones turned up loud.*

A brand new game we've been working on for a while now!
You're the blind swordsman and you're on a quest to get your sight back! Fight countless enemies and find new skills you never thought you had!



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty good creator game has a few bugs but not bad overall


Rated 5 / 5 stars

hey creator great game but i found a glitch/bug the game crashes/makes flash/the animation crashs idk which specically after a few hundred kills/ a certain number of kills i know because at about 193 something kills it crashed/ started getting veryu slow at this point but didn't entirely crash and i was able to get the scoreboard in survival and keep playing just fine but above that at idk which point but i was going for the 250 kills medal in 180 survival and it crashed at somepoint i don't know when but i died at 353 something kills and the game completely crashed my proof is just to look at the leaderboard i'm arthur933 #7 just trying to help you possibly improve the game but it is a shame now i have to work my way back up to 250 kills for the medal and a higher leaderboard spot but o well its a fun game i could play anytime so no problems here thanks for the great game


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I had finished the game before the medals came out... but i'm back, i loved it to hell before, i'm still loving it, the idea is fresh, original and unique, this is a masterpiece, a tough, hard, and unforgiving masterpiece.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

I didn't want to write a review for this, because you are an asshole, who insults those who criticize your games, and the last thing I wanted, was to give you a sense of satisfaction that I raged because of your game. But I really have to say it: this game fucking sucks.

Maybe I am "retarded", maybe I suck at playing games (obviously, my humble medal collection confirms it), but this game really, fucking, sucks. Sure, there are plenty of ass-kissers who consider this a masterpiece, but I never wanted to be a part of any circle jerking. It's kinda funny, because I really like your other games, but this one... it's really bizarre, how bad this game is. Like someone else made it. But enough of that let's get to the main problem with this game.

The attacks / parry are really short, therefore the proper timing is counter-intuitive. I mean let's see: I parry the attack (if I'm lucky), he quickly turns around and strikes me, before I have a chance to turn around and parry it. The bastard strikes you from the left, center, right, randomly, and you cannot really feel it, because his movements are spastic. You know, level 1 should be kinda easy, so the player would have some learning curve, instead of "nope, you're doing it WRONG, you retard". Another problem with the sound is how annoying the differences between the volumes are. When it's silent, it's barely audible, but when it's loud, it's an ear-raping noise. Especially annoying are the death screams. They are too over-the-top.

Last but not least: I don't really want any reply from you, nor some "brilliant / witty" response of yours. It's shitty enough that I bothered to write up something that will not matter anyway.

Evil-Dog responds:

Didn't read all of it, make a game that fucking sucks with a decent score like this game has and then you have my attention. I don't insult people who criticize my games, I insult morons who do it like you did with the dipshit entitled attitude, who put insults and jabs before they share their opinion of my work.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

This won't even load properly in Chrome and the turning controls don't seem to work at all in Firefox. Otherwise neat concept.

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