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Sep 11, 2002 | 8:28 AM EDT

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This is a Dance Dance Revolution Clone But in this game, You play a one of the terrorists aboard the first plane that attacked the US on 9/11. You have to use your Allah-Given 4 Directional skills to guide the plane into the World Trade Center Tower 1.

Future updates will include Tower 2, Pentagon, And something about the 4th one that crashed :)

I Should have the high scores up by 9/12.

:: I did not choose a bad day to submit this. you morons. I planned to submit this today since july. This is a stab at all you ignorant fucks that have a misseducated view of the 9-11 Events. If you dont like the game, or the story thats fine. But do you really need to leave some kind of a half-patriotic immature remark?



Rated 0 / 5 stars July 2, 2013

i have a million things to say about you, not all of them nice at all. if you were the victim of a home invasion, how would you feel if i took that and made a game of it? pretty bad huh? let me ask you something: where is your respect for those that died. the families of those who see this have a right mind to hunt you down and beat you, hell i support that. where is your shame? your dignity. i pray that almighty god has mercy on you. to make this is unspeakable. i'm contacting wade fulp and getting this taken down. you sicken me.


Rated 0 / 5 stars October 10, 2009

Isnt it time we just let it go?

HELL NO this is f*cked up man not cool


Rated 3 / 5 stars April 23, 2009

As horrible as it may sound

I actually thought that it was an interesting game. I'm just going to ignore the whole 9/11 thing and being sadistic and every way shape or form and I'm going to talk about the game itself. The music itself was alright, I feel if you would have chosen something different it would be a bit more interesting. The other thing that bugged me is every time you would nail a note it would make a very loud ringing noise. If you could get rid of that or at least tone it down a lot then it would be better. So other than the theme of the game. It really was not bad at all.

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Rated 0 / 5 stars November 28, 2008

u suck



Rated 0 / 5 stars April 3, 2008

i hate you

nahh but please stop bieng like that because its wrong just stop if your like that dont responed me responed those other people