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Jul 18, 2013 | 3:44 AM EDT

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One of the most challenging casual games could be the Broken Bricks. With inspiration of age old bricks game, the game is designed with challenging speed and stunning 10 levels. Player is supposed to break all bricks the red ones need three shots, yellow ones 2 and the green ones a single shot to blast them.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars July 27, 2013

This game isn't too bad as people are saying it is.

I got #1 though on the Leaderboards, but nonetheless it's just like any other ping pongish game. But this one has a very clear pattern that anyone should be able to detect or 'see'


Rated 0 / 5 stars July 24, 2013

This is a lousy, pathetic, worthless Stencyl example clone. Let's go over the facts:

* The tiles, paddle, and ball graphics are exactly the same as the Stencyl example.
* The ball only moves in a 45 degree diagonal direction, exactly the same as the Stencyl example. It also moves at the same speed.
* The bricks, although looking slightly different and orientated differently, are the same size and make the same sounds as the Stencyl example.

But don't take my word for it, O readers of my review! Download Stencyl today and see for yourselves what little effort was put into this game!

Given this irrefutable evidence, the only appropriate score for this game is a big fat goose egg.


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars July 22, 2013

It would be alright if not for a few game breaking glitches. There is none of the promised 'challenging speed', instead it moves at a moderate pace, never gaining speed despite the interactions between the ball and paddle, which should give it momentum. I was playing the game for the first time, moved slightly to the left and the ball went past me before I could recover. Then, the game completely froze. I was expecting a 'Game Over' text to fade in, but it turned out the game had outright crashed Shockwave Flash.
I went back with a bad taste in my mouth, but determined to finish the game (or level, as the quality to that point was dictating). I spent a while on it, wondering why (since I worked out I would have 9000 points for finishing the level) the top score was 8500 - especially since the description promised 10 levels. I hit the last block, expecting a reward for putting up with the game to this point. Surprise surprise - the game froze. *facepalm*
A bad game with gameplay barely differing from all the other Breakout-esque flash games. The game would be pretty mediocre but the game is ruined by the glitches and freezes. Nothing original mixed with bugs and technical problems completely outside of the player's control. How not to make a game.


Rated 1 / 5 stars July 19, 2013

I life and it's over. Plus there's nothing original about this at all.


Rated 1 / 5 stars July 19, 2013

Sorry, but if there's no dynamic interaction between the ball and the paddle (you can't control the ball to some extent by changing its trajectory depending on how it hits the paddle) the game becomes little more than an interactive screen-saver, in my opinion.

Nothing wrong with the game itself as far as I can see...just another breakout clone.