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rated 3.45 / 5 stars
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Adventure - RPG

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Nov 25, 2013 | 5:25 PM EST

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Author Comments

A group of adventurers has been assembled to slay a fiend hiding in the forest. Guide them through the gauntlet set before them.

When you're on the map, moving block to block, if it seems slow, try this link --
We haven't figured out what is causing it yet, but it seems to only do it here in the portal so far.

Controls ---------
You only need your mouse, it is all point and click.
You CAN use your arrow keys on the keyboard to explore the map if you want, but the mouse also works there.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Hi. Just wanted to say I really like your game, [1] engine, [2] music, [3] graphics, and [4] plot ... except that random combat can sometimes occur with every step ! It really does slow down the game and become tedious when the "dice" fall against you.

Are you working on a PACT 2 or something ?

Can I also suggest that combat can be enacted entirely by keyboard as well as mouse ? Press letter for [A] attack, [S]pecial, [P]otions. Then target is [1], [2], [3].

Also currently there is no option to back out once you have selected [Attack].

Experience points are a little strange. You must use the total points for each individual character but you cannot have all 3-characters grow like a standard RPG does.

Other than that, the very constant and consistent random encounters. Tune that down a bit and I suspect it won't be just me who will like your RPG a lot more.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

I mean, i would love to write a constructive review BUT.... based on the dev response to the last constructive review, i feel it would be a waste of time, since it appears if you have not made a game, you dont know what you are talking about in his/her mind..... so yea 2* and learn how to take criticisim, both good and bad, thats how you improve your submissions.

Hyptosis responds:

I'm sorry, who are you? When people give me good advice, I usually listen. I'm guessing you didn't give very good advice. I don't know why developers and artists are supposed to constantly sit there and 'take it' from abusive consumers who trash their free products. Maybe you caught me on a bad day, maybe you gave bad advice.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Fun game, though you should fix the shop. It should not cost a 14 digit number to upgrade a bronze dagger because the character has a high might. Also, a little long and repetitive, but overall a good game.

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Hyptosis responds:



Rated 2 / 5 stars

Story at the beginning seemed interesting. Then, repetitive fights went on with similar looking enemies, and the same plot. After some time, I decided to give up since there's no major quests from which I could gain something special. Also, the total experience point can only be used to upgrade the skill of one of the three members. This means it will take a long time to level up.

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Rated 2 / 5 stars

This game was very poor.

The visuals, and sounds were just fine... but the gameplay was terrible.

It was way too repetitive.

I was able to beat the entire game upgrading only strength on all the characters,
(Since you always attack first.... and you will always defeat the enemy in one turn.)
The highest hp I had was 16hp... and I never once used an item from start to the very end (since you can only use them in battle).
Not a whole lot of strategy there.
Sometimes with the over aggressive random foe encounters, you would get attacked before you would even leave your space.... and it would take 2-3 tries to even move one square since you would just end up battling people again.
The end was extremely anti-climactic, and the journey to the end was not even enjoyable.

I was pretty disappointed... and the only reason I kept playing was just to see if I would be able to faceroll all the way to the end.

Also.... there is something wrong with the scaling mechanism between leveling up your strength and upgrading your weaponry.

At one point near the end it would cost me over 100 quadrillion gold to upgrade my weapon.

definitely broken.

How this got a daily third place is beyond me..... but I would urge the programmer to hire some beta testers before releasing something like this as a finished product.

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