You shaped me, Newgrounds

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Jun 6, 2013 | 3:07 AM EDT

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I discovered NewGrounds through a game for the PS2 called Alien Hominid. It would go on to shape my views on art, music, movies, just media in general. I can't draw for shit, the music I make is crap, but I still want to give back to this amazing site. er/Stonerponysaur



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This was a molding point in my youth too. There is some real art, good art, games, movies and pictures. The porn here is some of the best drawn porn. This website is 18 years old and a buisness. I also like Cinemassacre and ThatGuyWithTheGlasses (internet buisnesses) and they have ties in Newgrounds. I've been here since I was in 4th grade. This place is incrementally more cultured then 4chan's whore populous and even the groups of trolls and spammers are more sophisticated. I love newgrounds.


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Drawings are not good.I draw better.No offense.And the movie is kind of bad.

LD6 responds:

I have a feeling you missed the point


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Ow<2 lovely movie
everyone got talent for something, try your best!


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I skipped the first two minutes, because it was just not interesting at all. I don't know you at all, and your story just isn't that exceptional. If you were a popular flash animator/programmer/etc. then maybe I would be interested.

I would focus more on what you're doing. You're creating a catalog of popular flash videos or something. Focus on what you're doing, because that's what's interesting.

Listening to someone talk about how bad they are also isn't fun. I suggest you omit that kind of stuff from future videos.

The idea is interesting, but the story around it just isn't.

LD6 responds:

I understand, but the reason I started the project is because of everything I said in my super-duper amazing story. For what this essentialy is, it was unnessecary. But, idunno. It felt right in my heart, you know?


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stu.. uuu.. dd.. eeerrr mu-much?

LD6 responds:

Ad-libbing. Don't do it.