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Nov 26, 2013 | 5:10 PM EST
  • Daily Feature November 27, 2013
  • Weekly 4th Place November 27, 2013

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Yyyyeeeeahhh I wonder if folk will get the joke here. You might get it if you are from America or Canada. Not sure what's being referenced here is as prevalent in other countries (even though it is sort of a milestone in media). This is another drill, made with relevant stuff but not relevant itself. I should also note (since some folks are having difficulty) that I don't always tell stories in a straight line, true. But for the relevant stuff henceforth the no evil characters will likely be the older variations; with breaks (like this stupid thing here) to do something with them as kids. (I may adopt a naming convention, I think I need it if I'm gonna continue to do these tangents)

About this drill. I made myself a sound room and immediately was hit with the notion that I have a problem.... While I'm recording myself it is very difficult to be my own engineer (I'm in a cardboard box, I can't see the levels). So I wrote up some dialog based off of this very obtuse joke to try and get a handle on it..... I still need work. I also found and old Christmas bell thingy we had and I wanted to animate it. That candle thing, used to be a popular thing that was around. I was astounded that we don't see them at all anymore (It's so cool). Then my dad lit the candles, as the apparatus was placed lopsided on a footstool covered in paper, and I immediately knew why we don't see them anymore. Oh spinny bell thing, you were too good for us dumb humans.



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what is the reptiles name? and what is it's gender?

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omg so beautiful >w<

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lol i get it


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Your work is significantly awesome. When I give you 5 stars, I mean to really give you 100. I always look forward to waht you post.


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I'm going to take my guess at the joke here. Reptiles are backwards. The MALE reptile likes the effeminate outfit, the FEMALE reptile does not. Probably based on the real gender divide tendancies of a reptile, where the female is larger and stronger than the male, unlike the tendency with Mammals. Mammals tend to have strong males and gentle females. (humans notwithstanding, I've seen some pretty strong girls out there!)

I may be wrong, but that's my guess. Also, -huge- fan ever since I stumbled across Brom Bones, and then watched all of the No Evil animations.

Warlord-of-Noodles responds:

that's only a lead into the final joke, which is an Oz Joke (I'm only saying it now since someone actually got it earlier and it has been buried)