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Jan 16, 2014 | 10:27 AM EST
  • Daily 5th Place January 17, 2014

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Goal Setter 5 Points Earn 6 achievements.
Killer 5 Points Kill 5 enemies.
Mass Murderer 5 Points Kill 125 enemies.
Minimalist 5 Points Earn 1 achievement.
Serial Killer 5 Points Kill 30 enemies.
Achievement Acquirer 10 Points Earn 40 achievements.
Badge Badger 10 Points Earn 25 achievements.
Goal Getter 10 Points Earn 16 achievements.
Half-Assed 10 Points Earn 65 achievements. That's half of the total 130 achievements.
Rampage 10 Points Kill 550 enemies.
Maniac Murderer 25 Points Kill 1,900 enemies.
Medal Monster 25 Points Earn 80 achievements.
Non-Stop Rampage 25 Points Kill 1,125 enemies.
Maniacal Mangler 50 Points Kill 11,000 enemies.
Medal Maniac 50 Points Earn 110 achievements.
Menacing Maimer 50 Points Kill 4,000 enemies.
Genocide 100 Points Kill 60,000 enemies.

Author Comments

- The help button now links you to a textual guide.

- Fullscreen mode is now available through option/settings.

Artist's Note:
Thanks everyone for being patient as we've been working through the bugs. For those who don't know, this game has been a LONG time coming... and both the programmer and I are excited to have finally released it. Thanks to everyone who's played it so far, and thanks for the continual awesome feedback.. it's been really helpful.

Programmer's Note:
The infamous equipment menu bug has been fixed along with all the little bugs I'm aware of.

Game Description:
Tek Tactical is a survival-style shooter with amazing graphics and animations, tons of RPG elements such as upgrading stats and customizing weapons, and plenty of ways to destroy your adversaries! Tek features 9 weapons, 44 skills, and 130 achievements, offering up countless hours of play!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

wow its so amazing i can play all day :P


Rated 3 / 5 stars

The game mechanics are solid, but the game itself feels very limited because of the one level and one objective. The character seems unoriginal, because it reminds me a lot of marvel's "Deadpool" - regeneration and looks. I do like the upgrade system, but there's a crippling bug that prevents me from opening up the "equipment" section, and equipping other weapons.

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tedgaming responds:

If you read the game description, I have provided a link to a temporary version of the game with the fixes since I can't apply the fixes on this version of the game due to some backend problems.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

It was fun for a like half an hour, but I just couldn't keep staying interested, here are the problems:
1. Interface is waaay to clunky, I'm talking about both in and out of mission interface, things are hidden, texts and icons are small.
2. Not sure if it's the difficulty, but my health regens very very quickly, and later on, it just stops dropping all together, even for easy difficulty, I still need the challenge of losing.
3. The the same type of weapons can have different stats, but they are all stacked together in shop when selling, you click it once and it all gets sold, there's no sell confirmation, what?
4. Ammos price is for each round??? Carbine ammos cost twice as much as submachine gun, yet both guns take 2 shots to kill an enemy, makes no sense...
5. Are there gonna be more enemy types? I played for about 10 missions, only saw red and blue guys with pistols.

It just got really really repetitive, there are no new enemy types, "stages" are all the same, and I'm not sure kneeling behind the boxes does anything at all, since it's part of the mechanic.

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tedgaming responds:

There is also a yellow enemy but that one is more rare and drops a lot of treasures. When you sell weapons, they're not stacked. Maybe it's because you have 1 equipped and it doesn't show the equipped one in the sell list.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

really a great game but...
The bugs make it unplayable. as some other people said, once you equip the carbine the equip menu bugs out as well as the extra stats. otherwise a really great game full of potential!

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tedgaming responds:

I will publish a "separate game" with the fixes applied. I will provide the link in the game description. It should take me about 30 mins to set up all the medals and stuff.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

its ok and it have a lot of effort in it but there is a few bugs and thing that made it lss enjoyable
1- equipment: as soon as i bought the carabine the equipment interface bugged and if i click in it i have to quit the game and re enter to keep playing so i cant change weapons or skills
2- i spent 230 (aprox) af credits in ad disabler and it just worked the first stage and then the ads came back so all the disables i bought counted as 1
3- i know that there is many people that dont understand at first time how to play or need a tutorial and the quick instruction guide its not enough

i liked the game and you should keep the good work it just needs to be less monotone and this bugs(especilly the equipment one) needs to be solved the artwork is great, i liked the music and it goes perfect with game so 3.5/5

tedgaming responds:

I've fixed the equipment problem and will update the file asap. There seems to be some backend technical difficulties with replacing the file at the moment.

I hadn't thoroughly tested the ad system. I think you just need to go to options/settings > ad settings and change it to no ads. You bought credits for no ads but you still gotta change it to no ads mode. I will include that in the next fix.