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Dec 20, 2013 | 8:21 AM EST

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Straight from the wild, wild west, we bring you a very fast-paced platform-shooter which will challenge your twitch skills to the limits. Can you dodge all the bullets and reach the saloon?

DISCLAIMER: This game is NOT easy nor casual. It is VERY hard and challenging, and you will most probably die many times before you beat it (unless you're Chuck Norris or something).

W/Up - Jump
S/Down - Slow down jump speed
A/Left - Run left
D/Right - Run right
Left/Right shift - Activate Bullet Time (when bar is full)
Left mouse click - Shoot

This game was made for Ludum Dare 28, which theme was "You Only Get One".

This is the post-compo version, the Ludum Dare version can be found under the submission entry:

Keep in mind, this was a game made in 72 hours, with a few adjustments since Ludum Dare 28 finished. We are constantly working on this game to improve it and are planning quite a few nice features for it :)



Rated 5 / 5 stars December 25, 2013

I loved this game^^ i have never seen a game on Newgrounds before that you can use your Xbox controller to and i had a blast using my controller. i only used the Xbox controls and i loved them. you did everything right i this game. and i actually liked the bullet drop. it made the game harder and i always like a challenge. and nice 3D graphics. i cant complain about them. they where really nice. but im not only going to talk about the good things. i found one BIG problem(yes i know it is a work in progress so i wont let that change the stars) that some times i got stuck in the start. so i couldn't restart the page or anything. other than that this is a flawless game. keep up the good work.

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DamnPete responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it! We're constantly working on it, including the level generation so that people won't get stuck at any point. We're also gonna put a pause and probably an option to return to initial screen (in case you want to give up on your current map).


Rated 4 / 5 stars December 20, 2013

finally got to saloon.

what do points do, they aren't even scored?

also should say that shift is bullet-time slow motion when bar is full.

really good game for 72 hours though!

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DamnPete responds:

They are not logged yet, they're work in progress. We're balancing the score system and the overall game before we integrate the API for point ranking.

Thanks and hope you had fun! :)


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars December 20, 2013

Having to switch between mouse and keyboard is a big turn off. incorporate the controls of jumping into the right mouse button or something, so that way your hand never leaves the mouse. i tried 3 times to play this and having to switch controls is not fun, especially to shoot. the graphics aren;t bad. the difficulty of only being able to get shoot once is ok, but again, get the controls on the same page/device.
2/5, 2.5 stars

DamnPete responds:

Right mouse button is problematic with web version unless you use it in fullscreen, or else it keeps popping up a context menu over the game. Anyhow (and I ask this because I'd like to understand the problem and work on a possible solution), why exactly were you switching between mouse and keyboard? You can use WASD or Up/Down/Left/Right buttons for all directions (W/Up keys are mapped to jump), and additionally Spacebar for jumping as well. I will include in the description all the keys, I'm sorry I forgot to do that.

I am aware, however, that the game cannot be played with only one hand, I can try and come up with some key bindings to allow that, but the aiming definitely will not be as good as using a mouse, and the standard mouse doesn't have enough buttons to map all commands already.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars December 20, 2013

This isn't fun. The range of fire is arbitrarily limited, the random map is tricky to navigate without dropping out the floors, the only sensible way to play is like a coward, but enemies just popping up ruin your day.

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DamnPete responds:

Please keep in mind this was made in 72 hours, we are working on improving things. We will try to incorporate improvements, especially based on input we receive. I'm not sure about what you mean from the range of fire, we have a power for each weapon (we're implementing other types). The bullet behaves according to ballistic calculation (albeit modified somewhat). The trap doors on the floor are something we are studying how to improve so that the map navigation isn't so hard, perhaps also creating more ample rooms so we have room to maneuver. The AI is also a bit unbalanced, we understand that, we're working on toning down their agressiveness, but we'd like to keep the game very challenging and intense :)