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Robotnik Way

rated 4.21 / 5 stars
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Dec 20, 2013 | 8:19 PM EST

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Author Comments

Dr. Eggman takes over the world in a Sinatra montage.

My latest SFM film using Frank Sinatra's "My Way." It's amazing how well this works with the Dr. Eggman.

If you enjoy the song, purchase it.

I also understand that this is not normal material for Newgrounds. Dominantly, it's flash. This is an SFM video.

To me, this is sorta like 3D sprites, so I feel that it's acceptable. And BELIEVE ME, this stuff takes a LOT of work.

So, I only ask that you enjoy.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

"My word!" My first reaction to this animation. I wasn't expecting it to be a decent 3D piece and although I have to say that it's very hard to use My Way in any capacity nowadays without it screaming clique, loud and proud this has so much of an air of originality that I can't help but think you might have just gotten away with it. Very clever.

The things that jump out to me as needing improvement would have possibly been adding a couple more details here and there but I guess this ties in with the graphic style of many Sonic games so it would have been risky making the graphics "better". Other then this tiny possible criticism there really is nothing I can think that you could have improved. Maybe the song covered by a voice actor that could do a good Robotnik impression.

Great work mate, keep it up.

- Review Request Club -


Rated 4 / 5 stars

I found the atmosphere to be rather nice. Rather surprisingly it kind of reminds me of the Hush's Riddler arc where he shows the Riddler he can be a real threat. It showed well here since either someone showed Robotnik there was a better way of executing his plans or he simply kept quiet and waited until the right time to strike which is a rare occasion for him to successfully pull off.

The graphics are all from G-Mod, not too sure if you did anything original here. The Robotnik ships looked different from the ones I'm used to seeing though. The use of showing that even the smallest of Eggman baddies had their day and killed off the entire Sonic cast (except Amy, Rogue, Charmy, and Cream who all seem to be absent here) was different. In the comics only one other character manages to pull that off and even goes as far to kill all the villains to show their dominance.

I did wonder though near the end if he was going to take the female with him onto the Death Egg but it appears they were all taken out as well. Do have to wonder how Robotnik planned to rebuild the world's population if he killed them all off. Although I guess it is possible he planned to repopulate elsewhere. Rather heartbreaking to see at the end that he did it all for Maria and his insane father. If that's the case, kind of a pity to see that Shadow and Metal Sonic were not on the ship with him to celebrate since they all shared similar goals.

The song used is entirely fitting for this piece. It gets even sadder at the end when you see why Robotnik did everything his way and what the cause for it was.

Overall, very sad and interesting take on why Robotnik ends up wiping out part of a planet's population. Looking forward to more in the future.

Review Request Club

TheWittyUsername responds:

In the story, Robotnik decided to just stop playing around. In the games, one can find a lot of times where Robotnik could have easily just finished the Heroes off, but never actually did. You don't notice it on surface, but when someone does and points it out, it makes you look at the character differently.

Well, the graphics are all ripped from Sonic Generations -- for Sonic anyway. Yes, it's all Valve. I did mention this: "To me, this is sorta like 3D sprites, so I feel that it's acceptable. And BELIEVE ME, this stuff takes a LOT of work."

I'm no modeler by any means. Just a guy who likes to animate. 3D animation, believe me, even without the process of making models, it's an exhausting task.

The overall theme was, his idea for world domination stemmed from the actions of GUN, the world military in the game. He has a similar reasoning as Shadow, but he's different from Shadow. He had years to deal with it. Rather than angst and rash actions that Shadow took, he decided to translate his problems into a hopeful solution. This drives the doctor.

Sonic having stopped his plans and growing a constant team of others powerful like him had left the madman a bit... insane. Letting Sonic live or not going all out, the result is stagnation. When he finally decided to lay out all the cards, when he finally met his goal, he's left to do nothing but go back to his sorrow, the origin of why.

And what's left for him? Thousands have died, the very little company he kept by war, they're all gone. Sometimes, the journey beats the destination. Truth is, there's nothing left.

As for Amy, Rouge, Charmy and Cream, they were actually all there. You will see Rouge and Amy around 2:05. Rouge is laying on the ground, Amy gets shot in the back of the head. Charmy and Cream are harder to find. Charmy is sitting near the crashed plane site and Cream is standing near the mountain (which is close to Charmy) by Metal Sonic and Shadow. You'd have to be pretty observant to see those two. They are hard to spot.

Side note, I put in that review request a rather long time ago. lol


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Ah, I like the atmosphere in this! Must admit I wasn't expecting that much as it began, but it surprises. It gets better as it goes as well, the latter part (just before the venture to space - in ehich the Earth seems overly fuzzy somehow) was great, in detail and motion in everything. From where the robotic eye sinks down to blind the viewer and we are taken through corridors of chaos and mayhem, it's all great.

As for the beginning, the scene where the camera pans out on the cityscape and the crafts drop bombs, both scenery and effects seem a bit plain. The explosions are clearly all the same image, and I'm thinking it would look so much better with some variation, if not in the image itself than in size and delay, so they don't keep exploding in a looping pattern. Another element I'm missing is smoke, that'd definitely add to the sense of destruction portrayed.

As for the scenery, the sea of concrete looks a bit gray, it looks like concrete, though I assume it's supposed to look like the ocean, stretching out far? If it's not, then maybe dunes of sand would've been better?

At some parts I'm thinking the motions could've been swifter, like when the cameras pan onto different robots and victims, would it be possible to speed up the camera towards the end, just before slowing it down, as to make the motion a bit more dynamic? The victim running seems to drift a bit when he runs to the side, but that's a minor thing.

I like the music, feels like it's the perfect fit, it gives the animation a kind of Fallout feel to it, and the mixture of games leaves me... unsure of story or plot, but all the while entranced by the experience. Nice work!


TheWittyUsername responds:

Yeah, it's a bit based on Fallout's intro. You're the first person to actually say that, surprisingly, I wasn't really trying to be subtle. lol

Admittedly, I didn't make these models. As said in my description, I view these as 3D sprites. But even not making the models or maps, it's certainly not easy to do.

Yes, the explosions are a bit dull. Working in there was a bit tough, especially having to work with so many images and timing. I took a N64 route with it.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice :) But lol did he ever think about the aftermath, killing everyone? what a lonely life dr eggman will live.I guess he will still have his robots. Nice choice of music adds to the theme of the video, nice ending too:) Thanks for your hard work I enjoyed it. I would rate it a 10 but um.. lol I can only give it a 5/5 :)

TheWittyUsername responds:

Vote 11.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

to me, conceptually that was quite good lol I guess sonic cant win them all lol

yeah that franchise kind of went down with the gamecube

nice vid though

TheWittyUsername responds:

There were good points here and there. Most agree that Colors and Generations have the better gameplay. Story? lol, no.