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Oct 26, 2013 | 3:28 AM EDT

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Spike is the second of the four heros in "Semi-Super". She is a dark messenger of justice, guarding the city in her mission to rid the city of evil. Her abilities as a fighter are a force to be reckoned with, and her mutant abilities make her the most experienced and skilled of the Semi-Supers.


The reason this came out really soon is because i was only waiting on the audio, the third animation will take a while longer,
music by Arch Enemy.



Rated 5 / 5 stars


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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice animation! I appreciate the attempt to build drama. Other clips on this site with similar aims just have the main character mowing through enemies while trying to look cool; you have a low point for the main character and a believable sense of danger that needed to be overcome.

Not a fan of the song, but it did fit the theme of the main character.

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cool the song didnt really work love to see more

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love the work and animation style

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As a lot of the reviewers below said, the animation is quite good, but there are some points in it that I want to criticize. First, I think that the animation's outline is drawn quite boldly (intend to or not), people would that this more like a sketch animation than a real one, I don't really dislike this style or I am picky, but I think this is something an artist animator should improve eventually to make better animations, besides it made the animation looked quite jerky though did not affect the main story, maybe decreasing the film-rate should allow parts of the animation to flow faster and not made it appear a bit like stop motion.Though some other examples I can give for improving the sketch lines is somewhat like Hikarian's animations. Second, is the character, at first glance, I would thought that the character would be suitable to be on the evil side or a evil minion, some reviews below even said that they thought it is Halloween related combine with the music. Such characters that are good guys who don't look like it should have another story being told and explain why she turned good, or people would be skeptical of her being good. After all, animation is what you show to the audience though your story. Third, is the music, though it helped to build up the starting tension and the following excitement really good, but as a lot of reviewers below also said, they don't like it, I also agree that I also don't like it. To me, because it very confusing and distracting to watch the animation with your mind cramp full of the tense music, if you want the audience to focus and watch more on the combat, it is best not to choose music with ppl singing behind and one that can build up excitement and tension, somewhat like the music in your series before but not too repetitive. The music can either fit well, it can also not too, based on opinions, just like voice acting in animation, background music is also very important in animations. P.S. Also, sorry for late review, I did not know that you have posted an animation lately maybe due to the rise in recent animation posts, until I found it recently. So I would try to review it in a more detail way.