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Sep 4, 2013 | 10:22 AM EDT
  • Daily Feature September 5, 2013

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Now watch this Full 1080P Lag-Free on Youtube

As the conclusion of the fate of Rayquaza is now revealed the chaotic battles still continue to rampage! Now two new powerful trainers have just entered the scene to engage in the most anticipated battle ever imagined “The cataclysmic clash Mewtwo and Deoxys!”

***READ NOW!!*** This is heavily graphically intensive flash, so I have suggested using the integrated toggle control functions (central black buttons) to control the quality. Some viewers may not be able to see the buttons in the borders due low brightness settings. Raise your brightness slightly to view controls more easily.

Be sure to watch "Pokemon the Fated Battle” and “Pokemon the Fated Encounter” to catch up in what is happening, as this is a conclusion of them both.

Small Commentary: It has been three years since I’ve submitted anything here and about two years of not making a single review on any submissions. Don’t know why I got so lazy in the past, but now as I’ve finished University and now working, I now have the full push to continue the “Fated Series”. Previously I've stated before that I’m not a huge fan of Pokemon, but absolutely adore the concept. I did all my Mewtwo/Deoxys research on Bulbapedia to discover their attacks, attributes, strengths and weaknesses to come to an analytical based conclusion. This is my own imagination of what I think Pokemon Battles should look like, so in the end I dedicate this to all fans and non alike.

Full Running Time – 8:82 minutes
Running Time (Battle scene(s) duration) – 5:40 Minutes
Frame Rate- AS3 20fps = AS2 24fps
Symbol Count- 4411!!! O_O (Doubled Fated Encounter and Battle Combined!!)
Production Time of Flash – No comment
Again be sure to watch to the credits for a surprise!



Rated 1 / 5 stars

I really liked this... Three of four years ago. Now that I've gotten into flash, I can see that it actually kinda sucks. Okay it really sucks. I think the "fast-paced action" (which is really just shaky cam and constant tweening) actually just distracts people from how bad the animation is. If it slowed down long enough for us to focus on the actual look and movement of the characters, it would be pretty disappointing. Kudos for not using sprites (boo for the DBZ ripoff characters though) but on the basic level, It's no different from all those Sonic sprite battles with lots of forgettable action and no story!

Sorry, but putting a story in the description doesn't count. And your story just boils down to, can awesome guy and his powerful pokemon beat awesome villain and their powerful pokemon? That's not a story, that's an excuse for not writing a story. So in closing, cut the fights short so you don't wear yourself down, that way you can focus more on smoother movements and transitions. Limit the shaky cam and constant movement of the characters so it doesn't look like a clusterfuck. And maybe write a real story so I actually care about why these people are fighting and how it will turn out.

Tyrant-D responds:

teejay13 you Sir are a very cold-hearted individual!

I put blood, sweat and tears into creating this! and yes! I know it was critical failure! but for once in your life, don't take things so seriously. As for those sonic flashes, I consider them one of the worst things to ever hit newgrounds (Not all but MOST), as you compared this failure to them, I feel incredibly heart broken. These Pokemon battles was never about stories, I say FUCK FAIRY TALE STORIES! LET THE POKEBALLS AND EXPLOSIONS FLY LOL!

Your not even going to take account into the effort one put in making such a flash? your review favored in the trails of a "rant" more than all out "criticism"

Also WTF do you mean "Kudo's for not using sprites??" Get the Fuck out of here with that shit TJ LOL! at least I have the ability to draw unlike the one trying to lecture me in how I should rectify my animation style.

Now Teejay! let me find a window and jump out of it, as you have now shattered my soul. Just to make you feel better now, I think your *cough* "sprite based" *cough*"Pokemon: World of Chaos" series is incredible!

I'm very very very disappointed in you Teejay, very disappointed :( *sniff* *sniff* (Tyrant-D unhooks window) Whooooosh!! Splat**


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Now THIS is what pokemon battle should look like, can't wait until the next one!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is an amazing flash animation, i love how you use alot of the moves from the game and even include the trainers in the battle; but on that note i would love to see a digimon version of this because you make the trainers seem so epic. imagine an awesome fight with various famous digimon, having the trainers help the digimon digivolve during the fight and having fights from low level to high level would be epic.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Dude awesome. Mewtwo rocks. And we all know it.

He will forever be the ultimate.

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