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Erif hot Fire (2nd demons

rated 2.66 / 5 stars
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Mar 11, 2014 | 12:02 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Hello, another animation I guess. better then the other one...

Please be honest, and not be an ass at the same time in the comments. cause ass comments that look ugly, or maybe handsome, help nobody...



Rated 4 / 5 stars

i like sticks :D

STUCavity responds:

I see.


Rated 4 / 5 stars


Other than that this had potential - but it was weirdly animated. I liked it though.

STUCavity responds:

Thanks, the music is Feed Me - Grand Theft Estacy


Rated 0 / 5 stars

I suppose the "dont be an ass" comment is because of me? Glad I could so profoundly effect you. Too bad it didn't change up the animation you produce?

So where to begin? Lack of sound effects? Yea thats a problem. Your animation has zero timing, let me explain that. Your animation slows down a lot. I know there where parts where you wanted to show some slow motion for dramatic effect, but it happened in so many places, the start of the fight, when the fighters came together, the "powering up" on the black stick, the red stick's punch that had the "heat" behind it, moving across the room, getting thrown through the window, going out the window after him, falling, bouncing off the pavement... you get the idea. Your "BFF" picture even changes position.

The last scene was just super lazy, static camera and some writing over everything while a sound clip plays in the background? Hell even some speech bubbles would have shown you truly gave a damn, but since it looks like you did everything in MS Paint I guess you dont really care about the quality of your own animation.

Ohh yea, and it loops. There is no reason for it to loop other than the fact you didn't care enough to finish it properly. Seeing it once is bad enough, looping it just punishes the viewer with subsequent forced viewing.

Stick fighting animation can be good, but when its bad, like this is, you bring the genera down a notch. Badly done stick is right up there with badly done Krinkles ripoffs as far as choking the portal with junk.

You obviously have some drive to animate, why pump out junk as fast as you can, when slowing down, taking your time and really working on a project will get you the acclaim you are seeking?

Welcome to Newgrounds, a public forum. If you submit something, expect it to receive criticism on par with the quality of the content you post for review. You may not like the last comment I made for your digital abortion, and dont think I didn't notice you changed your comment either, but notice its marked as "helpful"? If you dont like the harsh criticism, maybe, and this is just a thought, try and improve your work before you post it where anyone, such as myself, can watch and review it?

Zero effort = zero stars. Better luck next time. But its not luck you need, but hard work and desire to improve your art.

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STUCavity responds:

I guess it's much better then the other one? Thanks, I forgot the sound effects, plus I did had a start button, but I had to remove because the converter had problems and tho it wont continue, and then i forgot. I don't really know what you mean by "MS Paint", cause from what I see, it's smooth. Whatever shit you say, okay. But anyways, thanks for the honest review again? And please, I worked REALLY hard on this, and I did not rushed. The part I rushed was when the he landed, and dam after that. My hands start to hurt. Thanks for your review, got used to it. Oh, btw, it wasn't a punch, it was him grabbing.