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futas for you

rated 4.50 / 5 stars
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Sep 3, 2013 | 1:05 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place September 4, 2013
  • Weekly 5th Place September 4, 2013

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Author Comments

hi there folks . it's been a while since I uploaded my last movie . finally !!! i finished what you all been waiting to see

let's thank the very generous comissioner for funding this project and allowing us to see it in full color .

i had a lot of burn out while i was producing this . it took me almost 2 months to finish . but anyway ,..


flash cs3 - animation,layout,charcter build,leica
audacity , song surgeon - audio

if you are interested to be a comissioner , please message me
can also check out my campain



Rated 1 / 5 stars

Chicks with Dicks are so weird.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

it is truly a waste such good animation style on hentai :(


Rated 5 / 5 stars

EPIC! :3


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Really impressive! Could have done with a little more variation in the vocals, but very nice! Also, some light background music would have helped a little. Fantastic work though!

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pinoytoons responds:

VA's are hard to get these days . but tnx


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Can start with saying was quite surprised on the length+quality. (like, really. Expected it to be done like, 4-5 times, then it went to the next scene.) Not too sure why I stumbled onto this, but yeah, found it quite impressive over the quality. Quite a bit above the average generic content.

Anyhow, it did go with the usual bland cardboard character and flat generic content, but it did do so with high quality. So, in it's sense, it sorta is that "really well made b-movie" if that makes sense to you. With that stated, as said, it looks really nice graphic wise. Some of the sounds are a bit ~eh, but it's not that much. Guess they could get annoying if watched repeatedly, but going with that it's only a incredibly small amount of porn that's meant to watch more than a few times, I'd say the sound effects are okay. They're not bad at least heh... or well, at some times they are a bit more "meh" as a whole. Doesn't feel like they fit what is going. (that, and mainly they sound cut from two entirely different sources. It doesn't match too well.) Feel a bit like they're just shoehorned due to porn norms that "they're supposed to be there". But I guess as long as the target demographic likes or don't mind, it does the job. (but imo gets a little annoying at certain parts. But like said: As long as the audience likes it.)

But yeah, anatomy is the usual oversized one most expect with futas. You could possibly use some tinkering on your gravity. Unless you intended to make clearly silicon based breasts. Characters fit the stereotypical roles as well. The female that's "in between" that really doesn't seem to do much about it and just sorta complies, no regard for themselves. And the males that... just do the expected thing; use their dicks, and only care about themselves. (and yes, "males". The generic standard futa is "male" if going per gender identity. Unless it's a Male to Female transgender, then it's female. And on some occasions also a "shi/herm". Might feel a bit "thinking too much into it, but eh, to me it matters, and I treat it as such. Think I as a whole have seen around... 3 futa's that could be properly defined as "female".)

Moving on, anatomy detail wise... can say you need some work on your female genitals, (they're not axe wounds or magic markers, but they're barely above either, and not that much to look at compared to the detail of the penises, or even nipples. That, and you could go with learning basic human anatomy, such as the thumb rule of outer flesh color xP) along with your male testicles... that, and buttocks a bit. And some on proportion and perspective. You do really good expressions, eyes and hair however. And do rather good sperm as well.
But yeah, content was nothing new or interesting. Mainly a collection of all the expected, monotone routines. But, they were done in a slightly innovative way, so kudos to that. And they looked good while doing as said. Otherwise it followed and filled up the expected norms and stereotypes obediently, did nothing unexpected. And like said: That doesn't mean it's bad. It's like... Fifa or something. Could be a decent comparison. See it like a new Fifa game; nothing new or innovative, but it does all that it's expected to do, and it manages to do some very well. (just going to make an assumption there was one game in the series that managed to turn out really good compared to the rest.)

All and all, impressive length, decent content, good graphics, some things that needs working on anatomy wise, (but going time wise, you gout out a really good looking product. Just got a few notable gaps in quality as said) Sounds kinda shift between decent to good to a nuisance imo xP And characters are the usual cardboard with full focus on male pleasure, and total neglect of female, usual fanwanking/worship of cock porn endorses. Along with the same focus on genital proportions x3 ( all 3 was notable over, and over, and over xD) Most of the finishes (won't even have to specify what type as there only is one) were well made, some great even. (and really like there was no "orgasm sounds", found those rather derp tbh)

Though, I can say it got a tad bit ridiculous with the "infinite male orgasms" afters a while. Then again, I guess that might be a aim of this, to be "way out there" so to say, so can't say much about that haha. Quite many go for over the top and rather redicious depicted orgasms after all. (was however interesting that is shifted between different types of them) Very few parts felt "twitchy" however, so good job on smoothing the animation. Personally didn't get the addition of random, pointless, unwieldy shoes. But guess that might be a fetish thing. So yeah, overall it's quiet impressive. Notable that time and effort (in most areas) was put into this. Came close to a max score for this type of content from me. Heck, even gave it an extra 0,5-1 for just the sheer length and quality alone. But as said, a few things falls too short+flat to qualify to score higher.

Also: Was there a song somewhere? Since I didn't hear any. And it's mentioned in the author comments.
And hope you aren't afraid of walls of text xD I tried to be coherent and relatively formulated. Kinda fail at that at times.

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pinoytoons responds:

wow . quite a review there . i understand that it's not good enough for nit picky people . the thing is , result always depends on the budget . the comissioner gave his budget and he's very much happy with this piece . to me i'm happy that my client is satisfied .

if people want to see what they want i can give it to them . but lets not forget the cost XD