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Sep 22, 2013 | 12:10 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place September 23, 2013

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Update - Sequel is out, and they are not linked in any way story-wise:

Kyouki: Madness in Japan is an alternate take on the Madness universe opting out guns for swords.

4 months of procrastination and 50 actual hours of work spread over 2 and a half days is how long it took me to complete this. I hope you all enjoy it.

Thanks for all the positive reviews, front page, and daily second. I realize the fighting can get very repetitive to watch. This is something I will definitely work on for the sequel.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Remember Kids violence is always the anwser

Hizu responds:

Not violence. Revenge.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

he isn't dead...
he can now evolve...
he can turn to cyborg...
named XERO
XIONIC MADNESS (watch now!)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

seriously man ??why did you let him die and by decapitation.Anyway this animation is epic


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Did he have to shove it up his ass? Lol... i mean really

Hizu responds:

There was no other way that situation could have played out.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Well, I'm neither impressed nor angered by this work. It's not bad, but there are definitely some flaws that detract from the overall experience.
Animation (6/10):
The animation is passable, though far from flawless. Movements are fluid and progress from one stance to another in a mostly believable way. However, more time is spent *around* the movement, showing character recoil and windup, than *in* the movement, making the fights seem jerky and making the characters and attacks hard to trace.
Graphics (7/10):
Your models are good, as are your backgrounds, and the tradition of wounds mapped on opponents when struck is maintained well. There are still some quibbles, but nothing serious. Most revolve around the lack of variety in opponent and types, implying a lack of resources (probably, given the others' quality, time or motivation).
Choreography/Plausibility (3/10):
The work really suffers here. Scene progression is nonsensical (where in the starless hells did the arctic biome come from?) and the fights stretch even the generous suspension of disbelief given to Madness-related media in general. Dual-wielding enemies almost never take advantage of the fact that they actually, y'know, dual wield. The dual kama guys literally never strike with just one weapon so they can guard or exploit an opening with the other. The exchange of blows is repetitive, both in timing and in style, and the absurd speed of the actual movements doesn't help. It's hard to stay engaged when you can tell exactly when the next strike will occur, can pretty reliably guess where the strikes are going to go based on positioning, and still can't see because the movements are too fast to track.
Soundtrack: (7/10):
Functional and well-placed with no major issues. I caught some syncing, intentional or not, with the pauses in the music for lulls in combat, which isn't simple to do from what I understand. Sounds effects were appropriately timed and placed, without any grating noises or major volume discrepancies. Best way to improve would be with detail work. Wind through bamboo branches, grass crunching or wood creaking beneath feet. That sort of thing.
Overall (6/10):
A little better than most of what I see on Newgrounds, but far from excellence. Most of the stuff is good, or at least functional - you just need to add variety to everything to keep it from getting boring. Strike timing, models, styles of attack and defense, sound effects. It felt like after the first scene especially, you just ran out of steam. Exchanges got more repetitive, creative counters faded away, and opponents were brought down less as a matter of protagonist competence and more as a matter of 'spent-long-enough-fighting-for-strength-bracket'. Don't get me started on the final opponent. Some people might think it was funny, but I saw it as a buzzkill and a letdown. It felt like a cop-out, like you just said 'Fuck it, I'm done' and threw a conclusion together. Disappointing, but credit where credit's due; most of your core work was solid. Build on it, and you'll get something great.

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