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League of Angels

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Jan 22, 2014 | 1:17 AM EST

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Unleash the wrath of Angels in the epic battle against evil. Build your team while taking on engaging mini-games and intense PvP



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Four clicks only and you are legend. This wasn't made on a backyard. Fantastic graphics included. This game is about TITS. And you pay for it. I am out.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I place my review in the middle as an act of ambivalence.
I have the ability to say that the graphics are better than I remember, quite pretty and such. But they are stereotypical and repetitive. Expect to find warrior-type females strutting to outright demon wars wearing bikinis.
Here's a summary;
I joined the game as an unnamed man in a hood, and I looked sort of badass too. I found myself near a cliff, in.... the ocean? How should I know where I was? Then some broad twice my size came up and asked for a rescue. Now, I knew what would happen. Crazy bikini-lady would ask me to OHKO a bunny rabbit. I was not mistaken, I then OHKO'd a "demon guard", which was so crazy weak that it WAS like a bunny rabbit. I wasn't completely upset, at least my cloak looked sorta badass. Then bikini-lady blah'd, and then I had to select from a bunch of 3 korean factory-made k-pop stars/douches/vampires (twilight style). The others were all bikini ladies. ALL OF THEM. I disgustedly picked the male mage, whom looked like justin beiber in some other games, but here he looks like a twilight vampire. You know, black eyes, black hair. Yeaaaaaaahhhh..... so I spawned with a different cloak (had to change after getting blood on myself?) and....
Brown. Justin. Beiber. Hair.
So then I found I had 160000 or so coins from all the missuns and I made a guild. Nff said. Couple of minutes later, was talkin' with some other players and when I expressed a desire to shop, they told me; "THERE IS NO WAY FOR PLAYERS TO TRADE LOOT BWAAAAAAAAAAAAR!"
So then I did some missions and stuff. I already forgot the storyline and about 50% of the missions, so most of what I described might be random letter patterns formed from butter attacking my keyboard. (key-bored.)
Here's some other stuff:
The gameplay sucks.
The turn based system? That's a joke. No depth, no combat, no tacticoolness, and it all relies on some small variables.
The economy and numbers are large. There is no trading, and for a good reason. (trading actually balances the market making monies less valuable). They want money to be in large amounts and worthless, at that, so that players will get addicted easily. Everything here is made for addiction. I spend an entire night on playing this, and results are not good. There is mandatory grinding, and not the fun kind. Team dungeons feel like player models are just sliding around, and respawns take more than forever. I have seen that shop before. Do not purchase from it, do not browse it, and when you finally turn R2 down like you whack a puppy with a stick, do not feel remorse, for there have been three more mmos after this. The only admin I saw was a wierdo who nearly wanted to mute me for stringing WWW together. It was a anti-link countermeasure, and if this was necessary, what more horrid things does R2 hide? It's addictive, and I realized that quickly. It is not, however...
3.Did I mention the crazy administrator?
Oh and I forgot to mention the "angel" system. Pick from five angels. One is free, but ugly as hell, one is a santa event X-clusice, and the next is paid only, and the others are late in the game and dont appear. There are only FIVE ANGELS!
It's good at only a few things, and that is hypnosis to get players addicted. It's like ciggarettes.
So far a lot of games have what R2 doesnt have. For RPGs and that douchey feel, go to final fantasy. For spending money, go to the valve corporation. For non-crappy games , go anywhere but games like this.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

In 2013, due to an apparent lapse of judgement, I decided to get into League of Angels by R2... I have to say, that game did have some interesting strategy with team construction at advanced levels... But the freemium pay-to-win level was jacked up to 11. Unfortunately I did fork over some cash, but thankfully I eventually severed my ties. About a year later I logged in just to see what was going on, and it seems that it actually got WORSE somehow. New features, primarily there to give you more things to spend money on, with reminders of crystals in nearly EVERY window.

These freemium games set up a system where their gameplay largely amounts to WORK. When I was into LOA and somewhat competitive, it wasn't just the lack of spending that prevented me from competing with the top tiers... These players have no life! Even if you fork over some cash, the amount of time to keep up with the 'dailys' and get all of your shit done every day would take 2 hours minimum if you want to get most of everything done, and it felt like work. Missing a day or two, or even missing a few tasks repeatedly, really made you fall behind. You could pay to bridge the gap quickly, usually. Eventually I started dreading playing this game and the only reason I did push through those feelings for awhile is because I wanted to justify the time and money investment I already made... And that's their plan all along.

They don't mind making their players miserable.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Been playing this for awhile and thought I'd review.

This is a pretty decent game and can get addictive, very addictive. With that being said, it can also get boring very fast for a lot of people. Just throwing it out there, once you play this game you will realize the main objective is to take your money even if it's free to play.

There are leaderboards everywhere for those who are competitive, and the more competitive you are, the more you'll need to spend to stay ahead...and you have to spend a LOT. You'll be able to tell who's spending what, but if you're not spending even just a little bit then you won't be able to play competitively at least no on a high scale. Besides the money you have to kick out, this game is very time consuming as well.

With all being said, I actually like the game...but I wouldn't recommend it to most as you can get really obsessed with this game and it's not worth it. Unless you like games like this and need something to play just cause (building up characters and strategy) then I wouldn't recommend. You won't enjoy the competitive side unless you're spending a good amount of money.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

League of Legends won't load at all. How can I fix it? Tips&hints welcome!