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Madness Customization

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Sep 23, 2013 | 1:32 AM EDT

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The Newgrounds Moderation Team sent to me a PM talking about people posting links in their reviews and other people posting pics on the Art Portal of their characters and creations made with my game, and both things are against the rules. So I want to ask, please don't post links on your reviews and don't publish your creations on the Art Portal, these guys do their best to keep the site clean, and we need to show respect not just to them but to the site rules too.
Enjoy :)

My first game, please vote high!
This is a Madness Combat character creator game full of pieces to you build your character or even yourself, made specially for people that don't know how to make good characters, but made too for who know but wanna play just for fun ;D.
I hope you enjoy this!
And please, put this in Madness Day 2013!
PS: There are Special Casts ;)
PPS: All animations were made from scratch, none of them were copied.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Amazing! But can I suggest you adding a few new stuff, like some military camos/BDU's/Uniforms, some military helmets, face masks, body armor, militarized gas mask... Like, could you add a new batch of military/militia/paramilitary/mercenary stuff?
Well, I know its a.. huge suggestion.. But its just a suggestion for this already amazing customization :°)

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1999Elias responds:

Thanks for the rating and the suggestion, I hope someday finish its sequel, you can test it here:


Rated 5 / 5 stars


1999Elias responds:

Thanks, I hope someday finish its sequel, you can test it here:


Rated 5 / 5 stars

After messing about, I came up with an interesting idea for a character:

Name: Agent 1117 'Colby'
Age: Unkown (Presumed to be in his early 20s)
Gender: Male
Type: Abomination Agent
Favorite Weapon: USP Match

An agent used in an Abomination experiment just as chaos was beginning to happen at the Nexus facility who proved to have a normal agents intelligence, essentially, keeping his old memory and intelligence. He was being used to experiment further on Abominations but zombies ended up entering the laboratory. He took advantage of it to grab his shades and escape to the armory nearby while the other agents and the scientists were distracted. He finds bandages, pieces of clothing, a USP and the decision to try and escape the building.

As an added note, he ends up meeting a rouge GOL3M unit, a clone and a zombie smart enough to use weaponry. Hope the idea isn't far too cringy.

Plus, brilliant game, even after three years.

1999Elias responds:

I liked the way you wrote his story, I can easily imagine it.
I have to admit, I had to search what "cringy" means xD, my english is very very very very... very........ very... basic, I know it's not a real word but I didn't know what was cringe anyways xD
His biography is very good, his squad is variated and could be really nice for a Madness movie, like AMA Episodes by Madnesia19.
Thanks, I hope someday finish its sequel, you can test it here:


Rated 5 / 5 stars

My Character

Age: None
Type: Mk1 Agent (A.T.P Engineer)
Favorite Weapon: FAMAS

Origin: A Clone that was created during the times of the Haunted Face... After being awoken a little bit before Project 00X the lead scientist saw skill in him after watching him go through the default training program the made the scientist right hand man then IT happened leading up to REALM: Fraternization he met up with the lead scientist after the scientist and Kelzad had split up after that an incident happened involving Collin getting the powers of the AUDITOR.

Also I think this game is great

1999Elias responds:

Hey! That's new here, a character based on a fan-made Madness movie, very interesting, unfortunately you just created a normal A.T.P. Engineer with a FAMAS that was present on REALM by Kelzad :P
Thanks, if you want to see a little about the sequel and test it:


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice game you've got here. Pretty fun making my own characters and then putting my imagination to good use. I just wish it didn't have to take so long to cycle through all the options. Pity. Still, a good 'game' for the usual Madness Combat fan.

Had an idea for this character for a long time.

Name: 'Little' Lia Sky
Age: Unspecified. Looks in her teens.
Gender: Female
Type: Intelligent Abomination
Favourite Weapon: SR-3

Lia happens to be one of the rejected Abominations created for Project Nexus. Unlike the others however, 'Little Lia' had the supposed intellect of the high-ranking A.T.P Engineers. She, after being thrown out with her 'brothers' decided to hide away. She ran away until she came across a tiny shed nearby. Cautiosly entering the shed, she found a few makeshift straps and bandages for herself to keep her skin intact. Searching for more useful items she came across an SR-3 and an beautifully marked Katana. Lia came back outside, this time with purpose. Lia was going to make a mark in Nevada, and if doing justice to her brothers meant killing her creators, so be it.

1999Elias responds:

Thanks, I created the hotkeys for most of the buttons exactly because this problem of taking so long to go through all the options, the sequel of this game (if I finish it one day) has menus to make easier for the player select any option directly. You can test it here:
Also very nice story, it's interesting that every of those stories people sends here with their characters could be real Madness movies, and great ones.