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Jun 19, 2013 | 5:46 AM EDT

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Yitien is set in late Yuan Dynasty China and revolves around the legend of the Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre. These two weapons were forged from two pieces of the mythical Heavy Iron Sword. Each sword contains a scroll inside which holds the key to mastering an ancient, deadly Kung Fu technique...



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

I have played this game for over a month now to give it a chance.I think you can do way better than this.The graphics are ok.The storyline is a little boring.Here are some things that you should fix.1.there are way too many icons on the screen.2.afk mode pops up randomly even though you turn it off.3.what is the point in getting talent orbs if they are just going to drop the battle rating down and fail?4.fix the pm and world chat to where you can type more than one sentence,very annoying.5.why should anyone have to pay real money to get better or play a game?Lame!6.get rid of the auto path.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Everyone hates this i understand story is boring and all but i like auto pathing it helps if i dont want o click around or i can if i want. i like how easy it is and its free unless u wan to pay so i like it 4.5 stars!


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Sooo boring.... I came to play.. not to farm , farm , farm , farm , farm . Pay , pay pay , pay. This is rip off and a waste of time , there are many awesome games like world of warcraft that you can play and you only pay for subscribition.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Sorry but I have to give this game no stars since it's a clone of so many games out there.

1. Pay to win. Yes, it's one of those.

2. Illustrations of bitches with their big tits hanging out. Fan service is not needed if it's a good game...

3. Very boring story and you just click the links in game to run about and don't even have to read any of the story.

4. Various links and shit cluttering the interface and many of them are to buy things with real money.

I realize the publishers have to make money to survive, but god you make a game based solely on making money and that's not cool.

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Rated 1 / 5 stars

I saw this and said, hey why not. Found out it is just the same of the 5 other games I have played in the past.

You are in this 2D world and out to fight random people and do quests. The only real task you have to do is click where the glowing sword is pointing. No need to move your character other than clicking on the monster that you need to kill, which is also being pointed by the sword. Auto-pathing once the quest is accepted and even items in your bag that you can put on will have their own little pop up window. This game is for people that do not want to waste time with the store, game play, or even character build.

Character build is up to four classes, tank, damager, healer, and another damager. It really doesn't matter which one you pick because in a fight it does it all by itself. You can literary go out for a smoke break and your character will not die.

Leveling, well I got to level 30 in just 15 minutes so it has left me in the mood of just stopping. They give you so much xp with each quest that you don't need to grind, make sure your guy is strong enough, go do other things like mini quests (only saw one mini quest and that involved me putting in real money to finish it). Again, made for the lazy.

There are two things that will shut down most players. One is that this is a wait to play game with the energy. So far I haven't run out because of the fast leveling, but I am sure once you cap out (which should be less than a day) you will need to wait before you can play that easy obtain power character. Another type is this is a pay to win kind of game too. I have gotten to a shop where it requires me to have certain items, which can only be obtain if I throw real money at them. For a free player like myself, this game isn't a game but something to kill 15 minutes of my time.

Now that I have gotten out of that, the game play isn't fun. First of all the screen is covered with so much shit that it is hard to see where everything is. The top screen has a munch of buttons that let you do different things (two buttons to give them real money). On your right side you have your current quest. On your left side you have different timer buttons that range from an hour to 3 hours before you can reuse them. These buttons are closer to the middle of the screen than the far left. On the top screen, below the buttons, you have random people doing random crap that doesn't matter to you at all. It is always happening every 2 seconds that it turns into a 4 line list all of the time. This covers up the game chest that refreshes fast but than gets slower with each every click. The bottom of the screen is empty as far as I can see. Also you will be seeing a shit load of players in a single line doing their auto-pathing quests.

The only good thing that is having me put one star is the fact that I got in when it just open so I could use my favorite name.
If you are into these kinds of game and have time and money to waste, than this game was made just for you.

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