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Sep 2, 2013 | 12:11 PM EDT

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Move your mouse to the right of the screen to begin to walk! Sorry, we wrongly thought that it is obvious.
-What would you say?
-I don't know. Funny. But this game haven't two things, even one but more important, let's begin from less important one, although let's leave it. Well, you can't rob the caravans in there, isn't it, Alexsander? What is that game if you can not rob the caravans in it?
-It's a bad game.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

One part heart like he/she say auto... Auto is Finnish and mean Car :D


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

I also liked the artwork, this is the best aspect of this game. The hand-written text was very difficult to read, so a font, like comic sans or lucinda, would make the text more readable, and the appearance more smooth.
There was too much random clicking to figure out what to do. Abstract games do not follow the usual rules and many are made in such a way that part of play is figuring out what to do, but this aspect of gameplay was very frustrating. Some hints along the way would have been welcomed.
The music was especially good, and fit the mood of the game -a good choice.
In all, this collaboration has a lot of promise should your group chose to make more in the future. Good luck with your studies, and hope that you come back to making more games in the future.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

The artwork is awesome. But it's TOOOOO slow!

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Rated 0 / 5 stars

The artwork is brilliant. The rest made me want to pull my eyes out and die.
the problem with arthouse games is that creators tend to forget they're supposed to be making games too.

Some substance as well as eye candy next time!!!


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Okay ... so I played this several times now because I thought I did something wrong in the end ...
But apparently there is no ''good'' ending...

I think this game is really confusing...

I mean the graphics are innovative ... tho the Story is... yeah as the Tags say already Abstract... I guess that is why there is so much negative feedback as well ... Once you get the king gets kidnapped and looses his memory over this well... it's okay but than again ... really really short ... it took me maybe 3minutes to get to that ending...?
...and most of that time was spend watching that guy walk, while I could not do or click anything else... (it would be nice if we could cancel the last choice by making a new one... so I click right he starts walking but I click left and he just stops turns around goes left...maybe...)

It does lack the typical feedback methods and it has no learning curve. As a player I get thrown into a foreign world and this game doesn't help me at all, when making my first steps.

The first obstacle was super random: A statue is blocking my way and when I walk back in the direction where I came from I will not go back to the previous room, but instead magically get transported to the other end of the screen and so I can go on... Here would be a really good moment to tell the player that things may not always be as expected in this world and that he should just try thing... or something alike this...

The controls are also confusing since sometimes I can click things on Screen like a button, while to go into a cave I have to click the rim of the screen (What is also the standard way to move...). You could either try to unify the controls so that we always have the same or you could make them act different. It would be nice to have objects that I can click light up or maybe they could have a red halo... something showing, I can click this, while the Mouse could transform into an Error when we get to the Rim of a page or a door we can enter ... this would clarify a lot.

The 'gift' of stealing names is also rather confusing and never gets explained or exampled to the player. A little tutorial and positive feedback when I do apply the right name to the right person would really help here... The idea of changing peoples behaviour is really nice, but it could be used more intense. We just get this ability and we change exactly 3 names and the game is over... I think there is a lot more potential in there and you could for example try to build up on this ability, we just get the names we need in a linear form we don't have to go back or swap special names with others... if there was a need for that it would create a nice puzzle-challenge

I'd call it rather an interactive story than a Point and Click Adventure. It does have more in common with a book than a game, what shall not insult you as the creators, but I think it does not fulfil the needs of a game, but rather is a little nice story demo.

PS: What's up with that flower? ... Did I miss something? ... it seems to be the icon of the game tho in the game if has no real function ... it's just being there in a dead end telling you you can't steal his name...

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CanibalRabbit responds:

Dear Dinkelborg,
we would like to say to you that your review is realy informative and fair. Thank you very much for writing it, thanks for your time. Being very young we can not to focus on something big and complicated, we just making simple short games with abstract stories for fun and we understand all of our mistakes an imperfections (almost always they caused by the lazyness and the desire of getting feedback as soon as it is possible, because it is really satisfying to read any reviews, either bad or good), but we have some ideas of big projects, after your wonderful review we begin to discuss the idea of making a big game with the same principles,but with the sensible storyline and characters . Unfortunately now we can not realise it, because we just entered in the university and we need to concentrate on studies, anyway now we decided not to do the crude games, so as soon as we will have some time we will begin to work on something a little bigger, we even think that we will be able to reach the length of Samorost and Machinarium after few attempts. Because it's now more interesting for us and there are a lot of people who says that our games need to be bigger and more complicated. So, we will try to use all of your advices and do some better games!
P.S. We are sorry if our speech is a little chaotic and if there are some grammar or lexical mistakes. English is not our native language.
Sincerely yours, Fedor and Me.