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Lemonade Land

rated 3.42 / 5 stars
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Sep 29, 2013 | 8:36 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Remember these old DOS games where you had to sell lemonade in a little text-simulation? Well, here you somehow got to do the same but somewhat beyond. Enjoy!



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Everything kcho99 said and..

When you are stealing sugar you should make the maps larger, as it is now you can steal all the sugar every time. If you are forced to gamble with what you have time to take and what you haven't it is more "thrilling". This should hold true even when you've bought the jimmy.

You removed any kind of incentive when you didn't make the success of the lemon stand up to the player.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

The graphics and music of this game are good, but the rest isn't really. With the only way to get money being through selling lemonade and there being no apparent way to increase the number of potential customers you get, you are stuck earning money at an essentially fixed, very low rate no matter how far you "progress". Further, because raising your price much above $0.40 significantly reduces the proportion of your potential customers that will actually buy, it becomes not worth it to ever purchase lemons rather than simply harvesting them (unless you substantially water down your lemonade). But, you can never seem to harvest more than about 3 per day (often less), and so either you are stuck either abusing the fact that the game doesn't discount how willing customers are to purchase (or at least how many come in the future) when you significantly water down your lemonade, or you are stuck abusing the fact that the game for some reason doesn't keep track of cents outside of the sales screen and is buggy about how it translates those cents into dollars. For example, the optimal strategy I found for the original recipe is to sell 3 cups at $0.50 per cup on cloudy days, 2 cups at $0.60 on sunny days, and 2 cups at $0.60 on dry days... which always sell and the game erroneously treats as earning $2, $2, and $4 for whatever reason rather than $1.50, $1.20, and $1.20. The fact that the weather affects how many dollars your cents convert to is an indication of a significant bug.

Also, the only interesting thing to find out in the game is what's in the back room at the supermarket... but, when you finally complete all the missions and go back there, you just exit back to the city screen. There's nothing. At least play the credits or something. That kinda is illustrative of the entire game I feel: There's just so little of actual interest here. What could've actually made the game interesting -- in my opinion -- would be if the quality and amount of lemonade you made could result in increased numbers of customers of each demographic, if you could have different lemonades, and especially if you could add the beer and drugs to your lemonades and start selling those for a lot more money ("adult" lemonade, if you will).

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

good game, but there are a few things that could be worked on. the instructions are white and are often hard to see, and the controls should be simplified to just using WSAD and the mouse

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

awesome but below me was so much words i though is was the description xD


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I will give this game credit for a clever idea and a fun callback to my youth, but strangely, despite the fact that I never liked Lemonade Stand when I played it way back when, and have no real attachment to it, a slicker, more modern game meant mostly as parody has kind of failed to live up to the original. Let me explain.

The core mathematical concept behind how you make money in this game has some severe miscalculations in it. First, your default recipe claims it makes 5 glasses of lemonade, when it actually only makes 1 (very lemony, and a cup of sugar per cup of lemonade!). This means that the price of ingredients, if bought fairly, would mean you would need to charge $0.40 dollars per cup just to break even. This is fine if the point was that you had to cheat to get ahead, but at the same time, the number of pixels that drop when you harvest lemons apparently bears no direct relation to the number of lemons you actually gain, and are very low, which means the resources you have are directly restricting any growth you can make.

Ultimately, I found the sensible strategy in the game I was playing was to make very few glasses (even fewer than tiny amount my recipe allowed) to sell at a high price, because I was really wasting days between checking for new lemons on the trees. I played up until the cheap suit upgrade, and never saw that the amount of cash I could make in a day ever really shifted from a ratio of the amount of ingredients I could harvest, times an amount based on how good my suit looked, times a random factor.

Further, the original game had all the aspects of growth built into the day-to-day model. If you had more money at the day's beginning, you could buy more ingredients, buy more advertisement, and make even more money, with no theoretical limit to the exponential growth. It was about sensible planning, and you could fail by overbudgeting and getting greedy. In this game, you are merely grinding for the next upgrade, and unless I'm mistaken, the price people are willing to pay is silently rising up in the background regardless of what you do.

A parody is fine, but there has to be an actual game beneath the parody, and despite the fact that Lemonade Stand was a simplistic text game, it had much more of an actually "game" to it.

As a final note, there are some bad bugs and design issues. Firstly, you must have a rounding error somewhere in the daily profit calculation, because on days when I make a fractional amount of money, I don't appear to gain a fractional amount of cash in my account, which is weird since you apparently keep track of numbers to the depth that it's obvious when you forget to round off a float's rounding error. Secondly, you have some other math errors that mean that the 'you now have $X' at the end of the gain day doesn't always match the amount of money you have when you see the main screen again. Thirdly, I think it is important you pick either a fully keyboard interface, or a fully mouse driven interface, or preferably the option for both. The hybrid is very frustrating, and makes the grind much less tolerable.

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Schulles responds:

Thanks a lot for this detailed and fair review! I was sure I fixed these math-bugs by now, hopefully you played the game before the update... I agree that the simulation actually is the weakest element of the game and that it's all just about time. From this game I learned a lot by the mistakes I made and what not to do in my next games. Thanks again for playing and reviewing!