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May 23, 2013 | 10:53 AM EDT

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Do you have what it takes to bring eight powerful beasts to their knees? Enter the world of Spellcreepers and unleash devastating magic in this turn based play of power. Combine matching tiles on the board to engulf your opponent in flames, deliver a crushing freeze spell or bring out your animated sword. Defend yourself with shield-magic or regain strength by conjuring red potions. Collect coins to boost your experience level. Beware, though: There is only a limited amount of time for pondering your next move. After each victory an even more potent Spellcreeper awaits.

Instructions: Combine up to six matching tiles and click the on the lower right of the playfield to unleash the magic associated with them. Important: You have to match three symbols of the same kind in a row to make the spell work. Therefore you can cast up to two spells (e.g. three fireballs, three shields) or one spell twice (e.g. six swords) within one round. The only exception to this rule is the powerful rainbow spell, which requires you to chain together the six different icons.
Click the on the title screen to access the complete instructions.
Hint: You can restart the tutorial against Spike from the instructions as well.

Controls: Mouse only. Select and combine magic tiles on the playfield with the mouse. Click when you are ready.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I'm not sure what the money is for, but I did like the idea and gameplay of this game. Good graphics, simple enough to understand and it has a lot of potential. Would like upgrades, a pause button and a sort of " recipe book " for more combinations. Other than that I really liked playing it.

NeoBird responds:


money is not yet used in the game.
We're currently working on an update for the multiplayer version.
In the future you will be able to buy different characters and spells with coins
you collected during the fights.

Thanks for all your valuable feedback!


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Pretty nice, but I have a few issues with it

1) The advertisement inbetween levels and to just return to the menu is just too much. No skip? That's just greedy. At least limit it to every other level or something. -2 stars because it seriously takes you out of the engagement of the game and makes at least me want to turn it off.

2) No particular ending... that is meh. Would have been nice with a bit of a story.

3) The limit to only 2 combos. Would have been cool to be able to do more.

4) Upgrades. The coins could be used for upgrades, like better armour and more life and stuff like that. More time on the timer?

Other than that it looks really solid, mechanics are good - it's a fine game. WOuld have gotten a 4 if not for the 15 second ads every time you do something.

NeoBird responds:

Hi gfx1978!

Thanks for your feedback & suggestions. A short reply from our side.

1) Advertisments: Scaling them back or enabling a skip are options we will consider. We know that you are not the only one reacting this way on that Topic.

2) True - it is "meh" - As a descendant from the original multiplayer Version Spellcreepers Prelude lacks an satifsfying ending. Because: The ending of the multiplayer Version is winning of either of the real-life-participants. If we go for a revision on Spellcreepers Prelude a more satisfying ending is on the list for sure.

3) Good Point - considering this for an update

4) Jep - Coins will come into play for the multiplayer Spellcreepers ( ) with the first Content updates enabling to unlock and buff characters with new spells.

Best regards
NeoBird Team

Edit: Ads during the game are now heavily reduced! Enjoy :-)


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Graphics are pretty solid, and I like the idea of match-6 combined with turn-based battles: you've joined two regular styles to make this game your own.

My only complaint -- and a major one at that -- is that this game is almost completely luck-based, and even the rainbow spell only does so much to a person's damage gauge or your own health gauge, you're better off dealing whatever damage you can normally.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty solid game. A story would have been a plus.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

It's the first match 3 game that I actually like to play :-)